Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Slimming belts were introduced to the market as an effortless way to burn body fats. However, were they effective?

tummy tuck belt reviews

Nowadays, many people desire to get that perfect figure. There are those who involve themselves in extreme diet regimens, get physical with exercises, and some even reach the level of engaging in cosmetic surgery such as liposuction. After all, who wouldn’t want to get physically fit and look slim at the same time? That way, you can wear any clothes you want and look good in them.

But did you know that there is another possible alternative for getting slim? This procedure specifically aims to give the person a slimmer waistline. The items that are used for this slimming method are called girdles or slimming belts and there is a well-known brand of these which are one of the common go-to brands of slimming belt lovers – the Tummy Tuck Belt.


About Slimming Belts

Even before slimming belts were a thing, it became customary for women to wear something similar to those belts which are called girdle.

First of all, the word girdle specifically pertains to belt; and before it was even called a girdle, it was once known as the corset.

The corset was widely used by both men and women during the Victorian era the most. For women, the common purpose of the use of a corset is for aesthetic purposes. Meaning, during that time women, desired to get what they thought was the perfect figure for women. The girdle (or corset as they call it that time) supports and enhances the waistline of the woman, making it appear perfectly slimmer and at the same time, it makes the bottom look larger because of the change in the woman’s proportion.

The use of corset during the Victorian era was not just focused on aesthetic means, it was also used for a few medical reasons. However, there were a lot of issues regarding the use of corset in the Victorian era. There was even a time when the women’s corsets were made of steel! Just because of how they wanted to immediately get tinier waists, some Victorian women went into extremes and they did not mind the almost suffocating result of wearing a corset. Also, it was said by critics that the use of corset may have caused a few medical problems for women such as unexpected miscarriages and birth defects, damaged internal organs, and even cancer. There are also instances when the critics thought of the corset to have caused a lot of fainting because it kind of creates a pressure in the organs thus affecting the lung capacity.

The Modern Girdle

The modern corset or the girdle, however, is not made like before. They are somehow made of elastic materials that makes them more tolerable than their predecessor.

The modern girdle or slimming belt may also be advised by medical professionals for medical purposes. One of its main medical uses is as a compression garment, that helps greatly for people who have problems with their blood circulation and it can also serve as a support for people who tend to have minor structural problems or those who are required to stand in long periods of time.

For now, some women and men believe in the magic of using slimming belts, particularly that of the branded Tummy Tuck Belt. In that case, how were the reviews for this supposed miracle belt?


Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews: Is It Worth It?

In June 17, 2010, a website suddenly emerged and somehow made an impression to the world. This website was made to market a certain product, the Tummy Tuck Belt.

During the first years of the slimming belt’s release, people are not that keen to try it on. Actually, people almost disregarded the Tummy Tuck Belt’s existence. However, when it was around the middle months of 2011, there was a sudden interest in the belt. The popularity of the belt skyrocketed and it was widely searched on the internet. Even preorders and orders of the belt got much higher compared to its introductory year.

However, it was until 2014 that the interest with Tummy Tuck Belt went down slowly. People somehow went back to almost forgetting the product’s existence, and the selling power of the belt suddenly dropped again. What is the reason behind this?


Reviews on Tummy Tuck Belt

One of the reasons why Tummy Tuck Belt encountered a slow downfall is because of the reviews it received from real customers.

As people ordered the belt, they finally had the chance to use it. Unfortunately, it somehow disappointed them.

A lot of those who tried using the belt did not notice any change on their waists. There are some who said they actually encountered weight loss, but it was seen that those people used the belt with matching diet and extreme exercises. Since the product was advertised to take effect even without the use of diet and exercise, it was proven that this is in fact not true. Not even applying some sorts of cream while using the Tummy Tuck Belt will give any waist-slimming effect.

Also according to real reviews from people who directly bought the product from online selling websites, they felt no change after using the product. Reviews from Amazon have only given the product a 2.5-star overall rating. This just shows how many customers were unsatisfied with the slimming belt. There were also quite a lot of comments on the product saying that it does not work and that the reviewers are discouraging people to buy Tummy Tuck Belt since it will just be a waste of money.


Is It Worth It?

Sadly, many professionals have already disregarded the supposed waist slimming effect of Tummy Tuck Belt. There were conducted studies and they show negative results on the product.

However, the Tummy Tuck Belt can still be used as a girdle which can act as a support for the body. But it will be hard to suggest using the belt for getting slim and for easier and effortless burning of fats, since not even one user of the Tummy Tuck Belt have proven that the application of cream and using the belt itself is indeed effective.

Because of this, medical professionals still prefer to advise people to do the usual diet and exercise combination if they want to lose weight, specifically tummy fats. They say that nothing else beats the tried and tested way of doing things.

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