Amber Teething Necklace: What They Are and Safety Concerns

Amber teething necklaces are made up of tree resin that has become fossilized and not really made of genuine gemstone.

A Close-up of Amber Teething Necklace

What’s an amber teething necklace? As the name suggests, it’s something that can help with teething. But how? Find out more as your read the article.


Teething can really be a challenging phase for both babies and adults. Just like the many stages of development for infants, teething will pass and eventually resolve on its own. However, teething can still be one of the toughest stages of child development. In fact, parents will probably be willing to try any possible remedies to address the said testing issues. This is understandable as a teething baby will probably have such sore gums that he or she will have a hard time falling asleep due to the aforementioned sensation in the gums.

Amber Teething Necklace 

Parents may stumble upon the prospect of using amber teething necklaces to address the teething phase of their kids compared to using other more traditional medications for teething. But what is an amber teething necklace?

What’s It Made Of?

Amber teething necklaces are made up of tree resin that has become fossilized and not really made of a genuine gemstone. A lot of these necklaces come from Baltic amber beads that are heat-treated or raw and then put together while being knotted individually. Individuals usually utilize amber teething necklaces due to its alleged capability to soothe any teething issues. This is because according to the claims of these individuals, amber teething necklaces contain succinic acid, a form of natural pain reliever when taken in or ingested by the body.

Elevated levels of succinic acid can be found in the outer layer of the amber necklace and this is why some individuals prefer the raw variant over the heat-treated one. This is because the raw variant will usually have the succinic acid intact compared to the heat-treated option which will most likely have its succinic acid stripped off when the amber in the necklace gets polished.

How Do Amber Necklaces Function?

The claim and belief that amber teething necklaces are effective for teething are based on the fact that the said necklaces contain some type of painkiller known as succinic acid. Supporters of these amber necklaces claim that the warmth coming from the human body can activate the succinic acid found in these amber necklaces which are then released and eventually absorbed by the body as an analgesic.

Do Amber Teething Necklaces Actually Work?

A lot of sources may claim that teething necklaces are indeed effective in addressing teething issues in babies but people need to be careful as this aggressive marketing push may just be based on hype and not on any form or hard evidence. Some people may think that the amber strung in the necklace must be bitten by the baby to activate the benefits of the amber teething necklace.

However, these necklaces are only meant to be worn by babies to simply have the succinic acid absorbed by the baby’s body. It must be noted though, that evidence is still needed to fully confirm or establish that the warmth released by the human body can really activate the succinic acid present in amber teething necklaces.

Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

Similar to other alternative health treatments, amber teething necklaces have certain safety issues that need to be addressed. In fact, the Canadian Health Service Executive labeled amber teething necklaces as inherently unsafe. This is because of some serious safety concerns for teething babies which include strangulation and choking.

However, some manufacturers claim that their product is completely safe from the aforementioned safety concerns due to certain patented features like individually knotted beads and special bead bindings. Regardless of these safety features, parents still need to be aware of the safety issues of Amber Teething Necklaces. Enumerated below are some of the safety concerns for amber teething necklaces:

Choking Hazard

The amber teething necklace may break off and have the beads readily available to the baby which in turn, may put it in his or her mouth. This may result in choking and is considered an emerging health risk. As stated earlier, companies may claim that their necklaces are well-knotted and will not easily break. It is doubtful though if parents will be willing to personally test that manufacturer claim.

Possible Strangulation

It is possible that babies maybe snuck in an arm or a wrist between the necklace and their neck which can twist and tighten the necklace around the neck resulting in possible strangulation.

Possible Shattering

Amber is a brittle and soft substance and amber beads are not particularly known for being strong or sturdy. Beads cracking or splintering is a possibility and this can pose a serious health risk for babies using amber teething necklaces.

What Possible Alternatives Do We Have?

Parents who may not be comfortable with the safety concerns of amber teething necklaces can opt to try other alternatives for their teething babies. Parents can use soothing toys that use natural rubber and food-grade paint such as Sophie La Girafe. They can also try using packed frozen food items to help alleviate the teething issues of their babies. Parents may also turn to Chamomille to soothe baby gums that are teething. Simple pressure from the fingertips can also help manage the teething sensation experienced by babies especially since babies love biting into things that they feel comfortable with.

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