Breast Milk Recipes for Babies: Ideas That Are Popular Online

Breast milk can be used to provide nutrients to your little one. You can also use breast milk recipes for babies to make foods like pancakes, popsicles, ice cream, and gummies.

Breast Milk Recipes for Babies That Are Popular Online

Can breast milk be used for other purposes? It might be surprising but breast milk recipes for babies are a thing. Nursing mothers can use healthy milk for a wide range of recipes. Some are basic dairy foods like yogurt, butter, and ice cream. However, others aren’t strictly dairy foods so they might be more surprising. All these foods are good options since breast milk is super-healthy for your little one. It provides all the nutrients they need including macros like protein and fat, and micros like vitamins. This explains why many mothers are going old-school. Fun Fact: Nearly 85% of American newborns are breast-fed during the first months of their lives.

Why would you want to add breast milk to oatmeal and mashed sweet potato? These are already healthy foods. This is a great way to introduce these solid foods to your little one’s diet. They can get used to eating those foods while also getting the nutrients from the mother’s milk. This is a good approach to take after the first 6 months of your baby’s life. They should start consuming soft foods but it’s a good idea to feed them healthy milk at the same time.


How Healthy Is Breast Milk?

It might seem strange to add breast milk to healthy foods. For example, oatmeal is high in protein and fiber. Mashed sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A. Bananas are a good source of Potassium.

Combining a mother’s milk to these foods help to make Baby Food 2.0. That’s because of the nutrients found in the natural milk. It provides the perfect blend of nutrients your little one needs. That includes a good balance of protein, fat, and different vitamins.

In fact, it’s interesting that the nutrients in breast milk actually tweaks naturally based on the baby’s nutritional needs. The milk the newborn consumes during the first few weeks of life is different from the milk his/her mother produces later. In fact, even the color ranges from white to light yellow.

Another reason to consider breast milk-infused recipes is breastfeeding is highly recommended by different organizations. That includes the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and others.

Breast milk provides all the nutrients your baby needs for growth/development. Another plus is it’s easier for them to digest than baby formula. One of the most important nutrients in the milk is something called “antibodies.” These help your young baby fight off bad stuff like bacteria and viruses.

Studies show that breastfeeding can provide several benefits for your baby. They include physical and mental benefits. They include ones like lower risk of allergies and asthma. It can also help to prevent different problems related to breathing, digestion, etc.

It’s still a personal choice. However, there’s no question that it’s a wise choice to keep adding breast milk to some of your baby’s food as you transition from mother’s milk to solid food. It adds nutrients naturally.

Health experts recommend that you start adding solid food to your baby’s daily diet starting at 6 months old. This includes options like:

    1. Proteins
    2. Grains
    3. Vegetables
    4. Fruits


Top Breast Milk Recipes for Babies


This is the perfect breakfast food and even for babies. It’s a great option when your toddler stops drinking breast milk or baby formula. This is a good option for using up any extra pumped milk you’ve stored in your fridge/freezer.

Banana Ice Cream

This is a great food for teething babies and helps to cool down their gums. This recipe includes basic ingredients like breast milk and banana. You can also add some spices like cinnamon but might to avoid them in order to prevent food allergies.


They’re also known as “momsicles” since they’re made of mother’s milk. They’re a good option for teething babies. This can provide various benefits. It can provide relief for sore gums your little one is experiencing.

The momsicles also provide your little one with the nutrients of mother’s milk. If you want to add extra nutrients then add some unsweetened fruit juice. This makes a tasty treat with extra flavor and natural sugars.


This is a wonderful way to introduce your infant to the healthy whole grain. You can also use rice cereal as a substitute.

Avocado Puree

This is mushed-up avocado and milk. It’s a good option for your baby’s first solid food. It’s not only soft and easy to digest but also a piece of cake to make—even though it’s a puree.

Avocados might be a little tough to find and especially if you live above the equator. Just buy the tropical fruit, makes lots of purees and free the extra. This is a super-healthy food that’s packed with healthy fats.


This is a twist on the classic dairy product. It’s not just healthy for adults. It includes some basic ingredients like plain yogurt, mashed fruit, and of course—breast milk. This food is full of flavor, texture, and nutrients.


Other Top Uses of Breast Milk


Breast milk soap is surprisingly a thing. One of the main benefits of this option is it’s gentler than other baby soaps on the market. You can find several online recipes on the market.

There are even some versions with other ingredients like oatmeal or honey. These provide some benefits like softer/glowing skin.

The lotion is a similar type of product yet is used to moisturize skin instead of clean it. The main ingredient is still the same though and it’s a great option for sensitive skin.


This one is a healthier option than the gummy bears you can buy in a candy shop. They include some basic ingredients like water, breastmilk, and gelatin. You get the flavor from sugar-free fruit juice.

What would gummies be without some sweetness? If you want you can add some honey or agave as a natural sweetener. Make sure you only add these natural sweeteners if your infant is 1+ years old.

Eye/Ear infections

First, there’s little scientific proof that breast-based milk is effective as a treatment for these infections. Some studies show it might work on blocked tear ducts.

However, many moms claim that it can help to clear up the pink eye and ear infections. If you want to try this treatment make sure that you get a green light from your doctor first.

Milk & Cookies

When your little one is old enough (and able) to eat cookies there’s nothing like milk and cookies. How can you make the classic snack even more baby-friendly? Swap out cow’s milk and swap in breast milk.


This might be a surprising one. It’s made like regular butter and just involves shaking it until the milk thickens and you get some butter. Should you try it? This version provides a non-dairy option for your little one along with breast milk recipes for babies.

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