Sex After Breast Implants: Is It Safe?

Sex after breast implants is safe if it is not done immediately. Your body still needs time to heal and certain complications can arise if you go ahead to have sex right after your implants.

Sex After Breast Implants: Is It Safe?

Having a breast implant is a whole new experience. Your body shape is now altered and for many, it will take a while to adjust to the whole new look. Normally, you and your partner are eager to jump right into bed to play with the new addition. You both probably have heard stories of how exciting and different the sex after breast implant is and can’t wait to have your personal experience. However, it is advisable not to move too fast as your body has just gone through major surgery and needs time to heal. Certain complications can occur if you rush into having sex after breast implants.

For the first few days after surgery, your incisions can easily get infected. Also, a minimal amount of physical activity could cause the incisions to bleed. It is usually recommended that in the two weeks following your breast implant you should let your body rest as much as possible. This means that you would have to postpone sex while healing.

Possible Complications of Rushing Coitus 

Here are some of the complications that could arise if you have sex immediately after a breast implant:

  • Your wound can get disrupted
  • The implant placement may be disrupted
  • The stitches could be damaged
  • You might be at risk of hematoma due to increased heart rate

Hematoma is a medical term that is used here to describe the accumulation of blood around the implant.

Now don’t get scared and wonder if you will ever get to have sex without being at risk of any of the above-mentioned complications. I want you to understand that sex after breast implants is safe but it should not be done immediately. And there are certain approaches that you should take once you resume your active sex life.

How To Approach Sex After Breast Implants

1. Be gentle for six weeks

Once the recommended two weeks of no sex after breast implants are over you would probably be eager to get back into the bedroom. But you must be prepared to take it slow and have your spouse begin with some light touching.

At this time having an elevated heart rate would not put you at risk but you must move at a pace that is comfortable for you. Communicate with your partner, let him know what feels good and what you are not ready for. If possible you can put on a bra or sports bra as a reminder to both of you to handle “the girls” gently. The implants could potentially be dislodged if treated roughly.

2. Do not bounce for twelve weeks

Your energy would return as the weeks go by and the initial tenderness of your breasts will go away. The breast pain you felt after the surgery would most likely have gone completely and you would probably feel ready for more heated activities in the bedroom.

However, if things begin to get rough then you might want to keep wearing that sports bra. The tissues in your breast are still adjusting to the implants and too much bouncing could cause the implants to stretch the skin and make a sagging appearance. Now that would be sad and we don’t want that so it’s better to avoid excessive bouncing for at least twelve weeks following the surgery.

3. Be ready for some unexpected changes.

There are stories of women whose nipple sensations decreased after having a breast implant. This is not a general case as some women do not go through this experience. There are also stories of women who experienced increased nipple sensation after having breast implants. If you fall into the category of people who experience reduced or loss of nipple sensitivity do not jump to the conclusion that your sex life won’t be as enjoyable as before. The twist here is that you might even enjoy sex more after your breast implant.

Why? Well, one research discovered that a significant percentage of women find it easier to reach orgasm after having breast augmentation. The reason why this happens is not exactly clear and may not be the same for all women. However, we are aware that a person’s experience in the bedroom can be hindered by insecurities.

You will most likely experience enhanced confidence as a result of your breast implant. Whether that leads to easier or better orgasms…well, you won’t know until you try.

How You Should Deal it Better Next Time?

It is good that you are taking out time to find out about how having a breast implant affects your sex life. As mentioned earlier having sex after a breast implant is safe as long as you allow your body time to heal, preferable for two weeks. Everyone’s body is unique and your healing time might be different from this specified time.

Some women would take longer than two weeks before they can engage in any form of sexual activity. Especially if they are still in pain or on pain medications. Anyway, it is advisable to report back to the surgeon if you notice that your breast pain continues after a long period. It might be that a complication associated with the surgery has set in and you need immediate medical attention.

Some women might feel ready for sexual activities right after the first week of the procedure. As much as you think or feel ready it is safe for you to allow the recommended two weeks to pass by before engaging in any form of sexual activities. Your body is still getting used to the latest addition and you might want to give it time to familiarize yourself. Also, remember that you are at risk of having high blood pressure if you physically exert yourself after having these implants.

Sex is an activity that involves two people, you and your spouse, therefore it is necessary that your partner is enlightened about all these complications, pros, and cons that come along with the breast implant. You would need his support and understanding through this journey. And both of you can come to an agreement that will be beneficial to your health and well being. It is good that you enjoy safe sex after breast implants.

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