Sharp Pain Under Left Breast On Men: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

Men can also experience sharp pain under left breast. It might seem like a heart attack but there are several possible causes. They include fluid buildup, lack of oxygen, and digestion problems.

Man holding chest due to pain

Are you a man experiencing sharp pain under left breast? Both men and women can experience chest pain and it can happen on either or both sides. Heart attacks are more common among middle-aged men than women. If you feel pain in the chest area it’s important to get it checked out. It can be due to a wide range of problems related to digestion, fluid buildup, or lack of oxygen. People often link chest pain on the left side of the chest with heart attacks. It can actually appear on the center or left side but sometimes chest pain isn’t a symptom. It’s important to know the signs/symptoms since these are serious events.

Like other kinds of breast pain, it’s important to treat the cause of the pain effectively. Hot drinks, apple cider vinegar (ACV), and turmeric milk can help with mild symptoms. However, if the pain is severe or long-lasting it’s important to have a medical professional check it out. This is especially true if you’ve had a history of pain around the left side of the upper body and especially under the chest muscle. It’s better to be on the safe side and find out the likely cause of the sudden/pain.

What Causes Pain on Left Side of Body?

In some situations, men experience pain on one side of the body. This can include different kinds of pain including the cheat, ribs, stomach, arms, or legs. The pain can be a sudden/acute pain or long-lasting/chronic pain. However, some pains only appear on one side of the body.

The pain can show up in different body parts. Sometimes it’s one body part/area like under the left chest. However, other times it happens on the whole side of the body including the neck, shoulder, arm/hand, back, and leg/foot.

We often think of pain as a bad thing. However, it’s the body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right. This can involve mild or severe problems. It’s important not to ignore the pain and especially if it’s severe or long-lasting. In both situations, it could be a sign that you’re experiencing a serious health problem.

There are various issues to consider when you experience body pain on one side. Where is the pain? Is it mild, moderate, or severe? Does it come and go or it continuous? These issues are critical to helping your doctor figure out what’s likely causing the problem.

Sometimes the pain doesn’t happen on the entire left side of the body, for example. It might appear on the left side of the chest. It also might appear in a region under the left chest including the rib cage or abdomen. The key is to get it checked out so you’ll know exactly what’s causing the pain.

There’s a wide range of general issues that can trigger the pain. One of the most serious ones is a heart attack. There are other heart-related issues, digestion problems, and spleen/pancreas/kidney. Your doctor can provide a checkup and order tests to determine the exact cause of the sharp pain based on the results.

Sharp Pain Under Left Breast: Possible Causes


There’s a thin fluid-filled membrane that protects the chest. Sometimes it can become inflamed because of infection or the immune system attacks healthy cells. This condition can cause sharp pain under the left chest. There can also be a pain in the shoulders and it might worsen when taking deep breaths.


This happens when the stomach’s lining gets inflamed. Sometimes there are no symptoms. However, some of the possible ones include burning pain beneath the left breast. There might be other symptoms like sickness, bloating, and vomiting.


This happens when the heart muscle doesn’t receive enough oxygen. This can cause pain in the under-left breast region. In other situations, it happens in the middle of the chest. Other symptoms include discomfort in the:

  • Jaw
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Shoulders

The pain is often similar to indigestion and can include symptoms like nausea, sweating, and breathing problems.


This results in stomach acid moving up the food pipe. It results in a burning feeling in the chest and throat. Sometimes there’s also pain under the left chest. Stomach acid problems and indigestion can also be a symptom.

Sometimes heartburn turns into GERD. This happens when a person experiences acid reflux 2+ times weekly.


Sometimes pain in this region can indicate a heart issue including a heart attack. In most cases, pain from heart attacks happens in the center of the chest. In some cases, it doesn’t cause any pain at all. However, there are some cases when pain under the left breast is a sign of a heart attack.


This involves pancreas inflammation. The acute version can include major pain in the under-left chest region. Other possible symptoms include easy bruising, vomiting/nausea, fever.

The chronic version is long-lasting and becomes worse as time passes. Symptoms include pain under left chest and possibly back, LBM, vomiting, and nausea.

Home Remedies for Digestion-Caused Chest Pain

If you have pain in the under-left breast region that’s caused by muscle strains, digestion problems, or anxiety you can treat them with some home remedies:

  • Aspirin: This might help to treat under-chest pain. The pain reliever can help to treat mild cases of heart pain.
  • Hot drinks: This treatment might help to reduce digestion problems caused by bloating. It can also help to improve digestion. Studies show that options like herbal tea can be helpful to deal with bloating. Hibiscus tea, in particular, might help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. These benefits might also help to prevent heart-related issues.
  • Garlic: Many people believe that minced garlic with warm milk can help to deal with chest pain. However, another option is to chew garlic pieces to get the most benefits. Studies show that garlic might help to reduce plaque buildup in arteries and reverse heart disease.
  • ACV: Apple cider vinegar is a popular folk remedy that might help to treat heartburn. Studies show that drinking it before/after meals could help to fight off acid reflux. There’s little scientific proof this works.
  • Cold pack: Muscle strain from causes like injuries and exercise often causes heart/chest pain. Applying an ice pack is a common method to stop the pain and reduce swelling.
  • Baking soda: This can be added with either cool or warm water. This alkaline drink might help to reduce stomach acid that’s causing the under-chest pain. One recent study shows that baking soda might treat heartburn effectively but provide overall negative benefits for the heart muscle.
  • Almonds: An alternative to almonds is almond milk. Some studies show that almonds might help to prevent heart disease. They can help to boost overall health. It’s important to eat a moderate amount since the high-fat content could actually worsen acid reflux when treating sharp pain under the left breast.

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