Beat Breast Cancer: Prevention, Recovery Tips, and FAQs

Breast cancer is one of the top 10 cancers among women. And because of its popularity, people are now well-aware of this cancer. Today, we’ll just be taking a look at how to beat breast cancer. And some recovery tips that can help you after your surgery.

Cancer happens to be one of the most dreaded health conditions we have on this planet. Over the years, so many types of cancer have come up. And each and every single one of them is quite difficult to deal with. Amongst women, the top two cancers are skin and breast cancer. Breast cancer is quite common among women. Well, it can be found among men too but it’s not so common. Breast cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the breast. Before there were very few awareness programs on breast cancer. But now many awareness programs talk about how to beat breast cancer.

Dealing with breast cancer is more than just the symptoms that come with it. Of course, there would be physical symptoms that would start showing after some time. But there are also emotional issues that arise. Many people that have breast cancer have to deal with fear, anxiety and even depression. That’s why it’s important that a person with breast cancer has enough support. Support from friends and family would help with removing fear and anxiety. At the same time, they would be able to stand strong even while going through treatment. That’s why today we’ll be taking a look at some of the recovery tips you can hold on to after treatment.

Beat Breast Cancer: Tips for Staying Healthy

You can actually prevent breast cancer. And it starts with small healthy choices. Certain lifestyle changes help a person reduce the risk of having breast cancer. These include:

Reduce your weight

Over time, researchers have found out that there’s a link between your weight and the risk of having breast cancer. Being overweight increases the risk of having this cancer. Especially if you become overweight after menopausal age.

Limit alcohol

Many people don’t know that alcohol is linked to a lot of health conditions. And one of them is breast cancer. The more alcohol you consume the higher your chances of having breast cancer. That’s why it’s advisable that in a day you don’t take more than one drink.

Don’t smoke

With the evidence available, there’s a link between smoking and an increased risk of having breast cancer. And this especially true in young women that have not reached the age of menopause.


Active breastfeeding is said to have a role in reducing the risk of having breast cancer. The more you breastfeed the lesser the chances of having breast cancer.

Do more physical activities

It’s important that you are physically active if you want to reduce the risk of having breast cancer. Doing physical activities would help maintain your weight. This, in turn, would help reduce the risk of having breast cancer. At least in a week, you should be doing 150 minutes of moderate activity. Or 75 minutes of rigorous activities.

Reduce hormone therapy

This has also been linked to breast cancer. When you are on hormone therapy for a long time, the risk of having breast cancer increases. Try talking to your doctor about getting a different option or reducing the dose. This would do a long way in reducing the risk.

Recovery Tips After You Beat Breast Cancer

Recovering from a mastectomy surgery can take some time. It would take a few weeks before you can return to your daily activities. It would even take a long time if you did the reconstruction. Anyway, these are some of the tips that help you heal.


This is one very important thing. After the surgery, you’re most likely very tired. And you’re probably fatigued. Make sure you have enough time to rest. Taking a few weeks to rest properly wouldn’t be too much.

Take the medication as prescribed

Normally, after your surgery, you would feel some sought of pain and numbness. That’s one reason why your doctor would prescribe medications that can help relieve the pain.

Take sponge baths

You are only allowed to take a shower when the drains and staples are no longer in place. Before that time, you can opt for sponge baths. This would help refresh you. Just ask your doctor when it would okay to start taking proper showers.

Do simple arm exercises

One important thing is to keep doing simple exercises for your arm. This is to help prevent any form of stiffness. And it would also make your arm flexible. But make sure you don’t just opt for any arm exercise. There are specific ones you can do. Just ask from your surgeon simple exercises you can do to improve arm movement.

Stay around family and friends

This is the time you need your friends and family around. Obviously, they would be able to help out with some things around the house. But the most important one is that they would be able to encourage you. One thing you need while recovering is good emotional support. So make sure you have them around you.

Breast Cancer FAQs

1. Can healthy diet help reduce the risk of having breast cancer?

Yes. Opting for a diet low in fat about 30g of fat or less would be good. Also, opting for a lot of fruits and vegetables would help boost the immune system. And thus, help reduce the risk of having this cancer. On the other hand, opting for a diet high in fat can increase the risk of having breast cancer.

2. How often should you get a breast self-exam?

It’s advisable to go for a self-exam once a month. Check regularly for changes in the breast. Look out for lumps, redness, inversion of the nipple and also secretions. If you find any form of a lump in the breast, then you have to go see a doctor.

3. Are mammograms painful?

Well, mammography would involve compressing the breast. And that can cause a bit of discomfort. If you’re sensitive then it’s advisable that you have your mammogram done a week after your menstruation. By this time your breast would be tender and it would be less painful.

How often should you do a check-up with your doctor?

You can have this done once a year. If before you have the regular yearly check-up you notice certain symptoms visit your doctor as soon as you can.

Beating breast cancer might be as easy as it seems. Because there’s a lot involved. But be rest assured that it’s something you can do. There are people that have been able to beat breast cancer.

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