How Can I Increase My Breastmilk Fast?

Breastfeeding mom and thinking about how to increase breast milk fast? We got you covered! Here are some tips to help you increase breast milk supply.

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Mothers can find it challenging especially if their supply of breast milk is limited or in short supply. This is because breast milk is critical in order for babies to achieve optimal health and nutrition and for young children to develop and grow as they should. Low breast milk can be caused by a number of factors and some nursing mothers may feel stressed out or feel inadequate if they feel like they are not able to supply the needed breast milk of their offspring. Fortunately, there are some ways for mothers to naturally increase their breast milk production fast and effectively. In this article, we look at what the strategies are for increased breast milk production. Read on to find out! 

Breast Milk Production: A Brief Backgrounder

It is a fact that as responsible mothers, we only want what is best for our babies and with the science pointing out the importance of breast milk to babies and their development, it is no longer surprising that moms all across the world will look for ways to increase their production of breast milk. Some mothers may ask themselves questions such as am I doing something wrong resulting in reduced breast milk flow? Or how can I further enhance breast milk production?

These questions are indeed valid questions and fortunately for use, there are some ways to naturally improve breast milk production. 

Breast Milk Production: Some Tips To Increase Breast Milk Fast

Enumerated below are some of the tips to naturally increase breast milk fast:


The appropriate number in terms of the intake of fluids for individuals can be different from person to person but people are generally advised to drink at least eight  (8) glasses of water on a daily basis

Healthy and balanced diet

Mothers who do breastfeed will need extra calories- around 500 calories daily on average. During this stage, it is important that nursing mothers go for food items that are nutritious and those that can serve as a source of fuel and energy which include food items that are rich in protein such as oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurts with some added brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal, along with veggies and eggs. One additional bonus is that all of these food items have been reported by nursing mothers to actually improve and enhance their supply of breast milk.


Vitamin deficiency can lead to reduced supply breast milk and for nursing mothers, it is recommended that folic acid, iron, vitamin D, and calcium be consumed by the patient to ensure that breast milk supply is adequate and that breastfeeding sessions are fruitful.

Breastfeed more often

Babies that are nursing usually do not follow a certain schedule and more often than not they set their own feeding cycle. As such, mothers are advised to go with the flow of their milk and have the baby lead you in terms of feeding sessions particularly if the baby is still newly born. Lactation experts will usually recommend that nursing mothers observe on-demand feeding which means that when the baby shows signs of being hungry, then the baby should be fed. Obviously, this is not always an option for everyone especially if the nursing mom is working. It is also recommended that nursing mothers take care of their mental health. But if one is really in need of a breast milk boost, it is best that on-demand feeding is observed.

Breastfeed on each side fully

The system behind the production of milk is largely based on supply and demand and as a result, the more frequent the feeding of the baby occurs, the production of milk also increases. Once the breast is completely empty, it will then automatically inform the brain that there is a need to produce more milk. As an extra bonus, once the baby is able to fully empty one breast, the baby is able to get the fatty hindmilk and foremilk which is considered highly nutritious and beneficial for their overall health and development.

Lactation cookies

There is anecdotal evidence to support that lactation cookies can help some moms but even they are unable to, these lactation cookies are still delicious treats. People can prepare these cookies from the comfort of their own home or they can just buy these from a store. Of course, doing it homemade means that the ingredients used and the overall flavor may be modified based on the individual’s preference. Those who want to go for cookies that are ready-made, these cookies can be purchased from stores that sell baby products or one can always visit Amazon and other reputable online stores or sellers.

Lactation teas

Those who love to drink will love this idea or suggestion as nursing mothers can try making or brewing their own tea for better lactation. Further studies are needed to establish if the herbs used in these teas can really help in the boosting of supply levels of breastmilk. Still, these teas can be enjoyed for their flavor alone and are well worth it.

Galactagogues supplementation

For those who don’t want to drink tea and eat cookies, certain supplements known as galactagogues may be able to help. These herbs include brewer’s yeast, blessed thistle, and fenugreek and they can be taken as a form of a combo or on their own. On its own, fenugreek can have results that are mixed. Some women may claim that the best combination of these galactagogues is the combination of blessed thistle and fenugreek. However, people are advised to seek medical opinions and recommendations before staring with a particular supplementation routine. 

How to increase breast milk supply

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