Positive Pregnancy Test: Understanding the Results

The urine pregnancy test is pretty much accurate when done correctly. Presence of hCG is the main indicator of a positive pregnancy test.

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For common folks like us, there are two kinds of pregnancy tests; the first one is the urine pregnancy test and the second one is the blood pregnancy test. The first one is pretty much basic, you can do it at the comforts of your home but the second should be taken from a doctor’s appointment. The main indicator of a positive pregnancy test is the presence of what they call the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. The hCG becomes present in your system once the fertilized egg attaches itself into your uterine walls.

The Urine Pregnancy Test

The urine pregnancy test can be dubbed as the most convenient and simple pregnancy test of all time. You can do it wherever, in the hospital, the comfort room, and many more. You can also purchase a urine pregnancy test in drugstores at a reasonably cheap price. Before performing the urine pregnancy test, you will have to read the label carefully and the instructions included within.

The most basic way of getting your urine pregnancy test done is by peeing into a cup and then letting the suction tube, suck the urine contents. Then, carefully squeeze the suction tube to release the urine contents into the place where your urine should be in the pregnancy test contraption. Do not drown the whole device with your urine, just wet it enough to spread on the whole patch area. Lastly, wait up to two to three minutes before looking into the indicator.

If the indicator yields, two red lines, that means you are positively pregnant, but if it only shows one red line, then you are not pregnant. The timespan of waiting before looking up in the indicator might differ for each urine pregnancy test product. The signals and symbols indicating the positivity and negativity of your urine pregnancy test differ too. For some, it will be red lines or a plus/minus sign, or a phrase which says, pregnant or not pregnant.

Remember that all of these urine pregnancy test products come with instructions whether written on the outside package or a separate sheet within. Make sure to read them all before performing the test because each product has a unique mechanism in them.

When is the Most Opportune Time of Taking Your Urine Pregnancy Test?

The ideal time for doing your urine pregnancy test is the first day of your missed period and the succeeding days after that. There urine pregnancy test devices though that can be taken before your missed period day, these devices are more sensitive in detecting hCG compared to other urine pregnancy test devices.

The Accuracy of Urine Tests

The urine pregnancy test is pretty much accurate with the rate averaging to 97%. 97% is pretty high, and when done correctly, the urine pregnancy test accuracy rate might be higher than 97%.

If the urine pregnancy test is taken early than the intended period or if it is done incorrectly or if the device is somehow broken, the urine pregnancy test might render inaccurate results. To add to the accuracy rate of the urine pregnancy test, read the instructions carefully before doing the urine pregnancy test and do it in the ideal time.

Blood Tests

There is another way of finding out whether you are pregnant or not and it is through a blood test. There are varying kinds of blood tests. These blood tests are called the quantitative blood test and the qualitative blood test.

The quantitative blood test simply measures the level or number of hCG in your blood, and the qualitative blood test simply answers the question of whether you are pregnant or not.

What Are the Positive Raps About Blood Tests?

Blood tests in a qualitative manner can count your hCG, and this is quite helpful for your doctors if, along the way of your pregnancy journey, you encounter medical problems.

What Are the Bad Raps About Blood Tests?

  1. Blood tests are comparatively more expensive than the other pregnancy medical tests;
  2. It might be longer than the usual to get your test result;
  3. It has no privacy in a way because you still have to go to a doctor’s office.

What Are the Other Questions About Pregnancy Tests?

If my home urine pregnancy result shows or says positive, does it technically rules in that I am pregnant?

In general and most of the time, yes, it is positive that you are pregnant. There are several factors that play as to the accuracy of the urine pregnancy test. These factors will depend on the product itself and the brand whether it is working properly or not and your way of using it.

1. If the Urine Pregnancy Test Says or Shows Negative, Am I Not Pregnant?

In a sense and through some anecdotal it can be said that urine pregnancy tests that say negative are more inaccurate than the ones that say positive. There is that kind of dynamic because a negative pregnancy has a lot of factors that can easily go wrong within the process. You might have taken it too early, or there are not enough hCG hormones in your body. Other than that, the product might not be working properly or you yourself might have done something wrong in the process of doing the urine pregnancy test.

2. The Earliest and Still Accurate Time to Take Your Urine Pregnancy Test

If you are a tad impatient in knowing whether you are pregnant or not, the next sentences will let you know when is the earliest time that you can take a urine pregnancy test but still get the most accurate result. The earliest that you can have an early urine pregnancy test is 14 days from possible conception.

3. What If the Urine Pregnancy Tests Have Different Answers?

There is no way to answer this question by to straight up get an appointment to a doctor and have your blood test done. This is so to avoid confusion and be done with the anxiety of waiting already.

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