How to Reduce Breast Cysts

Cysts are quite common. Probably because they can arise just about anywhere in the body. well, today we’ll be concentrating more on breast cysts. And how to reduce breast cysts.

How to Reduce Breast Cysts with Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies

Cysts are sac-like looking pockets of tissue that have either air or fluid or other substances in them. cysts can grow just about anywhere in the body. They can even grow under the skin. You can have different types of cysts in the body. And they usually benign or non-cancerous. But when most people see cysts they feel it’s cancerous. One of the common cysts happens to be breast cysts. So many people have had to deal with breast cysts. This is why we’ll be looking at how to reduce breast cysts. With this, you would have an idea of what to do if you do have a breast cyst.

When it comes to dealing with cysts a lot is involved. For instance, the treatment options for cysts would be determined by the kind of cyst and even where it is located. Also, it has to be considered if the cyst is causing you pain or not and if the cyst has been infected. So for the cyst to be properly reduced or removed all these must be taken into consideration. We’ll take a better look at these as we go on.


What are Breast Cysts?

Breast cysts are described as sacs located inside the breast that contain fluid. Most times they are benign. Meaning they would not result in cancer. There can be more than one breast cyst in a breast. And it could happen in one breast or the two.

Most times they are described as lumps. The lumps are either oval or round in shape. A breast cyst would usually feel like a balloon filled with water or a grape. And sometimes, it could even be firm.

Breast cysts most times don’t need treatment. Treatment is only needed when the cyst is large and sometimes painful. In these cases, the fluid in the cyst would have to be drained out. This would help reduce the pain that comes with the cyst.

They are commonly seen among women between ages 35-50. And this is among women before they enter the menopausal stage. This though does not mean that it can’t be found in other women of any age.

Breast cysts come with some signs and symptoms. Such as:

  1. A small lump with edges that are distinct and it’s movable
  2. Breast tenderness or pain
  3. Nipple discharge, this could be colorless or yellow or dark brown
  4. Increase in the size of the lump before your menstrual period
  5. Decrease in lump size just after your menstrual period


How Are They Diagnosed?

The main of the doctor while diagnosing a cyst is to find out what kind of cyst we’re dealing with. Whether it’s simple, complex or sometimes are complicated cyst.

Simple cysts

They are smooth and thin. They also have walls that are regularly shaped. Also, they are totally filled up with fluid. When sound waves are sent out they usually pass through them This is indicative of the fact that there is no solid area in the cyst. This cyst type is usually benign.

Complex cysts

This is another type of cyst. It has irregular borders and also thick walls. When waves are sent through them, there’s an echo. And the echo is indicative that there are solid areas.

Sometimes, a complex cyst is aspirated. And sometimes it’s drained with a small fine needle. The purpose of this is so that the fluid inside the cyst can be tested. If after doing the test they find blood or unusual cells they do further tests. This is so that they can rule out the possibility of breast cancer.

Complicated cysts

They are actually in between simple and complex cysts. They have features that are quite similar to that of simple cysts. But when a wave is sent through it, there’s an echo that is heard. But they don’t have thick walls like complex cysts.

The thing though is that many radiologists tend to use the terms complex and compound interchangeably. So whenever they use any of these two make sure to confirm which one exactly it is. The good thing though is that most of the time these two cysts are still benign.


How To Reduce Breast Cysts?

There are certain lifestyle tips and home remedies that you can try out to help reduce breast cyst. Let’s take a look at them.

Wear a supportive bra

There are times that breast cysts can be really painful. That’s why wearing a well-fitted bra is important. If you wear a bra that supports the breast well, then you would expect that the discomfort would reduce. And this might also help with reducing the breast cyst.

Apply a compress

This is also very useful when the cyst is painful. It could either be a cool or warm compress. They help in offering some relief to the breast. Using an ice pack can also help out with reducing the pain. This might also help out with reducing breast cysts.

Avoid caffeine

There are no scientific backings as to the effect of caffeine on breast cysts. But some women that reduced consumption of caffeine or totally eliminated it have noticed a relief in the symptoms. So you can try eliminating caffeine and be on the lookout for improvement in symptoms.

Usually, for small cysts, treatment is not needed. But if it’s compound or complex then some treatment methods can be opted for.

Hormone use

It has been found out that some birth pills help in reducing the number of times a breast cyst would occur. But birth pills come with a lot of side effects. This is why they are not advisable to be used. So instead, hormone therapy can be used. But this is only recommended for women that have severe symptoms.


This is another good treatment option for removing breast cysts. But this is only used in unusual cases. For instance, if after a month a breast cyst recurs or if the fluid in the cyst is composed of blood. Then this can warrant surgery.

In any case, you don’t have to panic if you find out that you have breast cysts. Just talk to your doctor about it. That way they would give you the best option as to how to remove the breast cysts.

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