What Is Breast Milk Fruit?

What is breast milk fruit where can you get one? Find out here.

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Breast milk fruit, star apple, or Qua Vu Sua,  is a sweet and popular fruit native to Vietnam. Compared to its other well-loved sweet fruit siblings in Vietnam such as the Thanh Long (dragon fruit), Qua dua (pineapple), Qua xoai (mango), or Qua Hong), (persimmon), the star apple is of particular uniqueness. “Vu sua” a tropical fruits which literally means “milk from the breast,” is mainly grown in Can Tho Province within the Mekong Delta River, and other parts of southern, central Vietnam. There, you’ll find orchards of trees upon star apple tree suspending off branches. They are smooth and round fruits, that more or less carry the same size. 

Star fruit’s form matches its name, together with its juice that tastes milky, sweet, while being fragrant, much like mother’s milk. The fruit is colored violet, sometimes green, while the interior looks like a star, thus the name star apple. Whenever tourists are unfamiliar with eating it, they may easily be guided by the locals there about how to eat then enjoy this delicious fruit.

Star apples are generally eaten fresh. Later, you will learn how to eat it properly in the steps given. Once open, you will find a jelly type pulp where the sweetness is. It is really juicy. In fact, star apple can be found in French Polynesia. They also refer to it as milk, “milk apple” to be precise, or pomme de lait due to the abundance of juice that is also creamy which oozes right from its pulp. You can easily drink this juice simply by spooning this out. However, it is not advised to sip the substance directly as the rind, together with the skin, contains sap which is quite astringent, and certainly will allow your lips to feel like sandpaper. More so, do not eat its black seeds which are hard, like most seeds are. Keep reading to learn about breast milk fruit 

Origins of Qua Vu Sua/ Breast Milk Fruit: One of Asia’s Sweetest Fruits

Known to be one of the sweetest fruits found in Asia, breast milk fruit carries a heartwarming tale. It started a long time ago from a lady living in a small Vietnamese village together with her son. The woman was very hardworking and loving, who cared for her child very well. The son, in exchange, was quite ignorant, selfish when it came to his mother’s efforts, along with being lazy. The son was unwilling to help the mother at home doing work.

After having still another fight, the son escaped from the home, along with his commitments. Instead, he ran to join his friends to play. The son left the poor mother inside their home without looking back. He played with his friends and partied in many villages. Time passed, and the never-ending partying and playing exhausted him now. He looked for compassion from his friends, but not one of them could provide him compassion. When every one of the boys returned to their houses, he was left to himself without shelter for sleeping, or someone to find comfort with.

The boy walked most of the way home alone, hurrying up to meet his mother. He was eager to apologize and tell her just how wrong he was to dismiss his obligations at home. However, he came home just to find the house empty. No one was there looking forward to greeting him inside. This boy spent a lot of hours waiting around for his mother while trying to find her throughout the village, yet she did not see her. Desperate, the boy went into their garden and sat beneath the green tree. He began to make a loud cry. 

Tears coming from his face dropped toward the ground, while the tree in which he was sitting on started to burst with white blossoms. Flowers quickly turned into apple-shaped fresh fruits. One of these fell to his hands. Amazed, the boy bit out from the fruit. It was oozing in flavor that tasted just as sweet as mother’s milk. He started to gaze at this tree and noticed its branches reaching toward him much like a mother’s hands would. The leaves’ opposite sides were a lot like his mom’s eyes crying out toward his awestruck son.

The son felt ashamed, yet there clearly was nothing he could do in order to deliver his beautiful mother back to him. He began to care for the garden by himself and started to become hardworking, just like his mother. He grew up and changed into a responsible adult.

Those who passed by this garden were very curious. They began to taste the new fruits. Many people loved them in such a great deal. They started to take the seeds of the fruit shaped like a star apple. They named in Vú sữa. In Vietnam, it is translated to breast milk fruit or simply, mother’s milk. They began to plant it in several other areas of the village. And everyone enjoyed the fruits to this day.

How to Properly Eat Breast Milk Fruit Star Apple

Common sense would say to take a knife then peel it, but that can result in this precious fruit’s juice to go to waste as it will drop easily. The best thing to do would be to slice the fruit in two then make use of a spoon for scooping out of the pulp. Do this very carefully. One other way for eating the fruit, a method employed by orchard owners, would be to consume the entire fruit. First, they squeeze this tough fruit right into its tenderness so the juice mixes with all the meat. Next will be to drill a tiny hole atop the fruit then lift it into the mouth. Lean your head back then drink its flow. This is also comparable to how a child would suck milk from his mom’s breast. Enjoy the fragrant and sweet-tasting juice.

Note: When making use of the knife to slice the fruit, it is wise to slice the fruit into strictly two. Not like other fruits that can pass off several slicing. When getting the star-bursting pulp, make sure to scoop out everything until there’s nothing left.

Enjoy star apple best when chilled inside of the refrigerator. It is very delicious when paired with cottage cheese or yogurt as well. You may want to put together fruit salad alongside star apple as well as other tropical fruits including mango, papaya, and pineapple. Have it as a dessert anytime in the day. You can also blend it with nuts and yogurt to get even more nutrition. Now that’s one amazing breast milk fruit to try for any hot or cold day!

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