Pain Under Breast Implant Years After Surgery Explained

If you have breast implant surgery then you should expect the implants to last an average of 8 to 10 years. The actual lifespan of the units is based on different factors like the type and quality of the implants.

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Have you had breast implant surgery? If so, you might experience some symptoms after the medical procedure including pain under breast implant years later. This might be surprising. After having a saltwater/gel implant inserted the units usually last up to a decade or so based on factors like the type and quality. However, there’s a chance you could experience some issues. Studies show 6% to 16% of patients have implants removed due to pain. This can happen any time after the surgery although sometimes the pain occurs years after the surgery. It’s critical to maintain the implants properly and follow doctors’ orders to minimize the chance of problems.

Breast plants can last up to a decade before they have to be replaced. However, sometimes there are issues before then like leaking. This causes different effects on the body. For example, the body can absorb saltwater from saline-filled implants but can’t absorb the substance in gel-filled implants. The chance of issues increases over time. For example, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) reports the longer you have breast implants the more likely you are to experience symptoms like pain. Both gel and saltwater-filled units have a silicone shell. This part can also cause problems if it breaks.

Breast Implant Problems over Time 

If you have breast implant surgery then you should expect the implants to last an average of 8 to 10 years. The actual lifespan of the units is based on different factors like the type and quality of the implants. These are key features.

In the early 2000s, the USA’s government reported that patients are more likely to have problems over time. Most women get implants for cosmetic reasons. However, some get breast implants as part of their breast cancer treatment.

Patients usually have the implants taken out within a decade. However, cancer patients are more likely to have them removed sooner. This is based on various studies.

For several years, silicone-gel implants were only allowed when saltwater-filled units weren’t an option. However, that changed when the FDA decided that the gel-filled implants didn’t cause any major health issues. However, the government agency pointed out there are possible side-effects including pain and broken implants.

In 1992 the FDA made silicone-gel implants illegal. This was due to some worries that could cause various serious diseases including cancer. However, after research was done the gel-filled plants became available again in 2006. Implant makers were required to keep studying patients to find out the long-term effects.

These issues can be related to both units filled with saltwater and gel. Surgeons inform their patients about the possible risks involved with the implants. They explain that it’s required because it’s important for patients to know the possible results of getting breast implants.

Studies show that in the US breast implants are the most common kind of cosmetic surgery. Both gel and saltwater-filled types are popular among patients. The FDA reported up to 40% of implant patients who get them for cosmetic purposes will require another surgery within a decade. This is done for various reasons like fixing or removing the units.

What Causes Pain Under Breast Implant Years Later?

Every year over 400,000 American women/teens have a surgery called breast augmentation. Three-quarters are done for healthy breasts while one-quarter is done for reasons like breast cancer. After the surgery, there are various possible issues caused by factors like silicone shells breaking.

It’s possible for implants to last up to about 15 years. However, the average lifespan is about 8 to 10 years. However, some women have reported their implants have caused major disease including rheumatoid arthritis.

The issue is a continuous debate. For example, the FDA has reported that there’s no link between breast implants and immune system diseases. However, some studies seem to suggest that breast implant illness (BII).

Here are some symptoms to watch out for after your breast implant surgery:

  • Broken/leaking shell
  • Folds/creases in implant
  • Rotating implant
  • Wrinkling implant
  • Severe infection
  • Damage to nipples’ nerves
  • Breast milk supply
  • Another operation
  • Hardened breast tissue

If you observe several of these symptoms then there’s a greater chance that you’re experiencing BII. This is actually a type of cancer that’s connected to breast implants. It’s very rare but some women who underwent surgery for breast implants sometimes get it.

This cancer is known as ALCL. Most of the time it shows up many years after the breast implants have been inserted. The symptoms include breast swelling where an implicant is located.

In these situations, fluid is located surrounding a patient’s implant. Tests must be run to detect if there are cancer cells located in the region. If the test results are positive then the patient has ALCL.

There’s a related issue. Women who have breast implants will also get less accurate mammograms. These are X-ray tests to check for cancer cells in the breast. Other images might be required in order to check breast implant patients for cancer. These are some complications related to tests for breast cancer.

Top Foods for Natural Breast Augmentation

Cow’s Milk

Here’s another food that might help with natural breast augmentation. Studies show that cow’s milk can affect hormones like estrogen and others, which boosts milk production in women. If you’re looking for good food for bigger breasts then one of the best options might be cow’s milk.


Foods like walnuts, cashews, and almonds are all good sources of healthy fats. They can help keep you full since fat has 2x more calories than carbs/protein. They might help to boost breast size due to the healthy fat and protein they contain.

Tree nuts can also provide other health benefits. They’re good for heart health and boost brain function. Nuts can also be used as a snack or sprinkled on foods like salads. This will add some extra flavor and crunch to your food.

Green Leafy Vegetables

You can leafy greens for more than “green juice.” These foods are high in various nutrients like iron and calcium. They’re another food to consider if you want to increase breast size.

It’s very easy to add these foods to your diet including Caesar salad, spinach casserole, and homemade V8 juice. You’ll also get lots of fiber for better digestion.


It’s a large tropical fruit that’s high in nutrients like Vitamin C. In fact, there are several beauty products with papaya extract. Papaya and milk are claimed to be some of the best foods for breast augmentation. So, you could combine them for a healthy and tasty snack that’s a lot cheaper than breast implant surgery.


Soybean products like soy milk are high-protein. It also includes other benefits like substances called “isoflavones” that might help to increase breast size. Soybeans are also helpful for boosting a woman’s estrogen levels. It’s a safe and effective way you can avoid pain under breast implant years later.

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