EFT Tapping and How It Relieves Anxiety

To start EFT is one form of counselling or helping intervention.

EFT Tapping and How It Relieves Anxiety

To say the least, EFT tapping is controversial. We can go on an extended debate on its merits. And yes, some clinical practitioners seem to spite it as bogus. But isn’t the great Copernicus spited too? For his sun-is-the-center theory? Perhaps it’s but righteous every theory should be investigated thoroughly. With much debate. That can be the biggest mistake you can do when talking about Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. Why? The best way to know if it works is to try it. That would do it justice.

Yes, a lot of scientists and medical practitioners have castigated EFT. Throwing it to the pits. And putting it down like some mad dog out for a bite. Perhaps, these experts are just doing their jobs. Or protecting their enterprise and the people they serve. But the techniques of EFT tapping do work for many. Even miraculously for some. Not being able to make the most of such a blessing can be disastrous for you. The reason is that it won’t take much to let it help you boost your everyday. Here is why.


History of EFT

To start EFT is one form of counseling technique or intervention. From that, we can glean that it’s one person helping another. Meaning, it’s best to have another human attend to you. Theories behind EFT are taken from alternative medicine with acupuncture leading the charge. To a large degree, acupuncture and EFT tapping are closely linked in terms of theoretical foundation.

Other alternative healing methods that are at work with EFT is NLP or neuro-linguistic programming and Thought Field Therapy. You see all these back-up methodologies isn’t as empirical as fever. Meaning: It’s hard to quantify the successes of each one. Especially when counting on placebo effects.

That already tells you knowing if EFT tapping works can be tricky. And yet, the application of tapping is growing to a large extent with many people claiming to have been healed by the practice. Also, many practitioners of this healing technique have self-administered it to themselves. With great success.

Recently, the works of Gary Craig has spurred the acceptance of tapping. Specifically, his book EFT Handbook which saw print in the 1990’s. To a large degree, you could say Craig is the father of EFT. It’s worth noting that the theories behind tapping, especially the ones about energy flow, borrows heavily from acupuncture.


How Effective Is It?

Craig claims ‘disruption in energy’ as the cause of pain in the body. That includes negative emotions. While you don’t use needles in applying it, tapping is making the most of meridian points, also called energy hot spots. By tapping into these hotspots you create balance. Restoring calmness all over the body. This way, tapping reduces stress. And diminishes negative emotions.

To date, EFT has been utilized in the treatment of war veterans. Even those active military who are suffering from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder are being treated.

A study showed the success of EFT for veterans compared to those receiving usual standard care. veterans. It’s been observed that within 30 days or one month people getting EFT sessions have pronounced reduction in stress. The psychological stress that is.

Also, stories abound of people suffering from panic attacks and yet by using EFT tapping getting ample treatment. A review in 2016 was pretty convincing. It showed how effective tapping is for people suffering from anxiety symptoms. In that study, people who received treatment but did not have tapping as an additional solution had higher anxiety scores after some time. This is in comparison to those who took EFT with the regular solutions available.


How It’s Done

EFT tapping is simple. That said, here are the 3 steps you can follow to lower intense negative emotions. Or totally vanquish it.

  1. Identification of Issue at Hand

It is important that you follow the steps to get the right result. At the onset, you have been able to identify the particular issue you’re facing. It could be fear. A specific fear to be exact. When you’re tapping this should be your focal point. It is essential that you limit the issue you’re facing to but one. Facing more than that can render the session ineffective. To a certain degree.

  1. Know the intensity

Once you’ve looked into the issue at hand, you need to categorize it. Set a benchmark for the level of intensity. It should be set on a scale from 0 to 10, with the number 10 signifying a most pressing problem. Listen to yourself. How much internal turmoil or physical pain are you feeling?

Once you have your benchmark, you’d be able to check how effective your session is. That way you’d be able to establish how much work has been done right from the onset. This is after you’ve accomplished a full session. So you’d know that if you started at about 8 at the start and arrived at 4 after, you’re actually been able to minimize anxiety (just a sample) by as much as 50 percent.

  1. Phrase set-up

This is where you do a bit of prepping. Specifically, you need to formulate a phrase which explains the issue you’re trying to solve. In the EFT way, of course. Basically, the goal here is to:

  • Focus on a specific issue
  • Acceptance of yourself in spite of the issue at hand
  • As many before you have done this before, a common phrase has been extensively used.

Sample phrase: “Even when I am facing this {issue}, I completely and fully accept my whole self.”

It sounds easy, right? But there are things you need to observe for this to work. First stop, you must only address your problem – and not that of anyone else’s. So in this regard, you can’t say “Even when my husband is an alcoholic, I still completely and fully accept myself.” To resolve, you need to rephrase that to pinpoint what issue the drinking problem of your hubby is giving you. So it should sound better like this: “Even when I’m sad that my husband is an alcoholic–”

  1. FT Tapping

Then, you proceed by doing the EFT tapping sequence which is basically just the methodic tapping of the 9 meridian points of the body.

  1. Check final results

When you’re done, you check the results. Look into your emotional state and rate yourself from (0 – 10) with reference to your established benchmark in this EFT tapping session.

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