Breast Milk and Psoriasis: Does Breast Milk Heal Psoriasis?

Breast milk and psoriasis, are a good combination for a cure? Find out by reading this article.


Breast milk and psoriasis: do they go well together? Find out here. Roughly 1 – 2 percent of men and women in America, or around 8 million have got psoriasis, while there are 125 million men and women worldwide to have it. That is a 2 – 3% overall populace. This immune-mediated infection produces raised, scaly, red patches that surface on your skin. Psoriasis generally affects the external part of the knees, elbows, scalp, and yet it may appear at any part of the body. A few people describe psoriasis to be itchy, with burning and stinging effects.

Recent important information suggests that a lot of patients having psoriasis may also be prone to diabetes, obesity, as well as early cardiovascular disease. It’s becoming more well-known how psoriasis isn’t only a type of skin disease, yet further carries wide-spread systemic effects. We all know that breast milk or mother’s milk is the best to feed her newborn. In it holds plenty of nutrition that is currently not fully replicated by any other form of milk manufacturing product. Breast milk is simply irreplaceable for a growing child. And what about psoriasis, how can it help? Get to learn whether or not this particular milk helps relieve this disease. Keep reading.

Breast Milk and Psoriasis Relief

There have been claims about how putting breast milk onto itchy psoriasis takes effect. If you can obtain some fresh breast milk, put some in a cotton ball then dab it on your psoriasis spots. Many moms have success stories about when their infant with psoriasis can find relief using just mom’s breast milk. Celebrity Kim Kardashian West happens to be coping with psoriasis for over 7 years now, and it also does not appear to be going away. The rash had spread. Last January, she revealed on Twitter that she’s been having psoriasis on the face as well as her body. During a recently available post found on her website, this Kardashian confessed how she virtually tried almost any treatment plan for psoriasis. This is when she discovered breast milk from her sister. And voila it did do wonders.

She’s tried seaweed products for their antioxidant properties, but it seemed the breast milk worked well too. She visited her dermatologist who revealed that breast milk, particularly colostrum, milk which is made the very first couple of days during a mother’s lactation, carries hardly any immune factors that are antibacterial or antiviral. Additionally, it provides a plentiful level of growth factors that could alert skin healing while promoting healthful cellular growth.

But before going to the closest breast-feeding cousin or friend for that magical cure, Dr. Papantoniou, Kardashian’s New York-based dermatologist, says there is still not sufficient medical data to demonstrate there is an accurate benefit to the do-it-yourself solution. It may be a hit and miss, depending on the skin type. It can work for some, while not for others, and in-depth studies need to perform. Colostrum is certainly not a mainstream treatment plan for psoriasis just yet, and accounts of great benefit are anecdotal. More recent research indicates an improvement for the healing of deep wounds aided by the usage of bovine powder colostrum. It could be a potential beneficial topical therapy as well as more general treatments. Again, a more specific study towards psoriasis must certainly be performed.

More into milk, individuals with psoriasis have found how using goat milk soap tends to make their skin feel a lot better. People report that exchanging cow’s milk to goat’s milk within their diets is beneficial at decreasing psoriasis symptoms. When these approaches are beneficial for you when you give them a try, there does not appear to be any reason to not ever try a good goat’s milk product.

Skin Health Betterment

Some individuals with psoriasis believe their condition exacerbates if they consume cow’s milk, as its protein casein is a possible contributor for flare-ups. There’s no contemporary research promoting this theory.

Generally speaking, the most effective diet for maintaining an excellent weight and maintaining your heart and the entire body in excellent condition is just one that emphasizes fruits and veggies, lean proteins, as well as whole grain. More so, the omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed, salmon, and particular tree nuts play a role in better heart health, not to mention improving skin health to better prevent conditions like psoriasis. Topical applications with omega-3 fatty acids might help minimize skin symptoms. Several claims point out how soap and cream which are made of goat’s milk assist in clearing skin patches caused by psoriasis. Some of those soaps additionally contain ingredients abundant with omega-3 essential fatty acids, such as olive oil.

Discovering the right treatment plan for your psoriasis may be a challenge. Always keep a food and treatment diary that will help you obtain better solutions. Take note of everything you eat, everything you connect with your skin, and any alterations in the skin’s condition. Manage what you could to cut back stress, restrain alcohol, or take out tobacco. When you have cover dressing lying around, douse a gauze pad into the breast milk and make use of a cover such as Tegaderm for the breast milk to seal. Allow soaking into your psoriasis spot for some time

Psoriasis Home Relievers

If you cannot obtain psoriasis medication or breast milk in your favor, there are several home practices and remedies below for you to try. These can aid in alleviating psoriasis signs and symptoms. 

  • Take it easy. Avoid clothes, bras that are a tight fit. Clothes that can be too snug may rub against the breasts while increasing sensitivity, as well as potentially aggravating psoriatic lesions/wounds.
  • Line the cups: Put on detachable breast pads that will absorb fluid, then replace them when they turn wet so they will not irritate your sensitive skin.
  • Soothes skin. Make use of warm and wet clothing or a heated gel pad for soothing your inflamed skin.

Breast milk and psoriasis, now you know that the former can help soothe this skin condition if your skin is apt to.

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