Chest Pains on Left Side Above Breast: Indications and Cure

Are you experiencing chest pains on the left side above the breast? There are several causes of this condition that you should be aware of conditions like heart disease, pneumonia, or a condition known as Pericarditis. It’s critical to know the causes of the symptoms and how to treat them effectively. This can help to

Chest pain

Are you experiencing chest pains on the left side above the breast? There are several causes of this condition that you should be aware of conditions like heart disease, pneumonia, or a condition known as Pericarditis. It’s critical to know the causes of the symptoms and how to treat them effectively. This can help to deal with the situation and improve your overall health condition. There’s a wide range of different conditions and situations that can affect the chest region. If it’s happening on either side then it’s a sign that it’s likely a particular type of condition. Another factor is whether it’s happening above or below the breast region, for example. In that situation, it narrows down the number of conditions that you’re probably experiencing.   

Statistics show that in most cases, chest pain on left side above the breast isn’t serious. That’s the case in about 6% of cases so it’s still important to know the different possible causes of chest pain that happens on a particular side of the body or area around the chest. That will help to deal with the condition effectively. For example, if you’re experiencing a lung condition then above-breast pain on either side could a sign you’re experiencing problems on that side.

What Organs Are on the Left Side?

This is an important issue to take up first since it will help to explain why you’re experiencing pain on the left side of your body. While certain organs only appear on the left side, there are others like the lungs and kidneys that appear on both sides since there’s one on both sides.

If you have pain in the upper-left side of the body then there’s a good chance it could be related to this organ. Fun Fact: The left lung has 2 lobes while the right lung has 3 lobes. This is important because it provides space on the left for the heart.

The lungs are the body’s main tool for breathing. They receive oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. The lungs are located within the rib cage. The lungs are made of a soft/pink material.

When people breathe the lungs expand/contract. Problems with the lungs can be observed when people cough or have problems breathing.

The heart is located on the middle-left of the chest. The main job is to help the body circulate blood. This is critical to provide blood to the whole body through a network of blood vessels.

The heart pumps blood throughout the body. It provides oxygen to the body/brain. After the blood returns to the body, the lungs provide new oxygen and the process starts all over.

Another organ on the left side of the body is the left kidney. They’re both located under the rib cage. The kidneys are on both sides of the spine and located in front of the lowest ribs. The body’s kidneys are fist-sized and bean-shaped. The left kidney is a little bigger than the right kidney.

The liver’s left lobe is also located on the body’s left side. There’s one lobe that’s located on the left side. The liver is the body’s largest solid organ.

Chest Pains on Left Side above Breast


If you have problems in the above-breast region it might be related to the esophagus. It can be caused by various issues like spasms, rupture, or lining. If you experience such symptoms you should contact your doctor. He/She can help to sort things out and figure out what’s wrong. There are various problems that patients can experience that are related to the esophagus.


This condition involves 2 tissue layers around the heart. When the area gets irritated/inflamed it can cause sharp pain in the left/middle region of the chest. It can also cause pain in either one or both of the shoulders. Many people who think they’re having a heart attack are experiencing pericarditis.

The severity of this condition can vary. It can be mild and sometimes clear up without requiring any treatments. However, in other situations treatments are required based on the main cause.

Acid Reflux

These are common conditions that are affected by stress, diet, and other factors. For example, you might experience it after eating a big meal or acidic foods like chocolate, tomatoes, and citrus. If you experience acid reflux 2+ times every week then you have a disease known as GERD.

There are different ways you can deal with these conditions. They include reducing stress, elevating your head when sleeping, and avoiding large meals.

Lung Cancer

Pain in the upper-left region of the body could involve lung cancer. Other symptoms include:

  • Coughing up mucus
  • Loss of appetite/weight loss
  • Heavy coughing
  • Pneumonia/bronchitis
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain in shoulders/back

Heart Attack

Heart attacks don’t always cause chest pains on left side above the breast but they often do. This happens when the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen through the blood. There can be severe pain on the left side of the chest. Sometimes the pain is mild at first then becomes worse. Some symptoms include:

  • Heartburn/vomiting
  • Tightening/squeezing pressure in the chest
  • Lightheaded/dizzy
  • Cold sweat
  • Pain in jaw/neck/back/stomach
  • Pain in the left arm

Top Treatments for Chest Pains on Left Side Above Breast

Hot Beverages

Tea is the world’s most popular beverage (water is a drink). Hot beverages like herbal tea, brewed coffee, and hot cocoa might help to deal with chest pain related to digestion issues. The beverage can help to improve digestion, which is another plus. Some of the best options include herbal tea, which is known as a digestion-boosting drink.

Ice Pack

This is an oldie-but-goodie method for treating heart/chest pain. The pain could be from injuries, exercise, and other factors. Using a cold pack is a good option since it can lower swelling/pain, which are critical issues if you’re experiencing chest pain.


Apple Cider Vinegar might help to deal with digestion-caused chest pain. It’s believed that drinking ACV before/after a meal might help to prevent heartburn/acid reflux. More research is needed because there’s no solid evidence yet that this DIY remedy works.


The super-herb is famous for its strong smell and anti-vampire properties. It might also help to deal with chest pain. However, more research is needed since there isn’t any solid scientific proof it can help with such conditions.

One option is to mix up 1-2 minced garlic cloves with some warm milk. It’s important to chew on the garlic pieces to get the best results from the home remedy.


This might seem like an odd one at first. If your chest pain is due to acid reflux then almonds/almond might help. The evidence that this worked is “anecdotal” and based on people who have used it.

If you use this folk remedy then it’s important not to overdo it since the high-fat content might worsen acid reflux. However, studies show that almonds might help to prevent heart disease, which is another major cause of chest pain on the left side above the breast.

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