7 Things About Coconuts You Didn’t Know About

Not only do coconuts provide superior health benefits to our bodies, but they have also proven a few more help that they can offer.

What suits a refreshing summer more than a freshly harvested coconut juice? What is a better hair moisturizer other than coconut oil? These are just some of the well-known uses of the coconut fruit, which is a very famous fruit that always had its own good reputation throughout the years.

Since the fame of the amazing fruit is already familiarized by almost each person, are there other things it can do and are there more benefits it can provide other than those it already possesses?


The Coconut Fruit

This fruit has long been known to give superior health benefits. Also, it is one of the fruits that contain components that are all useful. The meat, the water, the milk, the shell; there is no need to throw anything from the coconut fruit, they all have their own uses.

Coconut Meat

The coconut meat is most of the time used for eating and cooking purposes. Since the fruit is rich in nutrients and the bacteria-fighting lauric acid, it is proven to supply more benefits. The meat can also be dried, shredded, and made into delicious delicacies.

Coconut Water

The water of the fruit can be made into a refreshing tropical juice even by itself, most people also love placing a few shredded pieces of the meat together with the juice. The drink can also give great help to people who are into exercising since it can serve as a sports drink because of its capability to provide certain numbers of electrolytes.

Coconut Milk

The coconut milk is made from the combination of the meat and water, or sometimes it can be extracted from the shredded meat of the fruit. This milk is good for cooking meals, especially when you want to give the food a different kick. Most foods from Asian cuisine is commonly incorporated with coconut milk, wherein they add lots of other spices like chili or anything spicy; like curry. It is also a good ingredient for some desserts and is also loved by people who are into dairy-free diets.

Coconut Shell

The shell of the fruit is very useful too. First and foremost, they are adored by artists and designers. In the past, most house decorations are made from all natural sources, and one of them is the coconut. There are still a lot of appreciation on these decorations even in modern times, a lot of handicrafts are still made from the fruit’s shells. The shell can also be converted into charcoal, which can be made into fuel or simply used as normal charcoals. They are said to contain better amounts of active carbon compared to the usual kind of charcoal, making it a great source of energy.

Coconut Husk

Let’s not forget another raw material that can be derived from the fruit, the coconut husk. The husk is the fiber-like components that are found attached to the shell. They are said to be pretty strong and durable, so people thought of having a use for them. That is when they discovered making ropes and other fiber-related products like textile; they are also made into floor mats, brushes, and the like.

Those are just some of the common uses of the different parts of the coconut, but do you know that there are still a few more facts out there about coconuts? Sure, we are all well aware of how beneficial they are for our health, since they have always been introduced as a super fruit and that their nutrient-rich components are most of the time bragged about. Are you curious about what else this fruit has to offer?


7 Things About Coconuts You Didn’t Know About

  1. They were once used to create armors.

Shocking, I know. Who in their right mind would use soft to medium hard bristles of fiber to make supposedly armors that must be used for war? However we don’t want to believe that people really did it, it is indeed true.

There was a time in history when a country in Oceania used coconut fiber to create their own armors, the country is known to be as Kiribati. It may look like the armors are not made to be strong and hard, but that’s where the amazing thing happens. The armor was proven to be effective against the spears and daggers of enemies and even from attacks of sharks since they are on an island. Plus, this concept was even adopted by the neighboring islands.

  1. The coconut was once used as an emergency intravenous fluid.

During the time when war is abundant, the creativity of people flourished. They need to discover and invent, they need to think of alternatives; because they cannot take anything for granted.

It was World War II when people discovered that the coconut water can work the same as blood plasma, which is a body component that does crucial function such as the transport of nutrients and proteins around the body. They made coconut waters into intravenous liquids and used them when the IV drops got out of stock.

  1. War has provided the greater health benefits of the fruit.

Again, the coconut water seems to prove how amazing it is health-wise.

Another situation during World War showed that the water may be used in terms of medical emergencies. Due to their lack of medical supplies, they decided to try giving coconut water to dehydrated patients. The result is said to be effective and that the patients were able to recover from their dehydration.

  1. Coconut husks can be made into mosquito repellent.

Mosquitoes are small but they can be considered dangerous. Their bites are painful, they cause itchiness and redness on the skin, and they can bring deadly diseases like dengue and malaria. The best way to get rid of them is by using insect repellents.

Did you know that the coconut husk can turn into insect repellent? People from malaria-prone areas discovered that by burning the husks of the fruit can make natural mosquito repellents. Also, being natural, the smoke from the husk is harmless for humans.

  1. You can get your required daily intake of fiber from coconut.

Coconuts are famous for being rich in fiber. However, do you know that by consuming three and a half cups of the fruit can already provide the required amount of fiber the body should intake in a day? That sounds amazing, right?

  1. The fruit can be converted to environment-friendly fuel.

Biodiesel, as they are called, are known to be better alternatives for the normal petroleum diesel. Not only do they possess the same properties as petroleum diesel, but they are also considered to be a hundred percent environment-friendly.

  1. Coconuts are said to have already caused quite a lot of death.

Do not get frightened because the fruit is not deadly when you eat it, it just happens as we call it an “accident”.

Although this is said to just be an exaggeration since people have been talking about how getting a coconut fall on your head have caused more deaths compared to shark attacks, it is still somehow possible to get killed when fallen over by a big and hard-shelled coconut fruit on the head.

7 Facts About Coconuts

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