Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy: Benefits and Safety

Raspberry leaf , called “woman’s herb” by some, offers plenty of health benefits to women.

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Raspberry leaf tea may be considered by women who are pregnant. What are the possible benefits and safety concerns for the use of raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy?

Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

A plant native to certain parts of Asia and the European Continent, raspberry has been recognized with excellent nutritional value. Its leaves contain elevated amounts of nutrients and are utilized to craft various products with medicinal benefits.

For many years, raspberry has always been used to address a multitude of different health conditions. Some even use it to induce contraction among pregnant women.

Health Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea

As stated earlier in the article, raspberry leaves has a lot of health benefits. Listed below are some of them:

High Levels of Antioxidants and Nutrients

Evidence suggests that as far as mineral and vitamin content, raspberry leaves ranks high up there on the list of healthy food items. It can provide a number of key and important minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin C, B Vitamins, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. The most notable content, however, is its prominent antioxidant component.

The leaves of the red raspberry include polyphenols such as flavonoids and tannins. Both flavonoids and tannins can aid and assist the body from cell damage. Raspberry leaves also have ellagic acids which can help individuals in neutralizing cancer-causing carcinogens. Evidence also shows that these ellagic acids may also help in cancer cell management and destruction. Further research is required to establish the actual cancer-fighting properties of raspberry leaves but the initial data on the health benefits of raspberry leaf tea is looking positive.

Whatever the case though, the raspberry leaves nutritional profile is in itself, a really good indication of how healthy the leaves can be.

Health Benefits Specific to Women

Raspberry leaf , called “woman’s herb” by some, offers plenty of health benefits to women. Research suggests that women may find relief from diarrhea, nausea, cramping, and vomiting which are all caused by premenstrual symptoms or PMS.

There is no exact recommended dose for red raspberry leaf tea but taking in some may help improve the symptoms experienced by women during menstruation. In addition, 28 grams or an ounce of red raspberry can provide Iron in the amount of 3.3 milligrams which makes up around eighteen percent (18%) of the daily recommended dose for females whose age ranges from 19 to 50. Sufficient Iron can help women fight off anemia especially during menstruation.

Prenatal Health

Midwives have been known to use raspberry leaf tea and other herbal teas to help fight against the negative effects of labor and pregnancy. Some use it all throughout their pregnancy to help against vomiting and nausea during the first three months.

Shorter Labor Time

Women have claimed that taking raspberry leaf tea helped in shortening labor time. Fragarine is a compound found in raspberry leaves, has been known to strengthen the muscles in the pelvis and the uterus walls.  This makes it easier and shorter for women to give birth or to go on labor. One study noted that women who took it experienced the second stage of labor to be shorter by around 9.59 minutes.

Helps Decrease Complications During Childbirth

Studies show that drinking this tea can result in fewer complications and issues during labor and childbirth. Women who regularly consumed it during the late stages of pregnancy experienced an 11% reduction in the possible use of forceps.

Safety Concerns of Raspberry Leaf Tea

Based on available evidence, a raspberry leaf tea is safe for most people. Similar to other teas, it may have laxative properties which may result in the loose stool for certain individuals.

Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

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