Evening Primrose For Breast Pain Relief

Evening primrose oil has been used over the years for different purposes. And one of the common purposes is for breast pain. So let’s take a look at how evening primrose for breast pain works.

Evening Primrose

The search for men in the medical field is quite endless. There have been some great discoveries. But you will be surprised at some of the options now available for certain conditions. Some of these things are things you would never imagine would have any form of healing property. Who would have thought that an ordinary flower would be great for relieving breast pain? Yeah, you heard that right. There is a flower that is known to be effective for breast pain relief. That’s why our concentration for today would be evening primrose for breast pain relief. How does this flower do the trick? Find out as we go on. 

Evening primrose is a plant commonly found in North America. This plant is known to have beautiful yellow flowers. It’s the type of plant that you won’t but help notice anytime you come across it. Anyway, people through research and studies have found out that this plant has a seed from which you can extract oil. So there’s something called the evening primrose oil. This oil has been effective over the years for so many skin conditions. Let’s take a look at how this oil is effective and how it does its tricks. 

Evening Primrose Oil 

As mentioned earlier, this oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant evening primrose. And for some time now, this oil has been effective for dealing with some conditions. Because of its common use, it now exists in supplement form. That makes it a lot easier for people that would like to use this in tablet form. 

Let’s talk about the recommended dose. The recommended dose is about 8-12 capsules in a day. And each capsule is around 500mg. Getting this product isn’t difficult. Many online stores make this available at affordable prices. 

Some of the common uses of this oil include eczema, osteoporosis, and nerve pain. 

Breast Pain 

This condition is also known as mastalgia. Breast pain is something that can be seen commonly among women. Around 7 out of 10 women have pain in their breasts at some time in their life. One thing though that you must bear in mind is that breast pain differs from person to person. 

There is the cyclical breast pain and non-cyclical. The common type is the cyclical type. This pain happens after the period starts and is normally seen among women between the ages of 30-50. Take note that you wouldn’t see this in women that have reached menopause. 

So what causes breast pain? Well, breast pain is caused by changes in hormones in the body. One thing that happens with hormonal changes is that the breast tissue becomes sensitive. 

The symptoms that come with this can be quite mild. But there are times that the breast pain can be severe. When this happens, then treatment may be needed. The good news is that there are many treatment options that you can opt for. Some of the treatment options have to do with home remedies and simple things that can be done at home. There are also medications that you can opt for to help reduce the pain. 

Evening Primrose for Breast Relief 

Before you can tell that evening primrose is effective or not, you would have to use it for about 6 weeks or more. Apply 1-2 grams of the oil to your breast daily. Once you do this religiously you can expect that there will be relief of the pain. 

For cyclical pain, the relief is about 58%, while for non-cyclical, the relief is around 38%. Take note that if there are changes it’s okay to continue using evening primrose. But if there are no changes after months of use, then you may want to go for another treatment option. 

There are certain things that you must bear in mind when using evening primrose. The research done on this topic is a bit limited. And the effectiveness isn’t fully understood yet. But people have used it, and it has been effective in relieving the pain. 

The supplement form of this oil is considered safe for use. However, it is not recommended for long-term use. 

Also, make sure you opt for a reputable company. There are many people out there making evening primrose oil supplements. Make sure you opt for one that people have tried and find effective. That way, you can be less worried about it having negative effects on your body. 

There are a few side effects that could come with using this supplement. It could cause headaches, stomach pain, soft stools, and upset stomach. But these symptoms are just mild. And if taken in small amounts, you can be sure that you would be able to reduce the risk of having the side effects a great deal. 

Evening primrose for breast pain is a great idea. You would be able to relieve breast pain with a simple and affordable treatment option. Just make sure you do a bit of research before you opt for any brand so that you wouldn’t endanger your body with this supplement. Give it a try and see how it works. You might just be joining the group of people that say this is great for breast pain relief. 

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