Breast Stretch Marks Cream: Does It Work + Top 3 Brands To Try

Come to think of it, the skin of your breasts is naturally thinner than other body parts. So you can imagine how stretch marks on the breast will look like. Breast stretch marks cream is an effective option for addressing stretch marks on your breast. Read on to find out more

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You can have stretch marks when the topmost layer of your skin contrasts or expands faster than its underlying layer. As a result of these changes, your skin’s connective tissues (majorly elastin and collagen fibers) begin to break. As such, they leave behind stretch marks on your skin. The pattern of most of these stretch marks is branched or veiny. The skin in this area has thinned out and the tissues are already damaged. Come to think of it, the skin of your breasts is naturally thinner than other body parts. So you can imagine how stretch marks on the breast will look like. You can treat stretch marks with home therapies or breast stretch marks cream.

It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t have stretch marks. And it’s not unusual to find stretch marks on your breasts, among other body parts. These stretch marks often have a pinkish, red, or purple color at first. Over time, they would fade to become whiter or paler. Anyways, stretch marks have various types. These different types vary by their duration on your body and the underlying cause. Some stretch marks are due to collagen breakdown, or that of elastin. Some are just complications of puberty. And some are results of pregnancy. Regardless of the type, however, they can respond to stretch removal creams.

Do Breast Stretch Marks Creams Work?

Doctors usually prescribe topical creams to remove stretch marks on the breast. Many of these creams contain active ingredients like synthetic vitamin-A. Vitamin A helps with dark-colored stretch marks. They are especially useful for improving pregnancy stretch marks (striae gravidarum) by about 47 percent.

The creams that can help treat breast stretch marks include:

  1. Creams containing hyaluronic acid
  2. Creams that contain a minimum of 20% glycolic acid
  3. Collagen or Silicon or silicon-based creams
  4. Creams that contain a minimum of 10% ascorbic acid
  5. Creams that contain a minimum of 0.05% retinoic acid

Do these creams work? Yes, they do. They stimulate cell growth and collagen production. They also help improve skin hydration and elasticity.

Experts consider these creams to be safe. They have only very few notable adverse effects. They may cause mild skin irritation, as well as more light sensitivity.

Creams, gels, and ointments are very effective for removing stretch marks on the breast. But they are not usually the first line of treatment that doctors recommend. They are the second treatment line after home therapies.

Experts say you should only consider creams (especially prescription creams) when home therapies do not work. But then, these therapies can only reduce stretch marks or only make them less noticeable. They do not erase them completely even after several years of use.

Anyways, these home therapies are still the first-line treatment approach for removing stretch marks. Some of these home therapies include:

1. Hydration

If your skin tissue will properly heal, it must have proper hydration. When there is no proper hydration, your skin cells and tissues will shrink and shrivel. This will further worsen stretch marks.

2. Massage

This is scientifically proven to be effective for reducing breast stretch marks. It promotes the flow and circulation of blood in your breast tissues. This, in turn, promotes healing.

3.  Exfoliation

Homemade exfoliation mixtures can also treat stretch marks on your breasts. Examples of such mixtures include white sugar and olive oil, among others. These can slowly remove stretch marks and promote healthy tissue regrowth.

Certain essential oils and herbal extracts also help to reduce stretch marks on your breasts. Some common options include the following:

Castor oil Vitamin-E foods, extracts, and oil
Almond oil Vitamin-C foods, extracts, and oil
Olive oil Shea, coconut, or cocoa butter
Rosehip oil Marine collagen and elastin
Aloe vera oil Centella Asiatica extract
Egg white Grapeseed oil

But when all these fail, the next line of treatment would be stretch mark creams.

Top 3 Brands of Breast Stretch Marks Cream To Try

1. SkinCeption

This is not one of the very popular brands. But their products are becoming more and more known by the day. They are indeed very effective. They can even remove intensive stretch marks.  

More so, this brand has many products for the removal of stretch marks. Their products give quick results and work very well for erasing stretch marks on your breast, and indeed anywhere on your body. To cap it all up, their prices are very reasonable.


It doesn’t matter where your stretch marks are, you may find it hard to remove them. But for very quick results with a safe product, you can go for this brand. More so, it is pocket-friendly.

This brand of cream is arguably the best on the market. It does a very excellent job of topically treating and quickly removing stretch marks. More so, it is very easy and simple to use, quite affordable, and provides real and visible results.

3.  Revitol

You are likely to have heard about or even seen this brand before. Many high-profile publications have featured it in the past. Some of them include Time Magazine, as well as National Health and Vogue Magazines.

The formula contains a very unique blend. This blend includes squalene oil, vitamin E, grapefruit seed, and many other ingredients. It increases collagen and boosts elastin in your body. It also supplies various nutrients and vitamins to your skin.

Prevention Tips

There are several home remedies and prescription drugs people promote for reducing breast stretch mark risks. But nothing can assure you that you will never have stretch marks on your breast. As of this moment, science is yet to prove any method to be effective for preventing stretch marks.

Breast stretch marks cream is an effective option for addressing stretch marks on your breast. You may, however, want to follow expert advice. Before you try these creams, you may want to consider home therapies first. And if they don’t deliver the results you desire, you can be sure to find help with these creams.

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