Am I Pregnant: Knowing the Early Signs of Pregnancy

Aside from taking a pregnancy test, how can you tell if you are pregnant?

Am I Pregnant?

Asking yourself whether you are pregnant or not is an itch to which every woman can relate to. The most basic and convenient way of knowing for sure is through a pregnancy test. However, there are early symptoms and signs which might be pointing to the green sign that you might be positively pregnant.

Everyone is different, and so is every woman. Not all women will have the same journey medically as the others. With that being said, all women might have early symptoms of pregnancy, and some might not feel anything at all.

It is actually very hard to separate the symptoms that you might experience before your menstruation and the early symptoms of your pregnancy because both of them are quite the same.


Am I Pregnant? The Signs of Pregnancy

Below are the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. You must take note, however, that if you are experiencing all of the symptoms or one or some of them, it does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant.

  1. Spotting and Cramping

Once the fertilized egg attaches itself in the lining of your uterus, you will develop a lot of signs and symptoms of early pregnancy.

For the most part, you will experience spotting and cramping (in your abdomen). Spotting is caused by implantation bleeding. You will also experience cramping in your lower abdomen due to the attached egg in your uterus. Both spotting and cramping might be mistaken for a period, but they are not. Spotting and cramping should be slight only.

Aside from spotting a pregnant woman might also notice a slight discharge of milky white substance in their panty liner or in her panty. The milky white discharge means that the uterus walls are thickening in preparation for the upcoming development of a child inside the womb.

The milky white discharge can be experienced all throughout the pregnancy journey of the woman, and this is only natural. However, if the milky white discharge is accompanied by a severe itch or a bad smell, you should have it checked.

  1. Breast Change

Breast change is also the other early sign of pregnancy. Breast change is due to the rapid increase and decrease of certain hormones in your body because of your conception. At times, your breast might feel more sensitive than the usual. In other times, your breast might feel fuller or heavier than the usual. On other cases, the areolas of your breasts might be bigger and darker than the usual.

The mentioned breast changes written in the preceding paragraph are the most basic and noticeable changes in the woman’s body during conception, but it does not automatically mean that she is pregnant.

  1. The Feeling of Tiredness

Fatigue is one of the earliest sign of pregnancy. If you are feeling more fatigued than the usual and there is nothing wrong with your diet or your current medical condition, then it might be an early sign of pregnancy.

The feeling of tiredness during pregnancy is because of the rise of the progesterone hormone in the system. However, the feeling of tiredness than the usually does not automatically suggest that a woman is pregnant.

Fatigue or the feeling of tiredness during pregnancy might be a pet peeve and an inconvenience for some. To augment fatigue, you can try to change your diet by incorporating food that is rich in protein and iron.

  1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is often a telltale sign that you are pregnant especially if the morning sickness happens to you constantly.

Morning sickness is due to the increased level of hCG in your blood. hCG only appears if the person is pregnant. hCG disrupts the digestive system, and it makes you feel nauseous and the feeling of sickness in the morning or any part of the day.

Morning sickness is also accompanied by a heightened sense of smell. The heightened sense of smell makes a pregnant woman might not want to smell a certain type of odor because it is too powerful for her nose.

Possibly, morning sickness and its accompanying symptoms might last for the whole duration of pregnancy. There are topical remedies for morning sickness though and medication to relieve you of its symptoms, but this should be prescribed and advised by a doctor.

Having morning sickness is only natural when you are pregnant but although its symptoms are unglamorous and in many times horrible, try to fill your body with the essential minerals and nutrients it needs.

  1. Missing Your Period

Missing one’s period might be the most obvious and most often than not, the most accurate way of knowing that you have conceived. Not all missed periods are signs of pregnancy because some of it might only be a case of a delayed period.

Do not still be complacent when you notice bleeding in your vagina, and this might not be a period this might mean something else like spotting (an early sign of pregnancy) although spotting is lighter than a period and is pinkish and brownish in color.

There are many reasons aside from pregnancy that might have prompted you to have a missed or late period so hold your horse and be calm. Some of the factors include the intake of contraceptive pills, stress, hormonal changes, changes in your body and many more.


What Are the Other Early Signs of Pregnancy

We have covered above, the most common and obvious early signs of pregnancy but since you have read the whole article, it is best to divulge to you all the other symptoms.

  1. The frequency in urination

The frequency in urination is one of the other early signs of pregnancy. This is because the egg that is attached on your uterine wall is getting heavy for the hour and is pushing itself. The pushing and heavy factor add up as to why you get to feel the frequency of urination.

  1. Feeling Constipated

When you are pregnant, your hormones are changing rapidly in terms of levels. The rapid increase and decrease of your hormone add up as to why you might develop constipation in the long run. Although constipation will not frequently happen during your pregnancy journey.

Am I Pregnant?

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