How to Dissolve Cysts in Breast

Breast cysts are fluid-filled lumps that are usually non-cancerous. There are methods for how to dissolve cysts in breast including some clays and coconut oil. You can also do lifestyle changes like eating a healthy diet.

clay and coconut oil

If you find a lump on your breast it might be a cyst. One study showed they made up about 10% of breast masses in women in the under-40 age group. The good news is in most cases the cysts are non-cancerous. However, they can contain cancer cells so it’s important to know what they’re all about and how to treat them. Like other growths on the breasts or other body parts, it’s critical to treat it ASAP to help reduce symptoms and complications. There are several methods including homemade treatments for how to dissolve cysts in the breast. These DIY remedies provide various benefits versus prescription meds.

You can pick among different treatments when treating cysts. They include Rx pharmaceuticals. The problem is while these medicines have powerful chemicals one of the drawbacks is, they can cause unwanted side-effects that can be difficult to deal with. That’s why you might want to use home remedies including one that only requires natural clay and coconut oil. That’s right! The effectiveness of such treatments will vary but they’re definitely worth trying in order to help the breast cysts to vanish. If home remedies don’t work you can talk to your doctor about other treatments like prescription drugs and medical procedures.

What Exactly Is a Breast Cyst?

It’s always important to do a self-examination of your breasts from time to time. This can help to find any “masses.” There are various types of lumps that you might see including cysts. Don’t conclude that finding a cyst means it’s a breast cancer tumor. In fact, in most cases the cysts are non-cancerous.

A breast cyst can range in different sizes, shapes, and textures. For example, the growths can have different sizes although they’re usually round or oval. it can be a couple of millimeters in size or many centimeters. It can also range from a soft to hard texture.

The cysts can cause various results among women. In some situations, they can cause discomfort or pain. They also might undergo some changes during the menstrual cycle.

For example, just before it starts the cysts can grow larger and be sore/tender. This results from changes in hormonal levels. That said, in several women, they won’t feel the cysts. This highlights the need to do examinations from time to time to check for new growths.

What exactly are the cysts? They’re made from various glands and ducts in the breast. There are tissues and fat around the milk glands. These breast tissues provide breasts with their particular shape and size. There are times when fluid fills up the milk glands, which results in breast cysts.

Sometimes the cysts appear due to the natural aging process. This is due to changes in the female hormone estrogen. During menstrual cycles the hormone estrogen produces fluid. It’s possible to get breast cysts regardless of your age. However, women aged 35+ years old get it most often.

Cysts typically stop when a woman’s menstrual cycles stop. However, it’s still possible for women to get breast cysts after they have a medical procedure called HRT that replaces hormones. This is a side-effect to consider.

How to Dissolve Cysts in Breast

Clay and Coconut Oil

These include a few options when picking the clay. They include zeolite and bentonite. Make sure when you mix the clay and oil you get a past-like texture instead of watery. Just place it on the breast directly atop the growth. Then extend the past about one inch past the cyst.

Then use a cloth, napkin, or bandage to remove the cyst. Make sure not to use regular tape since the adhesive is too strong and it could cause pain when removing the tape.

The next step is to attach the plastic or napkin to the breast. Sleep with your DIY remedy on the breast. In the morning rinse off the treatment. Make sure to repeat this process each time.

You should also make sure to drink enough water (warm) during this process as a type of detox/cleanse. You should make sure you’re drinking 2+ liters of H2O per day. This will help to make sure you’re getting enough water to flush the body’s system.

Stop hormone therapy

This “treatment” is about stopping this type of therapy instead of using a particular DIY/medical procedure. If you’re using birth control pills during your menstrual cycle this can cause side-effects like breast cysts.

Health experts recommend that women stop using hormone therapy following their menopause. Studies show that this may lower the risk of breast cysts.


This is an option you might want to consider if the cyst is cancerous or due to other situations. In that case, it’s critical to get treatment ASAP. The reason is that cancer tumors might spread to other body parts, which can cause many health complications.

This highlights the need to get the lump tested to find out whether or not it’s cancerous. If it is then you should make sure to treat it quickly. There are different kinds of surgical procedures. They usually involve one surgery although others might be needed if it’s a cancerous lump.

DIY Treatments for Breast Cysts

Use OTC pain meds

Make sure to check with your doctor first about taking them. This will help to avoid “interactions” with prescription meds you’re taking. You have various options like Advil and Tylenol.

This is based on the various side-effects you might experience due to the cysts. For example, you might just be experiencing pain or inflammation. The meds can treat different symptoms you experience.

Pick the right bra

When buying bras make sure you select ones that support well and fit well. This is especially important if you’re dealing with breast cysts. This might help to reduce some of the pain/discomfort related to the cysts.

Add a warm/cold compress

If you experience pain when getting cysts just add either a cool or warm compress to treat the symptoms. You could also add an ice pack to reduce any pain caused by the cysts. This is an oldie-but-goodie treatment that’s effective for dealing with many kinds of pain.

Fatty Acid/Oil Supplement

Some women take fatty acid supplements to treat breast cysts. Another popular option is something called primrose oil. Keep in mind this is alternative medicine and there isn’t much research to show they’re effective for breast lumps.

There’s some debate about what actually causes the cysts. That’s why these supplements might help deal with dealing with not having enough of certain acids. However, more research is needed.

Reduce caffeine

Some studies have been done that show consuming more caffeine can boost the risk of breast cysts. You have the option of eliminating or reducing your caffeine intake.

This includes foods like sodas, teas, and chocolate. You don’t have to quit cold turkey but it’s a good idea to limit how much caffeine you’re consuming after learning how to dissolve cysts in the breast.

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