Flaxseeds for Breast Growth: Does It Really Work?

Many companies and people make claims that certain foods like flaxseed can increase breast growth. But is this really the case?

How Flaxseed Works for Breast Growth

If you want to increase your breast size you have many options. One of the fastest methods is breast implants. This surgical procedure can change your breasts’ size and shape as soon as the surgery is done. If you want instant results it’s the best option. However, you might read on the web or through social media that natural ingredients like flaxseed breast growth are a thing. These seeds are high in healthy fats so it’s often believed they can increase breast size since there’s fat in breasts. It’s important to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. In fact, flaxseeds might also affect a female hormone to produce smaller breasts.

In recent years high-fat diets like the ketogenic diet have been trending. These diets like Atkins focus on consuming high amounts of “good” fats. Different seeds like flaxseed, chia, pumpkin, sunflower, and safflower are often consumed to boost your intake of healthy foods. Flaxseed can be used in various ways. For example, you can use it to top yogurt and salads, or add it to juice or smoothies. It’s not only a good source of healthy fats but also other nutrients that can boost your overall health. However, can it make bigger breasts?


What Exactly Are Flaxseeds?

In the past, we mostly heard about seeds like pumpkin, sesame, or sunflower. However, the shift to high-fat, low-carb diets has put seeds front and center in many diets.

This high-protein plant is grown around the world. It grows to a height of about 2 feet. The flaxseed was probably originally grown in Egypt. However, it’s now cultivated throughout the world.

The flax plant is used for several purposes besides food. They include linen since it’s up to 3x stronger versus cotton. In fact, it was first used in North America to make clothing. Today the situation has changed and the plants are mostly used to make seeds.

There are various ways to consume flaxseed. You can eat them raw. They can also be cold-pressed or crushed to make products like flour and oil. In fact, flaxseed products like bread and cereal have been on the market for decades.


Nutrition Facts for Flaxseed


You get 870 calories. This is quite low. It helps to make flax a good option for a mid-morning/afternoon snack. This figure is especially important for diets that require calorie-counting.


The carb count for flaxseed is also low. This serving size provides just 4g of carbs. This definitely makes it Keto-friendly. When you consider the high-nutrition of the seeds it’s certainly a food worth considering. This is one reason flaxseed flour is often used for low-carb baking for Keto and Atkins.

Protein and Fat

You get 3g of protein from the small seeds. This figure makes them Keto-friendly and OK for Atkins.

Fat is a key issue for various reasons. It makes the food Keto-friendly since there’s2x more fat than protein. You also get one-third more fat than carbs.

Another key issue is this is an outstanding source for omega-3 fatty acids as well as another acid known as ALA.


Is Flaxseed Breast Growth a Real Thing?

You might have read somewhere that flaxseed can help to increase breast size by triggering breast growth. It might but it’s a lot more complicated than just eating a bunch of flaxseeds. It’s related to issues like the amount and type of fat you get from the seeds.

For example, one issue to consider is you’re getting good fats from these seeds. If you eat microwave popcorn and deep-fried Snickers then the weight and fat will pile up quickly. However, the problem is this is bad fat that could cause a lot of health issues.

In recent years scientists have pivoted away from low/no-fat diets to high-fat diets with lots of healthy fats. These include foods like fatty fish, olive oil, avocados, and nuts/seeds.

In fact, some communities like those eating the original Mediterranean Diet have been consuming these foods for thousands of years. The traditional food of the North American Inuit has included high-fat foods like seals and whales. However, their rates of diseases of diabetes and heart disease have been much lower than those on the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Let’s get back to flaxseed. One of the drawbacks of eating healthy fats is it will be tougher to put on body fat that would result in larger breasts. The bottom line is eating healthy fats might increase your breast size somewhat but it won’t be an overnight miracle.

Another factor is you can’t add fat to certain body parts just like you can’t lose fat just from those areas. So, when you add body fat, you’re adding it everywhere. Since flaxseeds are low-calorie/carb it will be tougher to get large breasts just by eating more seeds.

There’s also an X-factor. The omega-3s in flaxseed can reduce the effects of the hormone “estrogen.” This hormone is known to be a factor in breast growth.


How to Add Flaxseed to Your Diet


You can make some tasty yogurt/parfait with Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and flax seeds. This is a great option to start your day right. This is a well-balanced meal since you’re getting lots of nutrients including protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and calcium.


Today many people are looking for alternatives to wheat flour. This ingredient is high-carb and can quickly cause blood sugar spikes. Seeds like flax seeds are a good option since they’ll help to avoid that situation.

You can make flaxseed flour or purchase it from a store. Both options provide you with a lower-carb option you can use for your favorite baked goods. Make sure to research if flax is a good option for your recipe. In some situations, other flours like almond or coconut are better options. Just search recipe websites or social platforms.


One of the key features of the seeds is their nutty flavor. This allows you to add a little nutty flavor to your healthy smoothies. Another plus is they won’t overpower the other ingredients’ flavors.

You don’t even have to add a lot. Just 1 tablespoon will add lots of protein and healthy fats without many carbs. Smoothies are an outstanding beverage whether it’s your breakfast meal, between-meal pick-me-ups, or midnight snacks.


When we think of salads we tend to focus on meats and veggies. How about seeds? This is a great way to add some extra protein and healthy fats. You can put raw seeds on the salad or grind them up first. They also add more crunch without croutons’ blood sugar spikes.


You can easily add some of the seeds to your morning cereal like oatmeal, granola, or bran flakes. It works with hot oatmeal or the cold version with milk. This is an easy and effective way to add some omega-3s to your breakfast foods for flaxseed breast growth.

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