Can Breastmilk Help in Bodybuilding?

Breast milk is being used by many for bodybuilding. Is this effective? What is the breast milk bodybuilding relationship? What are the downsides? We will find out here.


Bodybuilding has become one of those things that almost everyone tries out. Most especially men. It simply involves doing certain exercises that would cause the muscle to become a lot bigger. Bodybuilding is the reason why guys end up with 6 packs. People that try bodybuilding do some other things that would help speed up the growth of their muscles. The common one is the use of supplements before and after working out. Recently, people have been opting for breast milk for bodybuilding. Well, many people have no idea what this breast milk bodybuilding relationship is all about but we will be looking at that today. 

The truth is that there are so many things that come with using breast milk for bodybuilding. Many gym instructors would strongly recommend that you opt for this. Probably because it has become a trend for some time now. But before you opt for it has you asked yourself what you stand to gain. As well as some of the downsides that come with it. Because the truth is that consuming breast milk for bodybuilding sounds fascinating. But there are many things involved when it comes to this. Anyway, we will be looking at this shortly. 

Why Breast Milk? 

Well, we all know that the food for babies is breast milk. And it is known to contain some really good nutrients needed for the baby. Breast milk is known to be able to provide the baby with what is needed even if the baby would not be eating anything else. 

When a baby is not feeling too well, the mother’s milk will contain white blood cells. And this would help fight against the disease or infection. It contains about 172 calories, 16g of carbs, 10g of fat, and 2.5g of protein. 

The component of breast milk is 87% of water, 7% of lactose, 3.8% of fat and 1% of protein. The thing though is that this ratio can change. Depending on what time the mother breastfeeds. And also how many days for which she has been breastfeeding. 

People that opt for breastmilk do so because of the growth factors present. Growth factors are important for the growth of muscles in the body. There is a protein known as an insulin-like growth factor and in bodybuilders, it’s quite high. The function of this protein is the growth of the cells in the muscle and repair of tissue. 

According to studies, it shows that levels of IGF are very high in colostrum. Colostrum is the first set of milk produced after delivery and this would be last for some days. As the baby tends to get stronger the levels of IGF would decrease. So the point here is for people trying to build muscles the best option is colostrum and not regular breast milk. 

Also, protein is known to be essential for people that want to build muscles. And one of the best sources of protein is cow’s milk and not breast milk. so if you want to drastically increase your protein consumption, cow’s milk would be a great option. 

So is it okay to consume breast milk for building muscles? Let’s find out some of the downsides that come with using breast milk for this particular purpose. 

Downsides of Drinking Breast Milk 

  • Hard to access: Breast milk is not something you just pluck from a tree or buy in a market. The best way to get it is ordering online and that’s of course if you find a mother that’s ready to sell her breast milk. And this can be a lot of hassle. That’s why using breast milk in the real sense doesn’t sound as realistic as getting it can be quite hard.
  • Expensive: This is another problem that you might face. And that’s because a single ounce of breast milk is around $1. So for a glass, you would need about $8. And this is not once in a lifetime thing. You would have to do it for quite a while. If you do the calculations right there then you can be sure that you would have to spend a lot. 
  • You don’t know the owner of the milk: When you buy online you can’t meet the person that would be selling the breast milk to you. And this is a bit dangerous. Because you don’t even know the person. You don’t know the hygiene of the person, what infections or diseases does this person have, and many more. That’s like trusting a stranger with your health. 
  • The breast milk may be contaminated: Just like we mentioned earlier, you don’t know the person and the hygiene of the person isn’t certified. You don’t know how often the person sterilizes the pumping machine or even how well the person stores the milk. And this could lead to contamination of breast milk. That’s a huge risk to take if you ask. 

Alternatives to Breast Milk 

So breast milk might not be the best option for you, but what are the other options? 

  • Whey protein: Many bodybuilders opt for this. And that’s because it has proven to be effective over the years. The good thing is that it’s way cheaper and also easy to get. With whey protein, you would be able to get about 15g of protein in a serving. Which is good enough for people trying to build muscle. It is also known to help reduce muscle soreness after working out. 
  • Colostrum: As mentioned before, this is known to have the highest level of IGF needed for the growth of muscles. So if you can’t get the colostrum of a breastfeeding mother you can opt for that of other mammals. It is known to be great for muscle recovery. And also helps build the muscles faster. 

Breast milk might not be the best option for bodybuilding but it sure has some effect on the muscles. The best thing is to opt for other supplements and options that would help build your muscle. That way you can be sure that your health is safe while trying to build your muscles. So that’s it about breast milk bodybuilding. 

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