Do Breast Implants Feel Natural?

If you are going to have a breast implant, one of the most important objectives would be for your breast to retain a natural feel and look.

If you are going to have a breast implant, one of the most important objectives would be for your breast to retain a natural feel and look. So, do breast implants feel natural? The answer to this question will depend on many factors. Many things come into play when we talk about whether or not your breasts would feel natural after the implant, and even how natural they will feel. You must, therefore, have a thorough understanding of these factors so as to promote a natural feel after you get your breast implant. The important thing here is the choices you make both before and after your surgery.

Your implant goals matter a lot when we talk about natural feel. Some ladies don’t care about a natural feel. They just want a breast size that would turn heads as they walk down the runway or even down the streets. However, some ladies care more about intimate moments. They wonder whether or not their breasts would still feel natural or not. They also bother about whether or not there will be scars, and how noticeable the scars will be. For those ladies, it’s all about that natural feel and looks. If you are like that, come along as we show you the tips and tricks.


Let’s Talk About Post Implant Scars

Before we talk about how your breasts would feel to the touch after your implant, we should first talk about the scars. You know, before your partner touches your breast, you wonder whether or not he will see any scar.

If you have a partner that has a strong perception, he may notice the scars from your breast implant surgery. But to do this, he will surely have to look so closely to realize that it’s a scar. Let’s put it this way, he’ll have to inspect.

Cosmetic surgeons are smart people. They try their very best to hide your scars. That’s why for breast implant surgery, they usually make the incision on a place called the inframammary fold. This is the crease that lies along the fold underneath your breast.

So your breast fold does a good job in hiding the scar so much so that it becomes almost invisible. There are also protocols to follow after the implant surgery that reduces how visible your scar is. Make sure you follow them.

Two things are very clear here. First, you must get a professional to handle your breast implant surgery. You can ask around for his track record before you commit your breasts into his hands in the surgery theatre. At least be confident that he knows what he’s doing and that he’ll do a good job.

Secondly, you should be diligent enough to follow through with your post-surgery protocols. This is also very important.

So the first point of call is whether your breasts will have a natural look after the surgery or not. Now that you are certain that your breasts can have a natural look after implants, we can go ahead to discuss whether or not they will also have a natural feel.

If your partner doesn’t see any scar, is there still a way to tell that you have a breast implant? That is where the next point comes in. Do breast implants have a natural feel?


Do Breast Implants Feel Natural Feel?

As mentioned earlier, a lot of factors determine whether or not your breast implant would feel natural and how natural they would feel. These are some of the factors:

What type of implant are you getting?

Experts generally agree that silicone breast implants feel more natural than saline implants. This is quite simple and straightforward. Saline implants are, more or less, bags filled with water and that’s what they feel like.

Silicone implants, on the other hand, contain silicone instead of water. Silicone has more consistency, and as such would generally hold its shape and remain soft to the touch. This feels much more like natural breast tissue.

How much natural breast tissue do you have?

You may wonder, if you have as much breast tissue as you desire, would you consider having a breast implant? Why then should it be a factor that determines how natural your implants would feel?

Definitely, you are getting an implant to augment your breast tissue. However, you must have enough breast tissue to cover the implant. The amount of breast tissue you have to cover the implant you are getting will determine how natural the implant would feel. More like, do you have enough natural breast tissue for the implant to hide under?

Where is the implant placed?

If you don’t have enough natural tissue, all hopes of having a breast implant that feels natural are not lost. You can decide to have the implants placed under the muscle of your breasts. This makes the implant feel natural.

How big is the implant you are getting?

The size of your implant also plays a major role. Larger implants take a longer time to settle and have a natural feel. And if the size is excessively large, it may never settle to a point where it starts to feel natural.

Is the implant smooth or textured?

Textured implants don’t feel as natural as smooths implants.

How skilled is your surgeon?

The overall outcome of your implant surgery is determined to a large extent by the skill of the attending surgeon.

Who is the person feeling your breasts?

This may sound rather ridiculous, but a person who is touching breast for the first time does not even know how natural breast feels like. But if the person touching your breast is an experienced cosmetic surgeon, no matter how natural your breasts feel, he’ll know that there’s an implant there.


Tips To Get the Best Outcomes from Your Implant

If you want to get the best outcomes from your implants, here are a few tips for you:

  1. Don’t bank on your insurance. They usually do not cover cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation except the surgery is medically necessary.
  2. Do some checks on the doctor that will handle the procedure. You can get a lot of information from past patients if you know any. His social media presence could also reveal a lot about how professional he is.
  3. Be careful with the size of your implants. In fact, about one-third of the complications that come from implant surgeries are due to incorrect selection of size.
  4. Remember that no implant can last forever. This means you will most definitely have to go for more surgeries after your first. In about ten years, your implant may either start leaking or develop a scar shell. If you lose weight or you get pregnant, you may also have to do another surgery.
  5. Your breast implant cannot feel exactly like natural breasts. But they can come close such that only a very sensitive person can tell. However, smaller implants are more difficult to detect.

So again, do breast implants feel natural? Yes, they do to a reasonable extent. However, your decisions and choices matter a lot in how natural your implants would feel.

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