Sharp Pain After Breast Augmentation Explained + Management Tips

Breast augmentation is all about increasing the size of the breast. Many people opt for it for different reasons.

Sharp Pain After Breast Augmentation Causes

Breast augmentation is a procedure used for increasing the size of the breast. It’s also called augmentation mammoplasty. In this procedure breast implants are placed under the chest muscles or tissue in your breast. Breast augmentation comes with a lot of things. It comes with pain and swelling. So if you experiencing a sharp pain after breast augmentation it’s a normal thing. Swelling is actually a means with which the body heals. It’s actually like a means of protection to the tissues that have been damaged. Pain as well is a normal body response to the process. We’ll be looking at what’s normal when it comes to pain after breast augmentation.

The truth is that pain is one thing many of us can’t deal with. People say that the more you’re exposed to something, the more familiar you get with it. But this isn’t the case with pain. No matter how much pain we’ve gone through at different times the pain is still not familiar. It comes with an unpleasant feeling. And all you want is for that feeling to disappear. Another thing is that there are different types of pain. And these different types come with different severity. This is why handling pain might not be as easy as it seems. That’s why we’ll be taking a look at how you can manage the pain that comes after breast augmentation.


Sharp Pain After Breast Augmentation

As mentioned earlier, sharp pain after breast augmentation is a normal thing. Usually, the chest would feel sore and tight after the procedure. Also, there’s a possibility that the ribs right under your breasts might also feel sore.

Normally, the surgeon would try to help manage the pain after the surgery is complete. The surgeon would do any of these:

  1. Injecting local anesthetic to places that are affected
  2. Administer the use of pain pump, this would help with relieving pain in places where the incision was made
  3. Prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and also muscle relaxers to help reduce pain

It’s expected that 2-3 days after the surgery, all you would need would be over the counter painkillers.

The sharp pain in the breast could last for quite a long time. Usually, sharp pain can be felt at the nipples, all around the breasts and also the site of the incision. The pain is would start in the first few weeks after the augmentation. And it could last for as long as 6 months or even longer.

The main cause of sharp pain in the breast is as a result of nerve pain. During augmentation, the nerves in the breast are stretched. And for the nerves to heal it would cause pain. That’s why you experience that sharp pain.

Is it possible that the pain can be unbearable? Well, maybe. But this is not so common. The pain would actually begin to subside after a few days. So you should be able to bear the pain. But if that’s not the case then you have to speak to your surgeon.

It’s important to contact your surgeon immediately if you have any of these:

  1. If you have a fever
  2. If the medication has no effect as to reduce the pain
  3. If the breasts feel hot to touch or if they are engorged


Reasons for the Pain

There are a few things that can affect the severity of the pain. It could either be from you or as a result of the surgery. They are:

Size of the implants

The bigger the size of your implants, the greater the pain you would experience after the surgery.

Position of the implants

The fewer tissues are affected by the lesser the pain. That’s why implants placed under chest muscles tend to hurt more. That’s because a lot of muscles are traumatized. And this increases the amount of pain a person feels.

If you’re a mom

So according to reports, women that have gone through childbirth experience less pain. At the same time, their recovery rate is a lot faster than women that have not given birth before.


How to Manage the Pain?

You now know that have sharp pain is normal. So what’s next? How can you manage the pain? Well, this a great question. Normally, surgeons would prescribe some medications for you. These medications are to help reduce the pain. But there are times that the medications wouldn’t have much of an effect. When this is the case you can consider opting for other options like:

Pain pump

This is a device that helps out in delivering medication to sites that are affected. This is very effective for relieving the pain after the first few days. Many people use over the counter medications together with this pump.

Support the breasts well

It’s advisable that after the surgery you would opt for surgical bras. An elastic bandage can also be used. This goes a long way in reducing the sharp pain.

Simple exercises

There are certain simple exercise routines like stretching that can help relieve pain. Do exercises that can stretch the muscles around the chest and breast. When you do this the muscles expand more and stretch. And this reduces the pain.

Request for Botox form your surgeon

According to research, people that received Botox either before or after their surgery didn’t experience that much pain. So, Botox can be a great tool as to curbing pain after breast augmentation. The thing though is that more study is needed as regards the effect of Botox after breast augmentation.

When going for breast augmentation it’s important to prepare yourself. There are certain things that would happen during the procedure. And some would happen after the procedure just like the sharp pain. It’s important that you know the steps to take when they happen. Also, when you have an idea of what to expect you wouldn’t panic when you start experiencing these symptoms.

So before you dive into breast augmentation do a bit more research and be ready. Be ready to go through things like sharp pain after breast augmentation.

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