What is a Body Wrap and Do They Work?

Body wrap already existed decades ago. It is also known as body cocoon or body mask. A type of treatment that enhance health and the appearance of the skin. It is also design to tighten the loss skin but it’s not permanent especially if not well maintained.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we need to take good care of our skin. Our skin is a body part that protects our epidermis and dermis. There is also a lot of skin regiment around the world to maintain the skin’s good condition and younger-looking. One of these skin regimens is body wrap.

What Is Body Wrap?

Body wrap already existed decades ago. It is also known as a body cocoon or body mask. A type of treatment that enhances health and the appearance of the skin. It is also designed to tighten the loss skin but it’s not permanent especially if not well maintained.

It is a mixture of several ingredients applied to specific parts of the body especially during massage in the spa. The part that applied by different ingredients usually consists of butter, chocolate, rosemary, clay, and other natural ingredients.

Body wrap is also used for hydration of the skin and use as slimming agents as a process of getting rid of cellulite and use to tone and make the body firm but to make it permanent also do exercise to stretch your skin and you can develop solid muscles in your body.

12 Types Of Body Wrap

1. Algae wrap

Algae wrap is a type of body wrap that uses algae as a main ingredient for nourishing the body and detoxifying the skin that will make the skin healthier.

2. Frigi thalgo wrap

This body wrap is a cold type of body wrap that will help to control excess fluid in the leg, hip and thigh area of the body. It is also good for tired leg and it’s good for cellulite and fluid retention.

3. Chocolate wrap

Chocolate is recognized around the world as an anti-aging food and cosmetic ingredients because of its toning properties. Toning properties will stimulate your endorphins that will tone the skin, soften the skins, and get rids wrinkles that will make the skin younger looking.

4. Mud wrap

It’s not just a natural mud but a therapeutic kind of mud that will put to the entire body in layer. Therapeutic mud’s use to detoxify, firm and hydrates skin.

5. Seaweed wrap

This body wrap is a combination of seaweed and seawater and hydrates the skin and make it more firm.

6. Clay wrap

This wrap is almost like the mud wrap and usually mixed with aromatic oils for better results.

7. Herbal wrap

Use essential herb that contains nourishment for the skin. The selected herbs are blended with oils and stepped with very hot water for better effect. It removes dead skin cells and gives nourishment to the skin.

8. Cellulite treatment wrap

This type of body wrap is useful to flush out the toxin away from our body and it will promote good circulation of the body.

9. Paraffin wrap

To do this body wrap you need paraffin wrap and heat it then wrap it to the whole body. This wrap is used to reduce muscles and joints pain and it will soothe the symptoms of arthritis and other joint problems.

10. Bust wrap

A type of serum will be wrapped in the bust area to nourish the skin and make the skin toned.

11. Oil wrap

Oil wraps usually aromatic oil is used to moisturize the dry skin and dehydrated skin.

12. Parafango wrap

A combination of mud and paraffin wax wrap to stimulate the lymphatic and draw out the toxin.

Health and Beauty Benefits You Can Get

  • Relaxation: When you are fully wrapped during the treatment you are left by the esthetician for 30 minutes to relax and have me time.
  • Detoxification: Bodywrap can detoxify the body by using algae or mud to wrap the body for detoxifying through metabolic skin cell stimulation.
  • Weight loss: Body wrap using detoxifying ingredients can lose weight because of sweat release during the body wrapped treatment.
  • Dead skin removal: Due to exfoliating ingredients use in body wrap dead skin will remove and it will rejuvenate.
  • Moisturization: Using oil as a body wrap can give the skin extreme moisturization and it’s helpful for those who have dry skin.

Who are those not allowed for body wrap?

  1. Pregnant women: Pregnant women are not allowed to have spa serviced because almost of the spa treatment is not good for pregnant women and body wrapping is one of these spa treatments.
  2. High Blood person: People who are suffering from high blood is not allowed to do body wrap because it can affect the blood circulation of the boy.
  3. Heart condition: Like those people who are suffering from high blood person people who have a heart condition are also not allowed to undergo body wrap treatment because there are methods in a spa treatment that is not allowed for those who have an illness.
  4. Eczema: People who are suffering from eczema have sensitive skin that’s why they are not allowed to undergo body wrapping treatment because it can worsen their condition.
  5. Diabetes: Diabetic person is not also allowed to undergo body wrapping. There is no solid evidence but it’s because of the oil used in doing the treatment.

Things To Watch Out Before You Undergo Body Wrapping

  • Do not expect that body wrapping is just like a massage it is a mixture of treatment. You can get body scrub and body wrap at the same time as a part of body wrapping treatment.
  • You will be left alone if you are bothered with that ask questions before booking the service.
  • If you have claustrophobia this is not suitable for you.

Does Body Wrap Work?

Though evidence is few to tell that body wrapping is useful and does work a lot of people claimed that body wrapping work to them and body wrapping exist how many decades ago as a treatment and a skin regimen.

Always remember that if something will work to others will work to you too. Our body reactions are different because we are different individuals. The most important thing to consider before you undergo body wrapping treatment is do you really need it? Am I allowed for this type of spa service?

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