Real Olive Oil Brands: Top 11 Authentic Brands

Unsure if your olive oil is real or not? Check out the top 11 real olive oil brands available in the market below.

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People look for food products that they can use to bring out the true flavor of their foods without resorting to any artificial additive or chemical ingredients. One such item is Olive Oil.  People should be cautious though, as there are olive oil brands that claim to be authentic, when in fact, they are loaded with other artificial additives or ingredients. In this article, we will look at the top 11 authentic olive oil brands available in the market today.

Olive Oil Authenticity: A Brief Backgrounder

Individuals might assume that the label says it all but that is not necessarily true especially for olive oils. It is safe to say that not all olive oil products are created equal and that is all due to their supposed authenticity. There was a study conducted to check the olive oil scam or fraud in the market and this mainly driven by the desire of people to find out and identify which olive oils are really extra virgin. People were shocked when the results came back and it showed that some olive oils were actually not authentic ones but that they are not virgin at all. This became known as the olive oil scam or fraud and it affected a lot of individuals who wanted to take advantage of the health benefits of olive oil only to find out that their olive oil is a scam or a fake. Fortunately, further research was conducted to check on which olive oil brands are authentic and really extra virgin. 

What are the Top 11 Real Olive Oil Brands

The authentic or real olive oil brands listed in this article have all been confirmed to have passed the standard of being an authentic EVOO or extra virgin olive oil. Most of these brands are available for purchase online and some even offer the convenience of being delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. Enumerated below are some of the said authentic olive oils:

1. Bariani Olive Oil

This brand of extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered, decanted, cold-pressed and stone crushed extra virgin olive oil from California. The company behind the aforementioned olive oil brand has committed to providing its customers with raw EVOO or extra virgin olive oil. In fact, this olive oil is even recommended by Weston Price.

2. Corto Olive Oil

Corto Olive Oil is another olive oil brand that passed the authentic standard of being an extra virgin. It is also readily available and conveniently accessible since it can sometimes be procured from Costco.

3. Cobram Estate

This is one of the most famous olive oil brands in Australia and is one of the most awarded olive oil from the said continent. This is not surprising as it is also one of those olive oil brands that have been determined to be authentic.

4. California Olive Ranch

California Olive Ranch is an olive oil brand that is available on the Amazon website for around 26 dollars. It has numerous positive ratings from customers and has also been identified as one of the authentic olive oil brands available in the market at present. Most reviews described the above-mentioned brand as having a fine quality and that people are actually getting what they paid for. One reviewer even noted that this authentic olive oil had a yummy flavor due to its fruity and nutty flavor. 

5. Kirkland Signature Organic Olive Oil

Similar to California Olive Ranch, Kirkland Organic Olive oil is readily available online via the The two (2) liter olive oil variant fo Kirkland organic retails for around 27 dollars exclusive of shipping. Kirkland Organic Oil also has impressive customer reviews numbering in around six hundred plus comments from satisfied customers. People call Kirkland as the real deal, undiluted olive oil and as a product that is simply good-tasting with a price that can’t be beaten.

6. Lucero Asolano

Described as bursting with flavor, this authentic olive oil can bring out the best in any dish with its flavorful addition.

7. McEvoy Ranch Organic

This authentic olive oil is known to have a strong Italian leaning in terms of flavor, bringing out the grassy and fresh taste of this oil.

8. Ottavio

This authentic olive oil comes in a 68 fl oz bottle and has also gathered a few positive comments from satisfied customers. Reviews mostly focused on how the said olive oil brand is conveniently packed and how it can provide a nice flavor that can be used to make delicious salads.

9. Omaggio

What’s unique about this Olive oil brand is that it doesn’t hold back in terms of displaying its acid content or levels. This is an indication that Omaggio is indeed full of good stuff.

10. Whole Foods California 365

Often described as olive oil that is robust and full-bodied, Whole Foods California 365 real olive oil is a perfect option for those who wish to go or are already observing the vegan diet

11. Olea Estates 100% extra virgin Olive oil

One of those olive oils that can be considered as number one (1) in a lot of people’s olive oil lists, Olea Estates 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one o the most reliable and authentic extra virgin olive oil or EVOO available in the market at present. This may be due to the fact that the aforementioned olive oil brand is grown in a family farm located in Greece which means quality control is the topmost priority. With this great quality product, it is not surprising to encounter claims from satisfied customers stating that Olea Estates 100% extra virgin olive oil is one of the best tasting authentic olive oils available today.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Runner ups

Aside from the Top 11 authentic brands of olive oil listed above, here are four (4) more that have been identified as authentic olive oil material:

  1. Bertolli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil- This olive oil brand is produced from olives that are organic using farming standards that are also considered organic. This specific olive oil has received numerous global awards in different competitions in connection with olive oil products.
  2. Cobram Estate- Similar to Bertolli Virgin Olive Oil, Cobram Estate received the award for best olive oil of 2016
  3. Chacewater California ExtraVirgin Olive Oil- This authentic olive oil product won the best olive oil of 3015
  4. Ellora Extra Virgin Olive Oil- A brand considered to be one of the best and even recognized by EU standards in terms of authenticity.

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