Breast Rejuvenation: Breast Implants After Breastfeeding

Breast rejuvenation is achieved by getting some breast lifts and breast implants after breastfeeding

Breast Rejuvenation

Breast Sagging: Why this occurs after breastfeeding

All females at some point in their lives will experience sagging of their breasts. This is referred to as breast ptosis and is a process of the female body that is inevitable and natural. Most notable sagging happens when the process known as involution of the breasts happens. Breast involution is the process where the system for milk-making within the breasts of women becomes smaller because they are no longer needed or necessary. However, sagging of the breasts or drooping of the breast can happen at one point. And this is where breast implants after breastfeeding becomes an option.

The composition of a woman’s breast is mostly fatty tissue and fibrous tissue and these two types of tissue can be affected by gravity and weight. Gravity’s downward pull can have the breasts pulled down and lead to the ligaments of the breasts becoming loosened. In turn, this can lead to tension on the skin of the breast and lead to skin that is stretched. The level of sagging will all depend on how elastic the ligaments and the skin are.

The good news is that Breastfeeding does not seem to be the main culprit behind sagging breasts. There is evidence to suggest that droopy boobs may not be caused by breastfeeding and that individuals who are pregnant may already experience breast sagging due to breast tissues (referred to as Cooper’s Ligaments) get stretched out regardless if they choose to nurse their newborn or not.

What does the Breast Look Like after BreastFeeding?

The breast’s size and shape can get altered before and after breastfeeding. Glands and breast tissue responsible for the production of milk become larger and fuller. Once the breastfeeding stage is done, they return to their normal size. This can be seen by most nursing mothers as the breast suddenly having a droopy appearance and the breast as being less full and softer. How much is retained of the breasts’ previous size and shape will all be based on several different factors and these include genetics, pregnancy-related weight gain, and age? People who smoke are also more at risk of having less skin elasticity and consequently experience more sagging.

Aside from the breast,  the nipples can also have a changed appearance after breastfeeding. High levels of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy can give an increased size to the nipples and the area around the areolas can develop lines (striae) and also darken. Breastfeeding constantly can also lead to nipple soreness and pain. There are currently no studies to show if they can go back to their original color or shape once breastfeeding stops.

Prevention of Sagging Breasts

Fortunately, there are several things that individuals can do to aid in the prevention of sagging breasts. Below are some of the tips to avoid breasts that are sagging:

  1. Wear a supportive bra- Breasts that are well supported can fight off some of the changes that pregnancy and breastfeeding can bring. An ill-fitting bra, particularly for physically active people can also lead to injury and pain. To provide better blood flow, bras should also be removed before sleeping.
  2. Regular Exercise- The fat cells and the glands of the breasts won’t probably get any benefit from these workout routines but the muscles found underneath them (referred to as pectorals) just may gain something positive. Tone pectorals can give the breasts an appearance that is slightly more lifted. Free weights, chest presses, and push-ups may also be included in one’s routine.
  3. Skin exfoliation and moisturizing- Daily moisturizing the skin especially around the area of the chest can maintain hydration and firmness. For this, it is best to go for a herbal option with organic extracts and ingredients which can help in nurturing skin that is taut and young-looking.  It is also crucial that a loofah or a body scrub be used to exfoliate the breasts gently each day as removing the dead cells can restore the elasticity of the breasts and improve the circulation of the blood.

Mastopexy and Breast Implants After Breastfeeding

Mastopexy is a medical procedure referred to more commonly as a breast lift. During this kind of surgery, the doctor can have the breasts shaped and raised to give them a look that is rounder and firmer. The procedure will also have excess skin removed and reduce how large the aero era is or the nipple’s colored circle. As people get older and after pregnancy and breastfeeding, individuals usually lose the firmness and elasticity of their breasts. Weight loss or weight gain can also make this process much more accentuated. Mastopexy is often the surgery of choice by individuals whose breasts have started to droop or sag. For those who want an increase in breast size, breast augmentation through breast implants may also be done together with mastopexy.

Plastic surgeons will commonly conduct a breast lift through different steps and it will be up to the healthcare professional which method he or she wants to use. Mastopexy will often include the following steps:

  • The doctor will mark the desired position of the breast and nipple once lifted while the patient is standing up
  • The doctor will then administer some anesthesia to relieve and relax the patient in terms of pain. Usually, general anesthesia is used so that patients are asleep during the procedure.
  • The doctor will have the areola cut and have the breasts lifted and shaped. The areolas will also be moved by the doctor to the right position.
  • The surgeon will make the breast look younger and supple by having excess skin removed
  • During the breast lift, patients can opt to have breast implants added as well.

Bottom Line

Breast implants after breastfeeding are done by getting some breast rejuvenation. This can be effective in addressing sagging breasts. However, there are also other natural ways of fighting off sagging breasts and these can be used long term to maintain healthy and good looking breasts.

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