How to Manage Pain After Getting Breast Implants?

Are you experiencing pain after breast implants? Studies show that about 40% of women experience pain after breast augmentation surgery. There are many causes including large implants, the position of implants, and whether the patient is a mother. These are just some of the various causes of breast pain. It’s important to know about them

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Are you experiencing pain after breast implants? Studies show that about 40% of women experience pain after breast augmentation surgery. There are many causes including large implants, the position of implants, and whether the patient is a mother. These are just some of the various causes of breast pain. It’s important to know about them before using methods to treat the pain. Since there are different causes you’ll want to deal with the pain in ways that specifically deal with the cause of pain. For example, women who have given birth might experience a buildup of mother’s milk due to breastfeeding.

There are several ways to deal with pain after having breast implants inserted. They include supportive bras, stretching exercises, and sometimes implant removal/replacement. In the case, the breast implant is cracked/leaking the best option might be to swap out the implant and possibly swap in a new one. As always, it’s important to talk to your doctor first about the best options. That can help you to pick the best treatment for breast pain after augmentation surgery. For example, you can go with traditional methods of treating pain or holistic (whole-body) options that don’t involve various options like prescription medicines.

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast implant/augmentation surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed today. Women have this surgical procedure done for various reasons. The most common reasons include wanting to change the size, shape, and texture of the breasts.

There are other reasons women opt to have this surgery. For example, while most procedures are done for cosmetic purposes there are also “constructive” breast implants that are sometimes part of breast cancer treatment. This is a different type of surgery than breast augmentation.

The two main kinds of breast implants are saline (saltwater) and gel. Both of these types of implants have a hard silicone shell. However, the difference is whether they’re filled with saltwater or gel.

Saltwater-filled implants are contained within a hard shell. The silicone shells are either pre-filled or filled during the implant surgery. Meanwhile, silicone implants are filled with silicone (elastic gel).

There are pros and cons to both kinds of breast implants. The silicone gel units are often described as having a more natural texture. However, when saltwater implants leak they can be absorbed by the bloodstream. That’s different from silicone gel implants, which must be removed immediately if they leak.

There are pros and cons of both saline and gel-filled implants. They include differences like the cost. This is based on factors like the implant type, doctor, and location. For example, gel-filled units are usually more expensive than saline-filled units. A doctors’ experience will also determine how much the procedure costs. Areas like cities and suburbs tend to provide cheaper implant surgeries versus rural areas.

It’s important to talk to your doctor about which option is best for you. This will also help to provide the best results. For example, in some cases, saline implants are better and in other cases, gel implants are better.

Pain after Breast Implants: Treatment Options


Do some light exercises or stretches including shoulder rolls or arm circles. This can help to stretch the chest muscle a little. After surgery does these exercises once every hour to prevent muscle shortening, which could cause discomfort.

Pain Pump

This is a device that provides medication that numbs the breast area automatically for 2 or 3 days. This is when such medicine is most important and can provide the most relief. The medicine added to the pump is usually over-the-counter.

One of the main benefits of this option is you can avoid the side-effects of prescription medicines. If you want to avoid the harsh chemicals in prescription medicines then it’s a good option.

Supportive Bra

Make sure you’re wearing a well-supporting surgical bra after the surgery. Another option includes Ace wrap or elastic bandage. This can help to reduce pain after breast implant surgery. This is a general approach you should take always but it’s especially important after breast augmentation/construction surgery.  


We usually think of this treatment for face-lifts. However, it can also help after breast implant surgery. Studies show that Botox injections during/after the surgery can help to reduce pain.

One caveat is more research is needed. A study review showed mixed results when Botox injections were used for breast implant surgery. Your doctor can provide more information about whether or not this is a good option for you.


After having this procedure a doctor will often prescription medicines to manage pain effectively. If the medication isn’t working effectively then you should contact your surgeon.

He/She might make tweaks to the dosage, prescribe you a new medicine, or provide other treatments to deal with post-operation pain. You should also inform your doctor of any side-effects you’re experiencing from current medicines. It’s another reason to consider other medicines to treat pain.

Causes of Pain after Breast Implant Surgery


Women who have given birth in the past or are now breastfeeding might also experience more pain after having breast implants. Studies show that giving birth can increase how much pain the mother experiences after having implants inserted.

This is due to “engorgement,” which involves a buildup of breast milk. This can cause various unwanted symptoms including pain. Make sure to talk to your doctor about this issue since it’s a critical one that’s also related to issues related to breast implants.

Scar Tissue

After having the surgery you might experience scar tissue that forms around the unit. This might be the cause of pain. It’s a normal symptom but can cause pain since the implant gets squeezed.

Other Surgeries

If you’ve had other surgeries in the best region then this could be another cause of post-op pain after breast implant surgery. It’s important to inform your doctor of all surgeries you’ve had in the past so he/she can determine if they might be causing pain after breast implant surgery.

Implant Position

When implants are inserted under the chest muscles this usually causes more pain post-surgery. It’s due to the more trauma is experienced by the tissues. When there’s less trauma/bleeding this reduces post-operation pain. Make sure to talk to your doctor about how much pain you should experience based on the type of implant surgery you’ll have done.

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