Breastmilk For Psoriasis: What You Should Know

Breast milk for psoriasis is one thing that has been trending on the Internet for some time. Is this really effective? Well, you will find out if this is indeed true or not here.


One common autoimmune condition around is psoriasis. In this condition, there is a buildup of cells in the skin. And when this happens there is scaling on the surface of the skin. The skin usually appears dry and sometimes would come with redness and inflammation. For some types, it comes with scales that would usually crack and then bleed. The reason for this condition is because there is an increased production of skin cells. The normal period for the turnover of the skin is around a month. But for people that have psoriasis the time is just for a few days. Because of this, there is a constant buildup of the cells. There are many ways to treat this condition. But for today we will just be looking at how effective breast milk for psoriasis is. 

The buildup of the skin cells usually happens in different parts of the body. It could develop in places like the knees and the elbows. It could also be in the face, hands, neck, feet, and scalp. For some uncommon types, it could happen around the mouth, nails, and even around the genitalia. There is a large number of people known to have this condition every year. And one interesting thing about this condition is that it is associated with so many other conditions. Anyway, we will be looking at many other things that have to do with psoriasis as we go on. 

Breast Milk for Psoriasis 

Virtually everyone has access to everything they need to find out because of easy access to the internet. Everything you need to know is now on the internet. The sad truth though is that not everything you see on the internet is true. There are many things people come up with that isn’t the truth. And one of these things happens to be the effectiveness of breast milk for psoriasis. 

The “all breast milk for psoriasis” thing started with Kim Kardashian. And because she is one person that people look up to many people followed what she said. She mentioned one time that breast milk was able to cure her psoriasis. And because of this so many have been trying it out. The truth though is that it is not effective. 

Breast milk indeed contains vitamins and many other nutrients. But up until now, breast milk has not been identified to be great for treating skin problems. Even though there are a lot of antibodies present in this body fluid it is not great for skincare. 

The thing though is that people that have psoriasis try out just about anything so that they would be able to get rid of this. In the process of doing these many people come up with different treatment methods that are not even effective. And that’s why there are many myths and controversies about this condition. 

Even though breast milk is ineffective there are still other methods you can opt for. Let’s take a look at some of the home remedies that you can try out for psoriasis. 

Breastmilk for psoriasis

Natural Remedies for Psoriasis 

  • Opt for supplements: Many dietary supplements can help out with psoriasis. You can opt for vitamin D, aloe vera, fish oil, milk thistle, and Oregon grape. All these supplements are effective when it comes to dealing with psoriasis. But make sure that before you opt for any supplement you carry your doctor along. This is to avoid any further complications associated with the condition. 
  • Avoid dry skin: Make sure that you have a humidifier in your home and at your place of work. This is so that the environment would be moist. If you have dry skin this would cause cracks in your skin. And when there are cracks this would cause bleeding. Another thing you can opt for is a moisturizer. Some moisturizers are suitable for sensitive skin. This would help keep the skin supple. 
  • Choose skincare products carefully: Many of the skincare products out there are made up of chemicals. And many of these chemicals are not good for the skin. To avoid further irritation of the skin make sure you opt for products that would best suit your skin. The best thing to opt for are products that are specially made for sensitive skins. 
  • Eat well: This is one thing you must not joke about when you have psoriasis. And the reason for this is because certain foods could cause flare-ups. Such foods are alcohol, red meat, and carbs. All these foods should be avoided for the time being. While foods that would reduce inflammation should be eaten. Such foods are foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 
  • Reduce stress: Stress has always been known to worsen any health condition. And that’s because the organs in the body are stressed out and worked up. And there is no time for the body to heal. So make sure you reduce your stress level when you have psoriasis. You can opt for yoga and meditation. These are options that can help you relax. Also, make sure you sleep well. You should have at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This is to ensure that your body heals faster. 
  • Stop smoking: Just like consuming alcohol would worsen the condition, smoking would also worsen the condition. Make sure that when you have psoriasis you stay away from smoking till you get a lot better. 

Take note that the symptoms vary from person to person. The severity as well varies. So even when opting for these home remedies make sure you see a doctor about it. A prescription is the best option when it comes to dealing with psoriasis. And you can only get that from your doctor. Also, you have to be careful when using any home remedy option. Make sure it doesn’t worsen the condition. At least by now, you know that breast milk for psoriasis is not effective. 

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