After Breast Augmentation, When Can I Sleep on my Sides?

When can you sleep on your side after breast augmentation? In this article, we are going to discuss the best way to sleep after breast surgery.

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Right after a surgical procedure, people may have to make some adjustments as to how they go about their daily lives. Some surgeries may even require complete bed rest while some might have the individual immobile for a number of days. There are some medical procedures that do allow for certain movements or motion but can still result in challenges particularly when the patient decides to lie down or sleep. One such surgical procedure is breast augmentation and people might ask “How long before I can sleep on my side if I recently had breast augmentation surgery?” In this article, we look at what adjustments are needed after breast augmentation and look at when people can sleep on their sides right after this procedure.

Breast Augmentation And Sleep: A Brief Introduction

There are a number of possible reasons why women may want to have their breasts augmented and innovation by surgeons and doctors continue to evolve, some of the procedures used for the augmentation of the breast have become much safer and more efficient. When considering whether or not breast augmentation is good for them or not, women may ask is how long will the period of recovery last and what is the best sleeping position for them after the procedure.

Some individuals may hear information such as the need to have at least a number of weeks of recovery period before complete healing from breast augmentation is accomplished which means that in order to recover from breast augmentation, it is required that the person goes on an extended time off from work or that certain activities be temporarily canceled or put on hold while recovery is ongoing. While it is true that people need to be extra careful right after the surgery, the good news is that not everything in the life of the individual needs to be altered.

Sleep Options After Breast Augmentation: On Your Back Or On Your Side?

For recovery after breast augmentation, a lot of female patients are concerned that interruptions to their sleeping patterns may occur. Lack of and loss of sleep through the rest of the night can be quite unhealthy and uncomfortable so it is of primary importance that people can get enough sleep. Some medical professionals will recommend that patients who recently had breast augmentation should sleep lying down on their back for a number of weeks to allow the capsule of a scar to form around the area where the implant was placed and reduce the risk of having a deformed implant which can be the result of sleeping on them directly.

So what about sleeping on their stomach or flat on their belly? While some individuals feel more comfortable sleeping on their stomach, this may not be the case for those who recently had breast augmentation. As stated earlier, patients are advised to sleep on their backs while recovering from the said medical procedure. Fortunately, once the implants are fully healed, lying face-first or belly first will no longer pose any sort of problem. It must be mentioned though, that people may find this position much more uncomfortable due to the changes made to the breasts and adjustments needed by the body.

Patients are reminded that while the medical expert’s advice on the matter is critical, sleeping on your back or to your side once the implant has healed,  will not really have any adverse effects on the implants similar to that of breasts that are natural. It is best to remember that the period of recovery can vary from one procedure to the next and it is best that the patient be careful when sleeping during the first few weeks after the medical procedure.

Some General Sleeping Tips for people who are recovering from Breast Augmentation

Medical professionals will usually recommend that individuals sleep lying on their back and added that pillows be used in the elevation of one’s back to help in taking the weight off from the breasts. Lying facing one’s side should be initiated only when lying straight on your back or sleeping while elevating parts of the body starts affecting their patterns of sleep. The bottom line is that people need to get the required number of hours of sleep in order to recover and heal. As such, the comfort level of individuals should still be the primary consideration when trying to get some sleep at night. 

There are no specific guidelines on how people should really be sleeping, there are a number of tips to help people sleep comfortably and at the same time maintain the health and shape of their new breast implants. These sleeping tips include the following:

  • Prevent having to lie down stomach first during the first number of weeks
  • Utilize a pillow on the side where the implant was placed to help you stay in place. 
  • Practice sleeping at an angle that is reclined. Sitting up halfway to have the implant’s pressure somewhat relieved
  • Use a sports bra. This is to aid in the reduction of pressure on the area where the implant was placed.
  • Contact your healthcare provider asap for any pain that is abnormal. 
  • Pillow under the knees. Place a pillow under the knees to help in the maintenance of the back’s alignment. This method is also effective for people who are suffering the discomfort from the lower back.
  • Never quit. Always attempt to roll to your back when you find yourself turning to the back or the side.
  • Utilize a pillow to have the head steady in one place. This can aid in preventing the head from bobbing from side to side and provide the individual with good support as well 
  • Enjoy a warm (not hot) shower before going to bed or in the evenings. This is also another technique that has been proven to be effective to help people fall asleep faster.
  • Be active throughout the day and try to walk around as much as you can. This can help improve circulation and promote healing.

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