Best Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are a good way to help you keep healthy during pregnancy.

OTC Prenatal vitamins

Being pregnant is one of the hardest situations in a woman’s life. They experience new and uncomfortable changes in their body. Sometimes their emotions towards themselves may also be affected. Some symptoms of being pregnant are tender breasts, headaches, constipation, mood swings, increase in weight, vomiting, and a lot more. They may also get tired easily. Pregnant women need to stay healthy by eating well, sleep right, exercising, and taking prenatal vitamins. Now, speaking of vitamins, are over the counter prenatal vitamins good for them?

There is nothing that can beat all natural vitamins, of course. However, a little help from prenatal vitamins is a great way to stay healthy during the hard stages of pregnancy. In this article, we’ll see if over the counter prenatal vitamins are good for pregnant women. We’ll also present some popular brands and explore what’s good about them.


What are Prenatal Vitamins?

If you like to get all the vitamins and minerals in just one capsule, then taking prenatal vitamins is a great option. These are small capsules or tablets that are composed of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They are designed to provide the essential sustenance of the mother and help the baby further develop. It is important to have and establish a balanced diet and exercise routine. However, partnering these essentials with prenatal vitamins will increase the chances of creating a nourishing environment for the baby.

These vitamins usually contain the following:

  • Folic acid, which is good to reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain and spine.
  • Calcium which is wonderful building nutrient for the bones and teeth.
  • Iron to avoid anemia and for the essential development of cellular functions.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid which helps a baby’s brain development.
  • Vitamin D for growth and strength.
  • Vitamin B12 & B6 for a healthy fetal nervous system and many more.

Prenatal vitamins come in different contents and forms. It’s better to ask medical consent from your doctor before consuming these vitamins to avoid complications.


Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamins, What Are the Best?

There are many prenatal vitamins out in the market and many great brands. All these vitamins focus on their contents that are available in every pharmacy. Checking what nutrients are in the vitamins is important and sometimes medical professionals will recommend prenatal vitamin brands for specifics. Here are some of the best prenatal vitamins out there:

  • Deva Vegan Prenatal Multivitamin

This vitamin has no artificial sweeteners that have standard levels of folic acid. It also has the most choline that is an important nutrient during pregnancy, where it develops liver and nerve function, brain development, and muscle movement. This product is very affordable and can be bought at ten dollars per bottle. A bottle contains ninety tablets, which you can take per day.

  • Garden of Life Prenatal Multivitamin

This vitamin has less folate (800mcg), less calcium (15mg), and iron (18mg) which are derived from organics and food-sourced nutrients. Food-based vitamins are great to take because they are easier on the stomach and are healthier because natural sources were used. This is a bit pricier as per bottle will cost you eighty dollars with one hundred eighty tablets, which you can take three times a day.

  • Honest Company Prenatal Multivitamin

This vitamin has more folate (650mcg), iron (27mg), calcium (200mg), Vitamin D, and iodine (200mcg) that is loaded up with all nutrient essentials for prenatal vitamins. Aside from its quality content, it also has a taste of that natural vanilla flavor with a large pill size. A bottle’s cost is twenty dollars that have 30 tablets which can be taken once a day.


Effects of Prenatal Vitamins

Bodies are different; some women take prenatal vitamins and get the feeling of being sick. Before buying a prenatal vitamin, it is best to consult a doctor or even ask for preferred prenatal vitamins so that complications will be avoided. The doctor will provide an assessment of the body condition and give their recommendation according to your body result. Some users of prenatal vitamins experience constipation, headaches, and heavy feeling as these vitamins are already taking effect on their body, and there is a mismatch on the content and body specifications, hence, experiencing negative effects.

With the right prenatal vitamins, these unusual feelings will change or won’t be experienced. In taking prenatal vitamins it should be dependent on the prescription of the doctor may it be for the entire pregnancy period or after the baby is born. In taking prenatal vitamins, it is a very good time to drink these tablets before fertilization as the body is already adjusting to the minerals and absorbing the nutrients in making you healthier.



Many prenatal vitamins are available over the counter, and with the internet, they are now easier to order, but there are also some prenatal vitamins that are only available by a doctor’s prescription. It is always a risk that taking inappropriate vitamins and intakes of synthetic vitamins can lead you and your baby to complications. It is best to consult and ask for further information to a doctor, and do a medical assessment on what is best for you and eventually your baby.

Eating healthy and doing regular exercise is still good for you and your baby. With proper nutrition from fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and others eating on a balanced diet will help you gain these minerals. And, adding regular exercise to your routine will strengthen your bones and make your muscles intact. Plus, regular exercise can sharpen your awareness and increase the movability.

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