Breast Size Comparison to Fruit: So You Will Have an Idea

The breast size comparison to fruit is one way to identify bra size. B cup could be a size of an orange, Grapefruit for C cup or cantaloupe for a voluptuous D cup. Read on to learn more about the fruit method.

Woman holding two half of red grapefruit citrus in front of breast

More often than not, people need models or symbols to represent what cannot easily be described or explained. In fact, experts believe that our need to use symbols and representations is that it makes the world around us more organized and more easily understood. For most people, one of the most difficult things to describe is breast and bra size. Fortunately, we have what is called the fruit method in which breast size comparison to fruit uses fruit size as a basis for comparison for breasts or bra size. But what is this fruit method and how is it used? In this article, we look at what the fruit method is and the other important details people need to know. Read on to find out more!

Determining Breast Size

Determining the breast size of individuals can be quite daunting especially if you are tasked with buying a special someone that bra she always wanted or needed. This can be truly nerve-wracking for men as daddies, husbands, fathers, and brothers will usually be at a loss on how to actually give breasts some form of visual measurement or estimation.

We need to look at how to naturally determine breast size. The band size number indicates the number of inches around the lady, while the letter referring to the size of the breast. This is good if you do have the actual size of the person but if you had to go and estimate breast size, then knowing the number and the letter on a bra size may not be enough. We need a way to find out how to properly measure bra size or a method to size a woman up without knowing the size exactly. This is where the fruit method may come in handy. But what is the fruit method really?

The Fruit Method: How To Follow Breast Size Comparison To Fruit?

Enter, the fruit method! This method is used by men who need to buy their female loved one a bra but are not sure of breast size. Basically, the bra salesman or saleswoman will compare the breast size of the said lady to fruit such as grapefruit, an orange, an apple, or a lemon.

Using this kind of fruit comparison method, one can get an estimated idea of what the size of their bra is. The fruit method will have a

  • Grapefruit: 36C/34D breast
  • Orange: 34 C
  • Apple: Possible 34B
  • Lemon: Will mostly get a 34 A.

Some men claim that this fruit method is perfect for men who need a form of learning device to easier remember the breast sizes base on fruit comparisons. Men may also benefit from this as we know that most men or men, in general, are tactile and visual by nature and that by combining it with something that all people consume (fruits) it just might be the best way to remember possible breast sizes based on actual fruits.

Some Alternatives On How To Determine Breast Size

While the fruit method can be useful for those who only do this kind of anything-goes shopping, it won’t stand up against other possible ways to determine actual breast size. First, we need to address the myth known as a true size. This means that it is just a myth since one cannot really determine the true size of breast specifically due to the fact that there is no one size fits all. However, women can find the type of bra they like and the brand that they prefer which then be used by the individuals as a form of starting point for possible purchases of bras.

Some of the things to consider are the following:

  1. The strap should not be lifting the breast but rather holding the cup back into the skin. and it should be comfortable to wear too.  
  2. A good bra should have a firm and supportive underband and won’t usually cause any problems with the individual’s back.  
  3. The fabric should not be wrinkling or digging while the mass of the breast should be kept within the cup’s fabric.  
  4. If the bra contains an underwire, then it should be sitting against the chest and should be following the issue of the breasts 

It is also good for people to understand their bra and breast scale as the bra’s Cup size can be further customized to meet the requirements of the person who will wear the bra. Such modifications can help make the bra’s garment fee you easily.

To be precise, people need to remember the following measurements: 

  1. A difference of 30 cm which means the person is a probable G cup
  2. On the other hand, a 10 cm difference can be a cup A. 

Between these sizes sits all the letters in between from cup F, E, DD, D, C, and B. This helps if people can imagine these bra sizes as little increments which can also be viewed as instruments that are being fine-tuned. It is also important that people understand the importance of a bra fit that is fine-tuned. This means that individuals who will buy a bra will need to understand the beauty behind the cup and the band holding the breasts as they can have unique properties that contribute to proper bra fit.

The bra can also be imagined as a form of tipping scale where one weight can symbolize the cup size while one can control the size of the band while the other scale refers to the actual cup. Finding the right spot in between these two scales may be what can lead individuals into finding the right and ideal kind of bra and chest support for their daily needs.

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