Chest Pains Left Side Above Breast: What Does It Indicate?

If you have chest pains on the left side above breast there are several causes. They include heart attack, heart disease, or lung cancer. It could also be caused by less serious issues like panic attacks.

Causes of chest pains left side above breast

Are you experiencing pain on the left side of your chest? This could appear ion regions like chest pains left side above the breast. If this happens it’s important to know the most likely causes of the pain. People often assume that the cause is a heart attack if it’s on the left side of the body. While the above-chest pain can be linked to this serious event there are other possible causes. It’s important to know the most likely ones so you can narrow down the causes to the most probable one. This can allow you to get the right treatment for the condition.

There are several possible causes of pain on the upper-left side of the body. Besides heart attacks, the symptoms can also be related to heart disease and lung cancer. The pain might be caused by less serious issues like acid reflux or panic attacks. Even in these cases, it’s important to get the right treatment so you can get the relief you need from the situation that’s causing your symptoms. The heart and lungs are vital organs so whenever you experience pain/discomfort in the area it’s a sign something isn’t right. It’s critical to get it checked out.


What’s Pain on the Body’s Left Side?

Sometimes we experience pain on one side of the body but not the other. This could include body parts including:

  1. Arm
  2. Back
  3. Foot
  4. Hip
  5. Joints
  6. Leg
  7. Neck
  8. Shoulder

Sometimes the pain isn’t just in one area. For example, it might be worst in specific areas of the left side of the body. In other cases, it’s only on the top half of the body. In this case, it usually involves areas like the stomach, ribs, heart, and lungs.

If you’re experiencing pain above your chest then it’s likely related to the heart or lungs. Is it always a sign of a heart attack? That’s not necessarily the cause of the pain and it’s just one of many possible ones.

This highlights the need for a doctor to do an exam and order tests to be run. Various ones like imaging tests can help to take a closer look to determine the likely cause of the pain above the left chest.

However, a key to you being diagnosed correctly is based on factors linked to the pain. Is it always severe? How frequently do you experience it? Is it only on the left side of your body? The answers to these questions can help a doctor to determine what’s causing the pain.

There’s also a caveat. The pain you’re experienced in the chest muscle might not be related to organs like the heart or lungs. It could also be related to a pull/strain in the chest muscles in that region. This could be caused by various factors like an injury.

The pain might also be related to the lungs rather than the heart. Some possible issues affecting the region could be a collapsed left lung or lung cancer. Meanwhile, there’s also a chance the condition is related to heart health. A doctor can help to sort things out.

Chest Pains Left Side Above Breast: Possible Causes

Panic Attack

This happens quickly and becomes severe within about 10 minutes. Sometimes the symptoms of a panic attack make a person feel like they’re having a heart attack. That’s due to symptoms like chest pain.

There are other possible symptoms. They include dizziness, out of breath, fast heartbeat, nausea, sweating, etc. if you feel like you’re experiencing a panic attack then it’s important to contact your doctor ASAP. This condition has treatments.

Heart Attack

This is what most people assume is causing the pain above the left chest. It’s possible. However, it’s one of several causes of chest pain there. The pain is often mild at first then becomes intense over time. This can include several symptoms:

  • Crushing
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain
  • Squeezing
  • Cold sweat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain in the left arm
  • Pain in neck/back/stomach
  • Tightening

Pulled muscle

Sometimes you might have a pulled muscle or injury in your chest wall. These injuries are caused by muscles getting strained, pulled or sprained. It happens within the ribs or chest. Whenever your chest is injured this can cause some chest pain.

There are several causes of this kind of pain. They include broken ribs, bruised chest wall, or broken breastbone. If you think you’ve experienced any of these situations you should contact your doctor. He/She can sort things out and figure out what’s wrong.

Acid reflux or GERD

When you experience acid reflux 2+ times per week then you have GERD. This can include different symptoms like pain/discomfort when acid goes up your food pipe. It can cause various symptoms like burning feeling in chest/stomach, and sour taste.

Heartburn often takes place soon after consuming a meal or snack. Other times it happens after lying down a couple of hours after you’ve eaten.  Acid reflux can even wake you up while you’re sleeping if it’s severe.


DIY Remedies for Chest or Heart Pain

Baking Soda

Just add some baking soda to cool/warm water. Why does this sometimes work? It’s alkaline so it can help to reduce your stomach’s acid if that’s the actual cause of your chest pain.

Keep in mind there are mixed results from studies about using baking soda for this purpose. It might work but there’s no solid proof it’s a good remedy for treating heart problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has been trending in recent years. This is distilled apple juice and seems to provide several health benefits. It’s a good home remedy for treating acid reflux. It’s been claimed that drinking it could actually prevent the condition. ACV also has few side effects

Hot beverages

A hot cup of tea or coffee might help to treat your chest pain. This is true when the cause is related to your digestive system. The reason is drinking the hot beverage might help to improve digestion.

Studies show that certain drinks might be better than others. Make sure to research which beverages are more likely to be effective for treating digestion problems. Those are the ones you should drink.


This might help with chest pain but there isn’t any solid proof yet about it. Here’s how to make the remedy. Mix 1-2 cloves of chopped garlic with some warm milk. If you want the best results then chew the garlic.


This is a good option when GERD/acid reflux is causing your chest pain. You could eat some raw almonds or drink some almond milk. Studies show that this might help to deal with the reflux.

It’s not clear why this treatment might work. In theory, it might make the situation worse since almonds are high-fat. However, studies show that consuming almonds might help to prevent heart disease. They might boost heart health and treat chest pains left side above the breast.

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