Best Lactation Supplements to Boost Milk Supply

Thanks to continuous innovations, there is now a long list of possible ways to solve the deficit in lactation.

Lactation Supplements

Lactation supplements do not only provide enough supply of milk for the babies. They also offer convenience to mothers. Just by choosing the right kind of supplement that will work best, babies won’t have to worry for milk shortage anymore.

Most especially for new moms, except for a few lucky ones who don’t stress out much for milk, always look for ways on how to increase their milk supply.

Thanks to continuous innovations, there are now a long list of possible ways on how to solve deficit in lactation.

Aside from all the herbal supplementation that you could see online, below is a list of all the best lactation supplements that could help increase a mother’s milk supply.

  1. New Chapter


Looking for a supplement that is kind on the tummy? New Chapter is the best option then. This supplement is perfectly made for new moms in order to boost milk supply, energy, and mood. It is also packed with postnatal vitamins and minerals. What makes this supplement unique is that it is made of fermented probiotics. This makes it easy and light for the tummy. The ingredients were also carefully chosen since manufacturers used organic ingredients such as turmeric, oats, and kelp.

  1. Mommy Knows Best


Mommy Knows Best Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek comes together with two potent herbs. Both are said to be effective in increasing milk supply. This supplement is said to be made for mothers who are sensitive to Goat’s rue. It also serves as a great option for those who are not much suited with other lactating supplement blends.

  1. Mommy Knows Best Nursing and Lactation Support


Mommy Knows Best Nursing and Lactation support is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in aiding lactation. Experts even suggest that they use quality ingredients such as Fenugreek extract, Fennel seed, Blessed thistle, and DHA. These make sure both the mother and the baby gets the essential nutrients that they need. It can also guarantee a hundred percent safety for the mom and the baby. With the decent amount of DHA it contains, it can also secure proper brain development for the baby. Some users of this brands also claim that they were able to notice an increase of supply in milk after 2 to 3 days of consumption.

  1. Motherlove More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsule


Based on the name itself, Motherlove is not just the typical lactation supplement. What makes this supplement a favorite of most mothers is because they were able to notice an increase in their milk supply in less than 24 hours. They even used organic ingredients which is important to secure the safety of the mom and the baby. Motherlove is even alcohol free which is also very important for a nursing mother.

  1. Mother’s Milk Tea


Aside from taking pills, there’s also a traditional way on how mothers could boost milk supply. With Mother’s Milk Tea, mothers won’t worry much since they used quality and organic ingredients for the product. Over the centuries, this tea has been used to promote lactation with the help of organic european herbs that are mixed up with the tea.

  1. Pink Stork True Milk


Pink Stork True Milk is made up of organic herbs which are said to promote milk supply and flow. It also helps makes the milk sweeter for the baby. This is because the herbs do not only boost milk supply but they also bring flavor to the milk.

  1. Maxi Health Nursing Support


What makes this supplement a go-to lactation aid is that it is purely organic it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. It is even formulated with high quality vitamins and herbs. These are said to be effective in promoting milk supply by boosting lactation in a natural way. It’s also vegetarian friendly since this supplement doesn’t contain any gluten formula, artificial flavors, food coloring, and preservatives.

  1. Pure Co. Organic Lactation Supplement


Using herbal products is truly beneficial and important for nursing moms. This is why Pure Co. was able to make it to the top list of the a mother’s favorite since it uses organic ingredients such as fenugreek, milk thistle, and fennel seed. For a safe choice, this supplement is really an excellent option. Mothers wouldn’t have to worry about her overall health and the baby’s development since Pure Co. makes sure they do not contain any synthetic ingredients that may harm na baby. Even vegan moms will love this Pure Co. lactation supplement!

How to choose the right lactation supplement?

Since it’s important to make sure of the infant’s safety at all cost, here are some tips we can provide on how to choose the right supplement:

  1. See a doctor – Before taking any kind of supplements, it is always best to talk to a doctor first. It could also be best to show the doctor the supplements that one is considering to take so he/she can have the ingredients and the nutrition facts checked.
  1. Examine ingredients – As mentioned above, the ingredients are important. It is better to make sure that the ingredients used in formulating the supplement are all high quality and organic to avoid side effects in the long run.
  1. Know how and how much to take – Understanding and knowing the right dosage, right way of consumption, and when to take the supplements is also important for a nursing mom.

How do lactation supplements work?

Most mothers ask support from lactation supplements because they have been proven to work effectively in increasing milk supply and flow. They work because these supplements are said to contain herbs and vitamins that are essential in increasing milk supply.

Although there are lactation supplements that can do all the work for mamas, swallowing a pill or drinking a tea isn’t the only solution for lactation problems. It is also best for the mother to regularly pump and breastfeed since these two are said to help promote milk production. It is also important for the mother to have a decent sleep and to make sure she keeps her body hydrated at all costs.

Lactation Supplements

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