Breast Milk Yogurt: Can You Really Make One from Breast Milk?

Breast milk yogurt for baby: is it doable? Amazingly, yes. It’s simple to make and ultimately healthy for your infant. Read more about breast milk yogurt and keep your baby at best health in developing stages.

How to Make Breast Milk Yogurt at Home

What is breast milk yogurt? In this article, you will learn more about breast milk for babies and how you can make homemade yogurt for your baby, too. Because yogurt offers plentiful benefits, especially good bacteria called probiotics, your infant’s digestive system is guaranteed to always be well-functioning. Yogurt also aids in mood regulation and immune system health.

While you can get yogurt from the grocery shop for your baby, baby milk yogurt made from home is a way better source because breast milk contains important natural sources of protein, lauric acid, good fats (omega-3), and conjugated linoleic acid (a muscle builder). Combined, all will aid toward your tot’s right brain development, improved heart health and even battle bad organisms and infections your baby could contract during his/her delicate stages.


When to Give Breast Milk Yogurt

Did you know? Based on research, your baby’s early state of health in his early development states is at its peak and nutrition and will set the mark for their lifelong health track. This is why providing your baby with the right dietary nutrition such as yogurt is important. The baby’s metabolic state is largely influenced based on the nutritional intake the infant is getting.

The majority of pediatricians advise you to begin feeding your child yogurt or breast milk yogurt at 7 or 8 months of age. In fact, some encourage it to be your baby’s first food choice at 6 months old. For commercial products, Whole Milk versions of yogurt are the best option as infants need food fats for best the right growth. But opting to make yogurt at home instead of buying it may be healthier and more cost-effective. Learn more about breast milk yogurt best for moms and their babies below.

Short Intro to Mom’s Breast Milk Yogurt

Before making any sure moves or methods in making products to promote your child’s health, always be advised to consult your pediatrician so he or she may provide you with a proper evaluation and best-personalized tips for care. He/she knows your baby best next to the parents. Firstly, your child must be 6 months old, and the doctor must check your infant and provide the advice he/she needs to begin with yogurt making from breast milk.

Usually, if your baby is in a healthy condition, the pediatrician recommends you feed your infant Whole Milk Baby Yogurt in small doses. Beginning at 1 to 3 years of age, the doctor’s suggestion is 2 servings of dairy per day. That’s equal to a cup of yogurt, 1.5 ounces of cheese (natural) or a cup of frozen yogurt/pudding. Another option to make this amount is a cup of low-fat or whole milk in line with your child’s needs. If you want more calcium, you can put it another two tablespoons of instant breakfast milk.

Popular brands of baby yogurt include Clover Organic Farms Cream, Straus Organic Whole Milk, Stonyfield Farm Yobaby, among others. Because of the active good bacteria namely probiotics, yogurt breaks down protein and lactose which makes for smoother digestion in your baby’s tummy.

Yogurt, and especially breast milk yogurt that is all-natural is highly-recommended for the infant’s developing stages. If you take a closer observation, you’ll notice that store-bought or adult yogurt only comes in fat-free or low-fat versions. On the other hand, baby yogurt is organic and comes as a whole-milk version, made primarily for infants.

Because breast milk is natural, it is less processed and carries lower fat content compared to dairy milk. Making this natural yogurt from pure breast milk at home have given many moms many positive reviews and that it really works. Breast milk is more watery in substance compared to dairy milk, but the texture doesn’t disqualify it from producing really good results for your child. Making it into yogurt is very simple. Read on.

Preparing Homemade Breast Milk Yogurt


  1. Breast milk
  2. Yogurt starter (2 tbsp. Plain yogurt or yogurt powder; choose a fresh yogurt)


  1. Begin by sterilizing the milk in a pan until you notice small bubbles forming indicating it is almost boiling. The temperature should be around 180-185°F.
  2. Allow the milk to cool down at 112°F.
  3. Prepare a Pyrex bowl or quart jar (w/lid) that has been warmed then place the milk mixture into it.
  4. Place the jar or bowl inside a picnic cooler then pour extremely warm water around it. This determines how tarty you want the solution to be. You can make use of a big cooler also and set the container of yogurt inside a large pot of hot water inside the cooler.
  5. Note not to cover the container’s top with water. You also should not stir the yogurt while it is fermenting as it interrupts the bacteria work and the end result quality. You must allow the water’s temperature to be from 90-120 °F and as close to 112.
  6. Take a small amount for starter use for your next breast milk yogurt preparation. You can add any flavor or after the incubation process for the remaining batch.
  7. Refrigerate.
  8. You do not have to change the water as it will hold the temperature very well, so do not open the lid because you will lose heat. Note that a lower temperature or shorter time creates a sweeter and milder yogurt, while temperatures nearing 120 makes a firmer and tartier yogurt. The solution also becomes more firm the longer its incubation is. Your choice of texture.
  9. Allow for incubation of 4 – 8 hours.
  10. Prepare the yogurt starter you bought then set it to warm up to make to room temperature.
  11. Include the yogurt into the milk.

Tip: If you want the thicker texture of yogurt, add baby cereal, silken tofu or wheat germ. You may also make use of agar(vegetarian gelatin)  flakes. One tablespoon will do. Add 3 tbsps. of yogurt then join into the mix.

Preparing homemade breast milk yogurt or baby food, in general, requires you to be a careful, clean and well-prepared product your baby can ingest healthfully. Be sure that the area you are preparing your breast milk yogurt on is well-sanitized. Going organic is a good option to start with. So baby milk yogurt made at home? It sounds like a great choice for baby.

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