When Does Morning Sickness Start?

Morning sickness is caused by pregnancy or the change of hormone levels. The estrogen hormone is thought to be responsible for giving you morning sickness.

Woman experiencing morning sickness

There are myriads of reasons why morning sickness happens to a person, but the most typical cause is pregnancy. When does morning sickness start? It starts early on the first four weeks of pregnancy or after the time period where you missed your menstruation, given that you are regularly menstruating. Most pregnant women have morning sickness, but some women may not have this at all.

If you are pregnant, your morning sickness will most likely be associated with myriads of symptoms like painful breasts, pain under your spine, looser or tougher bowel movement, and a heightened sense of smell. 

Morning sickness will not last long, but it will plague you throughout your pregnancy journey. But as it lasts long, the morning sickness gradually wanes. The morning sickness is usually strong during the first 4th week of the pregnancy.

Below are the times when you get morning sickness most likely:

  • After fertilization of the egg
  • Implantation.

What is the Cause of Morning Sickness

The cause of morning sickness whether you are pregnant or not is because of your changing levels of hormones. The estrogen hormone is thought to be responsible for giving you morning sickness. Especially during the phase-in pregnancy where your estrogen level suddenly fluctuates. When your energy level fluctuates, you will most likely experience the other symptoms of pregnancy in their magnitude.

Is Morning Sickness Common Amongst Pregnant Mothers?

Yes, it is common among pregnant women. One out of three pregnant women will most likely have morning sickness. We are talking about almost 40% of women that will most likely have morning sickness on the initial stage of pregnancy.

Aside from Morning What Other Parts of the Day Will Morning Sickness Be Strongest?

Morning sickness as the term suggests; its symptoms only happen in the morning. That is not the case though. Morning sickness happens anytime of the day and in any rate of frequency. Morning sickness is strongest in the morning, but sometimes it varies. Morning sickness might happen in the wee hour of midnight or during late afternoons. The symptoms of morning sickness might make you feel like you will endure it for your whole pregnancy journey. However, most of the symptoms go away as early as after the trimester of your pregnancy.  

The Magnitude of the Symptoms of Morning Sickness

The magnitude of morning sickness varies for each mother. There is no definitive explanation as to why the magnitude of morning sickness differs for each pregnant woman. What is definitive about morning sickness is when you try to calculate the symptoms with the period of your pregnancy respectively. For example, morning sickness is usually at its strongest in the first trimester period of your pregnancy. It is quite strange; however when the symptoms of morning sickness are strongest during the late period of your pregnancy. If your morning sickness is strongest later in your pregnancy period, chances are there must be an underlying medical condition in relation to your pregnancy. It is better to have yourself checked with your doctor.

The Treatment of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is at its worst in the morning especially when you get up on a time where you do not usually get up. What you can do to alleviate the symptoms is to try to get more sleep.

Drinking Cold Water

Try to drink a relatively cold water half an hour before and after you actually eat your meal. The cold water will help in alleviating the feeling of nausea when you eat. If the smell of the food or something bothers you, try to let in much air as much as you can. Open your windows and your screen doors to let the air in and carry away some of the smell that you dread. The smell of certain food or any sense of smell inducing thing helps contribute to the gravity of nausea.

Aside from alleviating the symptoms during your pregnancy, drinking water is a good way of staying hydrated during this crucial time of being a human being. Drinking water is not the only way of hydrating yourself, and you can also try to take in soups, smoothies, juices, and many more kinds of drinks to try to help you stay hydrated. Try to give at least a half-hour interval before taking in your meal. Mixing a lot of fluid in your full stomach can lead to nausea, vomiting and many more symptoms.  

Light Meals

Try to slow things down when eating food. If necessary, try to eat small portions of food in each meal. Eating a small portion of food for each meal lessens the frequency of morning sickness. If it happens during the mornings, try to eat crackers and water on that day. You can try to eat toast, dried fruit, cereals, bananas, and drink iced tea to alleviate your nausea.

If you would like to treat morning sickness immediately, you can try cold treats like ice cream. Cold sugary treats usually help to alleviate the magnitude of your morning sickness. In addition to that, make sure your stomach is not empty all throughout the day. Do not try to eat up until your stomach is full, just make sure that your stomach has something to digest.

There are prescription drugs for pregnant women that you can get in order for you to treat the symptoms of morning sickness. If it still persists and seems abnormal in terms of magnitude and frequency, it is best to have yourself checked with a doctor.

Try to Manipulate Your Habitat

Try to veer away from food, things, and substances that might give you nausea by assaulting your sense of smell. Try to hire somebody to cook for you or try to order in food by delivery to your home, and this is to prevent you from being bothered by the smell of your own cooking. Try to manipulate your surroundings as if you are trying to declutter. Decluttering your space will give you a lot of relief. Relief from stress makes you feel more relaxed and free from the symptoms of morning sickness.

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