What To Do With Old T-Shirts: The 15 Clever And Creative DIYs

We all have old t-shirts at home and we have nothing to do with them. Well, here you will find out what to do with old t-shirts.

Crochet rug

DIYs have been reigning for quite some time. People now realize that there’s a lot more than they can do with what they have in their homes. For some, they use old things at home in making new things. While some people get new materials and use them in making something nice in the comfort of their home. Well. today we will be taking a look at what to do with old t-shirts. So many of us have so many old t-shirts at home and we have no idea what to do with them. Well, we’re here to help out. 

You will be surprised to find out how many new things you can create with old t-shirts. Well, many people have been in the dark for a while about these things but thankfully we all now know about these things. And since we know we have decided to share it with you. Let’s take a look at 15 clever and creative DIYs to try out using old t-shirts. This would be an interesting ride so hop on. 

What To Do With Old T-Shirts

If you have been asking questions on what you can do with your t-shirts then we have the answer to our question. 15 creative DIYs. let’s delve right into it. 

1. Pillowcase

This is one thing that you can try out. Simply get an old t-shirt with nice color and use it on your pillow. You can cut the t-shirt into the size of the pillow and then try to sew it together using a needle and thread. And there you have it, your t-shirt pillow. 

2. T-shirt bag

Another interesting thing you can try out is a bag using your old t-shirts. This is quite easy to make. You might not even need to sew it. You just have to cut it out into the same bag and then tie it. This is something you and your family can do together during your fun time. 

3. Crochet rug

You can make really cute rugs using your old t-shirts. The thing though is that in making this you have to know how to crochet. Just get some old t-shirts. It could be the same color or different colors depending on what you like. 

4. Headbands

Yeah, that’s right, you can also make headbands. This would be a fun project for teenage girls. You need white t-shirts for this. Then you would have to tie-dye them into different colors. After this cut them into strands and then braid them. After finishing it all you have to do is add an elastic band and there you have it. 

5. Braided bracelets

This is another good one for teenage girls. Just get old t-shirts in different colors. And then braid them. While doing this you just have to add one cord or the other. This would give you a beautiful bracelet. So this is something you should try out someday. 

6. Dog toy

You can also try making a dog toy with old t-shirts. All you have to do is braid the strands together. This though wouldn’t last a day with your dog. But then again this is something nice that you can try out. 

7. Stuffed toy

For people that love stuffed toys, this will be a good one for you. You might need a guide on this so try watching a video to help out. But this will be a good one to try out. All you need is an old t-shirt and then try to be creative with it. 

More Clever Ways on What To Do With Old T-Shirts

8. Shoelaces

We love colored and cute shoelaces. Well, we have good news for you. With old t-shirts, you will be able to create your shoelaces. There’s a particular way you can get thin strands of your old t-shirt and then turn it into a cute shoelace. If you need help on this you can as well search for instructions to guide you. 

9. Neckpiece

Well, this is another accessory you can make using old t-shirts. It is cute and creative. This can be done using one color or different colors. It can be done fully braided or just braided at one side. All you have to do is to be creative with it. As long as it’s big enough for a necklace then your design would look amazing on you. People like this because even though it appears big it’s very light in weight. 

10. Skirt

You can also turn your t-shirt into a skirt. All you need to do is get an oversized shirt of any color of your choice. And then cut it into the shape of a skirt. Then you would have to stitch up the upper part of the skirt and put an elastic band. That way it is easy to wear. 

11. Yarn baskets

You can make yarn baskets as well as using your old t-shirts. They are super cute and useful. You can decide which size you want when making it. With the baskets, you will be able to put a few things in them. 

12. Apron

This is yet another cute thing you can make using t-shirts. They are super cute depending on how you make them. For this using a shirt with pockets would be a better option for you. And you would have to do some stitching here to make it beautiful and stylish. 

13. Coin purse

You can make a cute little coin purse with your old t-shirt. You need a button when doing this. This is quite easy to make. All you have to do is cut out a portion of the t-shirt and fold it into a coin purse. Then stitch it together. You also have to create a hole for the button to enter. Making this wouldn’t stress you out. 

14. Scarf

This is quite interesting. You don’t have to sew anything for this. Just cuts out the portion you need. And if there is a need you can tie it at one end. There you go, you have your t-shirt scarf. 

15. Wall Art

Some t-shirts come with amazing designs and you can’t just let go of them. You can cut out the designs and then hand them on your wall. You can just paste it using glue. But if you love the design you can cut it out and paste it into a picture frame. This way it is more presentable and looks nicer. 

What to do with old t-shirts? You can do a whole lot. You can check out videos to guide you in making any of these. And you can be sure that you would appreciate the outcome.

What To Do With Old T Shirts

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