Best Breast Exercises: Simple Exercises to Try at Home

When you do breast exercises, what happens is that the mass of your chest muscles would increase. This will, in turn, give your entire chest, including your breast, a fuller look. Many of these exercises can actually be done at home. In fact, you do not need any equipment whatsoever to get the exercises done.

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The breast of a woman plays a big role in the measure of her self-esteem. Sometimes you look at your boobs and you wish they were bigger. In your own case, it may be that you would prefer them to be perkier. Then again, you may wish for your breasts to be firmer than they currently are. All of these can be achieved in different ways. The surest way to get all of these is to go for breast augmentation. That means you will go under the surgeon’s knife. Another way is to get you some good push-up bras. However, you can also train the muscles of your chest by exercise. We will show you the top 10 best breast exercises that can ‘augment’ your breasts.

When you do breast exercises, what happens is that the mass of your chest muscles would increase. This will, in turn, give your entire chest, including your breast, a fuller look. Many of these exercises can actually be done at home. In fact, you do not need any equipment whatsoever to get the exercises done. Can you imagine exercising your way to a firmer, perkier set of breasts? That sounds absolutely amazing. It would be best to combine more than one of these exercises for the best outcomes.

Top 3 Best Breast Exercises

Here are the top 5 breast exercises that you can try at home:

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is a great warmup for your breast exercises. It will help activate the muscles of your chest in preparation for your workout.

  1. To kick off the exercise, lie down on your stomach and extend your legs. Make sure that your toes are touching the ground.
  2. When you have taken this position, tuck your elbows in and position your hands right beneath your shoulders.
  3. Now, start lifting your head off from the ground together with your chest and draw back your shoulders. Through all these, your neck should remain neutral. Keep your arms as straight as possible but be sure that they are comfortable.
  4. Maintain the pose for about 30 seconds before you go back to the beginning. Repeat the procedure three times  

Traveling Plank

Planks are generally very good exercises that have great benefits. A few dynamic movements would make them even better and more beneficial. You should focus mainly on the muscles of your chest as you carry out this exercise.

  1. To kick off the exercise, take the plank position and make sure your head and neck are neutral. Stack your hands beneath your shoulders without sagging your lower back.
  2. While your core remains tight, raise your right foot and right hand from the ground, and shift about one foot to your right. You have done one rep
  3. Rest for about a second, then reset and step another foot to your right. Do ten reps to your right, then switch to the other side and do ten reps to your left also.
  4. Repeat the whole procedure three times.


This exercise affects your whole body and carries your entire bodyweight. You can deliberately target your chest muscles with pushups. You may find a standard pushup too challenging, but you can try falling on your knees.

  1. As you do the pushup, make sure that your head and neck remain neutral and your core remains tight. As you lower yourself to the ground, your elbows should not bend at an angle of 90 degrees. They should rather be tucked close to your body.
  2. Do as many reps as you possibly can, rest for a while, and repeat the procedure three times.
best breast exercise to try at home

5 Other Breast Exercises You Can Try At Home

These exercises may not have made the best three, but they are still surely among the best breast exercises that you can try at home.

Dumbbell Chest-press

This is not so different from the traditional chest press exercise. However, you use dumbbells in order to afford you a wider motion range. This way, you can get even better results. It is better to kick off with dumbbells of moderate weight. Say, 10 or 15 lbs.

Dumbbell Pullover

This exercise will require the use of a bench or a stability ball. While lying on the bench, you would lower the dumbbell until you feel something like a pull around your chest area. Three sets of twelve reps of this exercise will hit a lot of tiny muscles in your chest that you didn’t even know existed.

Plank reach-under

This is one of the variations of the regular plank exercise. The difference with plan reach-under is that you will alternate on just one arm throughout the exercise. This challenges you more than the regular plank.

Chest Fly

This exercise is good because it especially targets your chest muscles for a single move that has great benefits. You’ll simply do 3 sets of 12 reps of dumbbell fly while lying down on a stability ball or on a standard bench with your knees at 90-degrees.

It is better to perform this exercise of a stability ball than on a standard bench. A stability ball will help to better engage your core. Light dumbbells of like 5 lbs. or less are great for a start.

Ball Superman

This works fine for chest challenge and core work. You perform this exercise by lying face down with your arms extended. You’ll hold a ball in your hands and keep your head and neck neutral.

When you have taken this position, you’ll raise the ball and your two legs as high as you can, while making sure you don’t strain your neck. Then go back to the start position and do twelve reps. Complete 3 sets.

Other Benefits of Breast Exercises

Aside from the good looks that these exercises give your breast, here are a few other benefits they offer:

You have a better posture

Your chest muscles also play a major role in the improvement of your posture. This is because they make up one of the largest muscle groups in your upper body. Your chest muscles specifically affect your upright stability which is a major component of your posture.

Your breathing improves

Another benefit you can get from breast exercises is that your breathing would become easier as you exercise your chest muscles. This is connected closely with an improved posture. When you fix your posture, your chest would open up better to allow you to take deep breaths.

The best breast exercises we have shown you are simple exercises that you can try at home. You would not have to register at a gym or pay a fitness instructor. Meanwhile, your breasts would look better, you will have a better posture, and your breathing would improve.

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