Inverse Psoriasis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Inverse psoriasis is a condition that affects a person’s skin folds. It can exist in different locations like psoriasis under the breast. This condition usually exists in small patches as a rash that’s red, smooth, and shiny.

Ways to Treat Psoriasis Under Breast

There are various skin conditions that can affect the human skin including something called inverse psoriasis. This is a skin condition that causes the skin to look bright red and smooth. It can also cause moist skin. The rash that causes this condition isn’t dry or raised. This condition can affect different parts of the body like psoriasis under breast. It’s important to know facts about this skin condition like symptoms. This will help to determine if you have psoriasis or it’s something else. As with other conditions sometimes different skin issues have some of the same symptoms. This will help to provide the right treatments.

If you’ve been diagnosed with inverse psoriasis you can then pick among different kinds of treatments. They include ones like OTC creams, prescription drugs, and light therapy. These methods take a different approach to treating the condition. The key is to find the best treatment for your particular situation. That includes factors like which condition would be more effective for the under-breast location. There are several other possible factors like skin allergies that could be affected by applying creams, for example. Other factors could include being on a shoestring budget, which could affect the cost of your treatment.


What Exactly Is Inverse Psoriasis?

Let’s start with the basics. Psoriasis is among the immune system diseases that are in the category “autoimmune.” This disease causes the immune system to attack healthy cells instead of bad ones. In this situation, the skin cells simply reproduce too fast.

When this happens, it causes several visible symptoms on the patient’s skin. They include red patches, fluid-filled sores, and dry lesions. These symptoms can be tough to deal with.

The particular symptoms you experience can vary based on the kind of psoriasis you experience including the inverse variety. So, it’s important to know what this condition is all about. It will be easier to detect.

You might see this skin condition known by different diseases. However, they’re all the same kind of psoriasis that involves skin folds. It happens in areas of the body where there’s skin-to-skin contact. They include under breasts, underarms, or inner thigh area.

If you get inverse psoriasis then there’s a chance, you’ll have another kind as well. That includes other body parts. The inverse type usually involves small patches versus other varieties like “plaque” that causes dry/flaky skin.

The main symptom of inverse psoriasis is a red rash that’s shiny/smooth. However, it’s different from many other types of psoriasis. That’s because the rash isn’t dry or raised. If you observe those symptoms then it’s another kind.

There are various factors you might observe. They include irritation, itching, and moistness. Since the region is moist this can trigger other skin conditions like yeast infections. This differs from inverse psoriasis since it shows up on big areas underneath the patient’s skin folds.

If you observe signs of psoriasis it’s important to contact your doctor. He/She can conduct an examination and order tests to be run. This can help to determine exactly what’s causing the issue. These steps can help the physician determine the symptoms’ source.


Inverse Psoriasis under Breast: Causes and Treatments

This condition results from immune system problems. These cause all autoimmune diseases. This kind of psoriasis is caused by moisture/sweating and friction.

There are various causes and risks involved with this skin condition. For example, if you’re overweight then you have a higher risk of experiencing inverse psoriasis. It results from the body fat making extra skin and skin folds that are deeper.


Ways To Treat This Condition

Light Therapy

This is a kind of treatment that’s used for moderate/severe cases of inverse psoriasis. The fancy term for this treatment is “phototherapy.” The skin gets zapped with UVB rays that might slow down skin cell growth in psoriasis patients.

How does it work? There’s usually a lightbox that creates human-made UVB rays. Each session involves a set period of time for the UVB rays.

Topical Creams

This kind of medicine gets rubbed onto the patient’s skin. This is a “first-line” type of treatment for dealing with the condition. The main goal is to lower discomfort/inflammation in the affected areas. It’s important to pick the right medicine since you’re dealing with sensitive skin folds.

Besides OTC creams you can also use steroid creams. This can help to lower inflammation. However, strong chemicals can make the skin thin/sensitive. If you experience any skin thinning then your doctor will adjust your dosage and possibly change your meds.

You usually have to apply these meds during the morning after bathing then 1x just before going to sleep. There are various other prescription creams you can add to your skin.

Prescription Drugs

This includes something called “systemic drugs.” These are strong drugs. For example, there’s one type that tweaks how the immune system functions. Proteins block the immune system’s response. It prevents your body from getting attacked too much. That’s always a good thing!


Tips to Boost Immune System

Exercise more often

Make sure you’re doing strength training and cardio. It’s a good idea to do some light cardio every day if possible. You should also be doing either cardio or strength training workouts on most days of the week. These are outstanding for immune system-boosting.

Do you need a gym membership? Your workouts don’t even have to involve a home gym. There are ways to get in shape by doing more household cleaning, outdoor activities like hiking/fishing/hunting, or simply riding a bike to work/school (if it’s not on the other side of town).

Get more shut-eye

It’s important to get 7-9 hours of sleep most nights. Think of your body as a machine. Just like a smartphone/tablet won’t work well without a fully-charged battery you’ll get the same results if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

Eat healthy foods

Make sure to focus on antioxidants. These are mostly from fruits and vegetables. However, you can also get them from surprising sources. They include green tea and dark chocolate. There’s even a powerful antioxidant found in beef.

Make sure you’re eating well-balanced meals. Some of the latest trends are high-fat, low-carb, and no-grain. These are often fad diets. A better approach is options like the Mediterranean Diet that’s been keeping people healthy for thousands of years.

Avoid being overweight/obese

This is probably less obvious than others. However, when you’re obese it puts extra stress on your body’s systems. That can weaken your immune system because your body has fewer resources for battling bacteria, viruses, etc.

Quit smoking

If you smoke now then consider quitting ASAP. You could gradually swap out cigarette sticks. The key is to focus on putting out your last cigarette. Simply lighting a cigarette can produce 100+ toxic chemicals, which can be bad for psoriasis under the breast.

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