Old Breast Implants: How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Even though breast implants do not expire there’s no guarantee that they will last for a long time.

Old Breast Implants and When to Replace Them

Perfection is one thing that many of us can’t attain. We try so hard and put in so much effort but still it isn’t perfect. Women clamor for perfection when it comes to their bodies. Women want that perfect size and shape. And because of this, there have been many surgeries that have been carried out on women. One happens to be a breast implant. Over the past few years, a breast implant has become quite popular. It has become popular all thanks to what people have to say about it. So, it is said that old breast implants can be dangerous to your health. When should you remove your breast implant? When do you know it needs replacement?

A breast implant is used to change the breast size of a woman. Some even do it to change the shape of the breast. For some, this is the only way they can feel very comfortable with their bodies. But for some, they want to have that natural-looking breasts after they have done a mastectomy. Different people have different reasons for doing breast implants. But the thing is that so many reports have been made as to the danger of breast implants. And this is why many women are worried if they are taking the right step or not when considering breast implants. Let’s take a better look at all you need to know about old breast implants.


How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Even though breast implants do not expire there’s no guarantee that they will last for a long time. For either the silicone or saline implants it could last as much as 10-20 years. But many people tend to remove it sooner due to some reasons. About 20% of people that do implants end up removing it after 8-10 years.

Many people remove theirs when they start to feel it’s about time it needs to be changed. There are certain symptoms that would help indicate that it’s about time you change the old breast implants. Let’s have a look at some of the signs you have to look out for.


Signs for Removing Old Breast Implants

Hardening: Some people start to notice a hardened tissue around the implant. It could be just one or both. And this could cause pain, tightness, tenderness and abnormal changes in the breast. For some people, the hardening might happen twice or more to that particular breast. If you notice any form of hardening you have to remove the breast implant.

Leakage and deflation: If there’s a hole or tear in a saline breast it would cause deflation. So the breast would begin to deflate like a balloon. When this happens the saline in the implant would start to leak out. And then the body starts to absorb it. The absorption could be either at once or over a couple of days. Deflation isn’t that obvious until the saline begins to leak. In the end, the size and shape of the breast are affected.

Silent rupture: This happens in silicone implants. The silicone gel is quite thick. It’s thicker than saline. When the implant ruptures the gel wouldn’t leak out. It would stay in the implant or the surrounding tissue. That’s why a rupture of a silicone implant can go unnoticed for a long time. Silent ruptures that happen are estimated to be around 2-12%. For some people the implant is immediate. While for some it would take about 10 years or even more.

Change in position: Even with breast implants sagging is still bound to happen. That’s because weight gain and loss of weight can cause sagging. For someone, breast might hang lower and the nipples might even point in a different direction. If you’re bothered about it then you can get a breast lift. If you aren’t so satisfied with a breast lift then doing another implant could work.

Palpability and rippling: Rippling is when your breast implant starts to develop wrinkles. Palpability is when you can feel those wrinkles when you touch the breast. For some people, these changes can be easily seen. If you see any form of wrinkling in your breast implant then you might want to consider changing the breast implant.


How to Increase Longevity of Implants?

People that have implants done commonly complain about the size and shape of the implants. This is normal. The preference of people would change over time. And they might not like that breast implant they once cherished. That’s understandable. But the best thing to do is to make sure that you pick a breast implant that when you look at it in 10-20 years you would still love it.

10-20 years is a long time if you think about it. But how are you going to keep using the implant for that long? How can you increase the longevity of the implants? Well, we have a few tips here for you.

The first thing is to look for a good surgeon. Don’t just do meet any random surgeon to get your implants done. Ask around from people that have done it. And ask for surgeons that can be trusted. Once your surgeon is a good one you wouldn’t have a problem using the implants for a long time.

The truth is that many of the problems that arise after some years are due to surgical errors. It could be because of damage done to the implant or improper positioning. So the main point is to get someone you can trust.

The second thing is to follow postoperative instructions. Usually, after the surgery has been done you would have to follow some instructions. These instructions are very important. Because in the long run, they affect how long the implants will last.

Go for regular checkups. Make sure your doctor is aware of any symptoms that you’re experiencing. You can go for regular MRIs. This would help check if there’s any form of rupture. With regular checkups, you can be sure that you might not need a replacement anytime soon.

It’s true that implants don’t have a lifetime guarantee. But they can still last for a long time. If you follow the tips above then you can be sure it would last a lot longer than you expect. And with that, you might not need a replacement anytime soon for your old breast implants.

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