Remedies to Breasts that are Hot While Breastfeeding

Nursing mothers often ask the question why is my breast hot when I feed my baby or why is it red, tender swollen, etc. These are some of the common issues that arise from breastfeeding and they can be treated.

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Hot breasts while breastfeeding is a usual occurrence and complaint among nursing mothers. First-timer mothers might be taken by surprise with this and wonder what First-time their breast hot, but there is no cause for worry unless your doctor says otherwise. The feeling of hotness in the breast is only one of the other common discomfort that accompanies breastfeeding. Old-timers might be used to this discomfort and know exactly what to do. But this may not be so for others, and we are here to help.

Breastfeeding is very wonderful and one of the most calming scenes to watch between a mother and her child. See how the child’s little mouth wraps around the nipple with their tiny feet dancing in the air as they suckle from their mother is beautiful. Breastfeeding creates a bond between a mother and child and it should thoroughly be enjoyed by both. It is something that should not be dreaded and that’s is why you must find a solvent if you notice any discomfort while breastfeeding. Today we will be sharing remedies for hot breasts while breastfeeding and other helpful information about breastfeeding.

Hot Breasts: What Causes It?

Your breast does not become hot for no reason. Although it is a normal occurrence, there are still several conditions that could result in a warm or hot feeling as well as other accompanying symptoms. Here are some of the possible reasons why you may experience hot breasts and their remedies.

Breast engorgement

This condition occurs when your breast produces more milk than it can hold. That makes your breasts feel hard and painful, and this might make it difficult for you to breastfeed.

It is normal for your body to begin milk production immediately after childbirth. That will lead to the feeling of breast fullness and is called breast enlargement. Engorgement can start during or after the first week and you won’t miss it because the fullness will appear abnormal. Breast engorgement will also make your breast hot, firm, hard, and maybe painful.

It is often thought that the cause of breast engorgement is excess milk. but that is only its description. The real cause of engorgement is the buildup of fluid inside the breast. If the breast milk is not being drained frequently and adequately, lymph, extra blood and other body fluids will accumulate inside the breast. If you collected too much iv fluids during childbirth then that could be a contributing factor to the full breasts. 


When the breast tissue gets infected, it is referred to as mastitis. This condition would lead to breast pain, hotness, redness, and swelling. There might also be chills and fever. Milk is unable to flow freely due to the swelling. In mild cases, there might be a little lump, and for severe cases, there may be large swelling or hardness on the breast. The area that is swollen may feel painful or tender and look red.

Mastitis is usually caused when the nipple skin breaks, allowing organisms to move into the breast. Increases in breast inner pressure might also be the cause and also external pressures from tight bra, strap, or swimsuit.

Hot Breasts While Breastfeeding: Remedies and Prevention

Right after birth breastfeed the child at least eight to twelve times per day. You can use the breast milk pump if your baby is not eating well. Also, ensure that your baby is deeply latched while breastfeeding. This makes you more comfortable and allows your baby to suck more fully. Avoid using pacifiers and bottles and let your baby always suck the breast.

Hot Breasts While Breastfeeding: Treatment

  • First, you should talk to your doctor about using ibuprofen to ease swelling.
  • Apply warmth to the breast before feeding for good milk flow
  • Breastfeed frequently, at least at two hours intervals at day and three hours at night. Do this until the engorgement disappears.
  • Use breast compression or massage when feeding for full draining.
  • You can relieve pressure on your breast by running warm water over it when bathing
  • If the breast is still full after breastfeeding then pump out the remaining milk completely.
  • You can express milk between feedings for comfort.
  • Apply ice or frozen peas packs in wrapped cloth on the breast after feeding. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes to reduce the swelling.

If breast engorgement is not treated early, the swelling and severe pressure may lead to breast damage. If you tried the above-mentioned remedies and there is no relief then immediately seek help from a medical practitioner.

How to Treat Mastitis

  • Contact a doctor first to confirm if you can take ibuprofen to ease the swelling. If there is no or low fever then the doctor might suggest some medications to treat mastitis.
  • While feeding use breast massage to make it easy for the baby to suck out milk.
  • Express milk out of the breast if it is still full and the baby is through.
  • Use warm compression on the swollen area daily.

In summary

Breastfeeding like pregnancy is a different phase that brings along its own experience. It is also good to be inquisitive and to find out why certain changes are occurring like why is your breast hot, why is it painful or swollen. Knowing the right answer would help you in managing the situation properly without panic. Don’t forget to get your doctor involved through this phase and take heed to their counsel. 

Hot Breasts While breastfeeding Remedies

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