Does Birth Control Pills Make Your Breast Grow?

Many women wonder how birth control and breast growth are related. Learn how these hormone pills affect different factors, including breast size below.

Birth Control Pills

Does birth control make your breast grow? Fun Fact: The global average for breast volume is 327 milliliters (Size B). If you’re considering birth control pills, then you’ll want to know how they can affect your body. Besides reducing the chance of pregnancy, they can also cause other effects on the body. It is related to levels of female hormones and especially estrogen. The changes include ones like stopping ovulation to prevent pregnancy. However, they can also have other effects on the body, including ones related to the breasts. That might affect different factors, including breast size. Learn how birth control pills and breast growth are related to this article.

Hormone balance is one of the keys to breast health. That includes ones like estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is known as the angel of life due to its role in cell growth. That is critical, like other factors related to breast cancer risk, including Vitamin D, thyroid, and testosterone. These factors are all critical to helping prevent breast cancer, which is the most common type among women. However, went here’s an imbalance of hormones it can cause various changes to the breasts, which can include ones related to breast size. It is one of the possible changes in birth control pills, which can boost female hormones.

How Are Hormones Related to Breast Health?

Birth control pills change a woman’s level of female hormones like estrogen. It is necessary to first talk about the way such hormones affect general breast health. Maintaining hormone balance is crucial to lowering the risk of breast cancer including:

  • Estrogen (female)
  • Progesterone (female)
  • Testosterone (male)
  • Cortisol (stress)
  • Thyroid (metabolism)

While these are all critical for preventing breast cancer, one of the most critical ones is estrogen.

Estrogen is considered a female hormone, although males also have lower levels of estrogen. Estrogens are made up of three hormones and have different features, including active and storage.

Estrogen is critical for female development. That includes different body parts/functions, including breasts, uterus, menstruation pregnancy, and ovary egg.

While estrogen is the angel of life, it can also cause health issues. The reason is when there are super-high levels it can become a health problem. It can cause cells to become over-active, which can result in breast cancer.

Scientists are studying the symptoms of high estrogen levels. The reason is if women are unable to detect the signs, it can cause health conditions to worsen.

Interestingly, the weakest kind of estrogen (estriol) might help to fight breast cancer. That could happen by reducing the effects of the other two kinds of estrogen. Several studies show that this kind of estrogen might help to fight cancer growth and especially breast cancer.

This hormone’s anti-cancer features seem to be linked to parts on the breast tissue’s cell walls. This helps to block the strong estrogens from boosting the growth of breast cells. Several European studies have been done about the use of estriol to fight breast cancer.

Birth Control Pills and Breast Growth

It doesn’t always happen, but it could. Some kinds of contraceptives might boost the growth of breast tissues. They also might cause fluid retention, which can cause the breasts to feel fuller during a menstrual cycle. Such effects will likely stop if you stop taking “the pill.”

It’s also worth noting that various factors can increase breast size. While hormones in birth control pills can cause that effect, other factors can make bigger breasts.

It’s hormonal birth control tablets that are likely to increase breast size. These pills have one or two “female” hormones: estrogen/progestin. This pair of hormones might prevent pregnancy by stopping a woman’s ovulation. They can also prevent egg fertilization from sperm.

The hormones can affect the body in other ways besides the reproductive system. The two hormones are also related to physical changes that happen during puberty, including changes like bigger breasts. Another factor is the fat in breasts have a high amount of estrogen “receptors.”

After birth control adds estrogen/progestin to a woman’s body it can also result in breast growth. While the number of fat cells doesn’t increase the size can.

Another factor is estrogen/progestin can increase fluid retention. This can cause the breasts to feel larger/fuller. If you stop taking hormonal birth control pills it can also decrease fluid retention. That can cause the breasts to seem smaller. When you start taking the pills again it will boost the breast size due to the hormones.

Tips for Naturally Bigger Breasts


Make sure that you’re eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. If you want to increase breast size you should consider options like plant-based protein, fatty fish, and Vitamin D. All of these options are important for good breast health and also might help to boost breast size.

Fenugreek Seeds

It is a folk remedy for increasing breast milk production. The plant’s seeds boost female hormones like estrogen. 

You can make a paste by combining fenugreek seed powder and water. Then massage the paste on the breasts and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. Another option is to add the paste to body lotion then apply it every day.


A relaxing massage can provide several health benefits for the body and mind. You can also get benefits like stretched breast tissue and improved blood circulation. It can help the breasts look bigger and firmer.

The breast massage should start by putting oil on your hands. Then use a circular motion for 15 minutes. If you massage the breasts 2x daily, you might see some results within a couple of months.

Good-Fitting Bra

Make sure to avoid bras that are too large or too small. Select a size that supports your breasts well. They should be snug yet also let the breasts lift. You can also wear padded bras that cause breasts to look bigger.


The key is to do the right exercises. Breasts mostly contain fat, so if you do the wrong exercises you’ll build muscle and lose body fat. You can’t lose fat in one area, but over time, it could affect the breasts.

There are certain exercises you can do that might help to boost breast size. They include chest presses, push-ups (modified), and arm presses. Make sure to do these exercises every day after learning does birth control make your breast grow.

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