How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Breast

There are different treatments that can be used either to lighten stretch marks or to make them less visible. And they include both home and medical remedies. Most times these treatments are usually effective when used on new stretch marks.

Pregnant woman checking stretchmarks on breast

The world we live in today measure up beauty to one’s outward appearance. For this reason, a lot of people base their self-esteem on their body physique. And sad as it may be, the appearance of stretch marks seem to taint their high hopes of a perfect body and dim the light of their self-esteem. If you ask the female population what is that one thing they wish to disappear from their body, the majority of the answers will probably be ‘stretch marks.’ Especially when these marks appear at specific locations such as the breasts. The young woman, the pregnant woman, the nursing mother and the aged woman all want the answer to one question, “how to get rid of stretch marks on the breast?”

One thing we must realize is that stretch marks are a natural response to change in skin shape. As we get older the skin tends to stretch out to accommodate our growing bones, it is in this process that these stretch marks are formed. So if you noticed those marks and thought perhaps that something is wrong with your health, quit worrying, stretch marks are perfectly normal. There is a common misconception that only females have stretch marks when in fact stretch marks appear on the skins of both male and female. The only truth is that females have a higher chance of getting stretch marks because their bodies undergo more changes than the male population, especially during puberty or pregnancy.

How Do Stretch Marks Look?

Our bodies are unique so stretch marks differ from person to person. That’s why your best friend’s stretch mark doesn’t look like yours.

Initially, stretch marks look like a thin red, pinkish or purple line on the skin. It is quite noticeable because it has a different texture from the skin layer around it. Later on, the stretch marks fade and the color becomes pale, almost translucent or lighter. It becomes shiny too.

Types of Stretch Marks

It might interest you to know that stretch marks are of different types. The different types are determined by their cause and how long they have been there. 

how to get rid of breast stretch marks

The types are:

  1. Striae atrophic: These are the most common type of stretch marks. It is caused by the breakdown of some skin components such as collagen or elastin.
  2. Striae distensae: This type of stretch marks usually comes during puberty. In most cases, they involve linear lines that may appear as stripes.
  3. Striae gravidarum: This type only shows up during pregnancy.
  4. Vergetures: These stretch marks are long patterned, they appear as whip’s lashings.

Why Do Stretch Marks Appear on Breast?

Before we go on to learn how to get rid of stretch marks on the breast it is important that you understand what can cause or increase your chances for developing these stretch marks.


The body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes during puberty. During this period the breast tissues grow rapidly. And as this happens the skin stretches to accommodate the increasing breast tissues. The skin becomes thinner which might lead to the appearance of stretch marks.


The female body is designed such that a few weeks into pregnancy the breast begins to grow due to the elevated estrogen level. Estrogen is a hormone that triggers the growth of breast and milk ducts. Some women may experience an increase of up to three cup sizes. This rapid growth can cause stretch marks to appear.

Weight changes

Fat tissues in the breast increase at weight gain. This increase in tissues causes the breast size to also increase and often results in stretch marks.

When you lose weight, fat tissues are decreased but this does not hinder stretch marks from occurring. The reason for this is that at weight loss collagen is also lost causing the elasticity of the skin to be reduced. This loss of elasticity results in stretch marks.

Cosmetic surgery

During breast augmentation and implants procedures, the skin is usually stretched. This causes stretch marks.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Breast

There are different treatments that can be used either to lighten stretch marks or to make them less visible.  And they include both home and medical remedies. Most times these treatments are usually effective when used on new stretch marks.

One major benefit of using home treatment is that it reduces the chances of experiencing side effects usually associated with medical procedures. They are also more accessible and affordable. These treatments are:

Skin massage

In seeking how to get rid of stretch marks on breast you could try out skin massage. Massage is said to increase the production of collagen and blood flow, this helps stretch marks to fade. This can be done by massaging your breasts for a minimum of thirty seconds. There are certain creams that help to remove stretch marks, you could use them for the massage in order to get the best results.


Use an exfoliation scrub or a bristled brush to hasten the production of collagen and to improve your skin appearance. It is advisable not to use more than one exfoliating cream to avoid skin irritation. 

Shea butter or Cocoa butter

A major ingredient of these butter is vitamin E which is known to maintain healthy skin. Both can be bought in their unprocessed forms. They are also used in the production of some cream, you can also purchase these creams.  

Creams for stretch marks

The content of these creams helps scars to fade and enhance skin elasticity. They can be purchased over the counter. 

Other treatments 

In the situation whereby home remedies fail, you can visit a dermatologist to administer other medical treatments. These kinds of treatments are usually more effective on stubborn stretch marks.

  • Laser resurfacing therapy – In 2017, a review said this treatment has a fifty to seventy-five percent chance of effective stretch marks treatment. It involves using a laser that is not harmful to the skin to remove scar tissues, trigger damaged tissues to fix themselves. It also helps to increase the flow of blood to the area.
  • Acid peel treatment – These peels remove the uppermost layer and exfoliate the skin. This helps to reduce stretch marks.
  • Microdermabrasion – This is an exfoliation procedure that improves the production of collagen and also makes stretch marks less visible.
  • Tropical ointments and creams – These products often contain ingredients such as glycolic acid which is good for skin exfoliation or collagen or silicon to improve elastin.

Keep in mind that stretch marks are common and normal. It does not in any way mean you are sick. And if you insist on taking them out, you can try out one or more of the above-mentioned ways on how to get rid of stretch marks on breast. 

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