When Will My Baby Be Born?

There are also signs that indicate that your baby is ready to come out. Your baby goes into position, you feel closer contractions, you begin to show and your water breaks.

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When will my baby be born? Anticipating when your due date is if you’re a first-time mom is actually nerve-racking. I remember thinking to myself my Ob-Gyne wouldn’t get that very important date wrong. They have all these gadgets, tools and formulas to which they try to pin it down. So when my OB said that I would be due at around the month of May and being a   mom, my doctor gave me the impression that I may either go one week before or after my expected due date. I already had the mindset that I would either give birth early or much later than my expected due date because in reality, those expected due dates are just hypothetical and intelligent guesses. But do keep in mind that every pregnancy is unique and that ultimately if all goes well, your baby is still in charge of the matter at hand unless of course of some unforeseen circumstances. 

What You Should Know

The beginning of each pregnancy is inarguably the stage of conception. When the egg cell of the mommy has finally been fertilized by daddy’s sperm then the magic takes place. All normal and regular pregnancies are at around 280 days or 40 weeks. This is just enough time for all necessary body parts both internal and external to form. Of course, you’ll know if you have conceived because your menstruation will immediately stop. Unless you have an irregular menstrual cycle. That’s why it is important that you remember the first day of your last menstrual period. This is actually the starting point of where the counting begins. There is no immediate bump, of course, it is in the gestational period after all but there are some signs that you are with child. Small little hints like you start to feel a little more emotional than usual. You feel like you’re bloated. When you get into your first trimester you feel like your breasts are suddenly bigger. You eventually develop certain cravings. You always feel tired even though you did nothing very physical or just moved around a bit. I can tell you based on my experience, it can be pretty overwhelming. So many things happen to your body as it carries your little one. 

Of course, everything might be magnified if you’re carrying more than one baby. Which brings me to the point earlier that all pregnancies are different and unique. I said earlier that the normal count for most pregnancies would be 40 weeks but when you have more than one baby inside. Most cases of twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, all the way to eight kids inside a tummy, tend not to stay for longer periods of time. These kinds of pregnancies don’t usually complete 40 weeks because circumstances are different from a single pregnancy. Space is more limited and the nutrition that these babies are getting will not be equal and more often than not one of them will be undernourished.  That is why mommies with more than one baby inside don’t do vaginal birth rather doctors opt for a C-section. It’s because giving birth to one baby is exhausting let alone trying to push 3 or 5 out. Then again God, the great creator of things makes all things possible hence the outstanding births of eight babies from a single womb. 

Being Early And Being Late

Common knowledge about pregnancies would tell you that when it comes to your due date everything is unpredictable. Like what I said earlier depending on how many babies you’ve had lies the knowledge of when your baby will be due. I speak based on experience since it’s my first child, my doctor immediately said that I could go early or late it all depends on the circumstances and other factors. For one, my doctor was considering to induce me to give birth if my blood pressure would keep going up. One of the complications of pregnancies is having high blood pressure. By the time I was into my 35th week, I was already hypertensive, it also didn’t help that it was extremely humid at the time when I was pregnant. But my baby and I held it out until 39 weeks when my baby decided it was time to come out. Yes, you heard it right, my baby decided when it was time to come out. Ultimately it is the baby’s decision when to come out if everything goes well. 

Another tall tale is from a friend of mine who was pregnant at the same time as I was. She was only early by one month from me. However, it was her fourth child and she had a lot of experience under her belt much different from me. As I was cautious and anxious about signs my baby is ready to come out, she was laid back and relax. She told me that on the day she was about to give birth it was just an ordinary day for her. She did her morning routine and when she was in the shower her water broke and they went on to go to the hospital. Unlike me, she was a couple of weeks late for her due date. I specifically remember her telling me that when her due date came and went by that she wasn’t worried at all because she believed that her due date just wasn’t the right time yet. She said that in all of her pregnancies before this one she gave birth one week after her computed due date. On the other hand, I was already into my soft labor and I didn’t know that it was already what they called labor. My water didn’t break on its own but since I was already on labor my doctor manually popped my water bag just one week before my said due date.  

Telltale Signs The Baby’s Coming. 

We talked about some signs that give away details that you are already pregnant but might not yet be aware of it. But did you know that there are also signs that indicate that your baby is ready to come out? Here are some signs, first time moms might want to be wary of. 

When will my baby be born?

Your baby goes into position

On my 35th week of pregnancy, I went to see my Ob-gyne for a routine check-up, by the way, your check-ups will be more often now that you are nearing your 40th week. Going back to what I was saying, my doctor was delighted that my baby was in a posterior position. This was okay since I am still in my 35th week. For the rest of us who are first-time moms, there are certain positions our babies can get into when they are inside us. Ultimately you feel when your baby is about ready to come out when he begins to move into position.


The baby’s head in this position will be positioned around your pelvis with his back turned to your back or in some cases it may not be. This is ideal for normal vaginal births because it will be easier to get the baby out head first.


Now when your baby is breached, it means that either his feet or his bottoms are near your birth canal. This proves to be a challenge for moms and doctors since it won’t be easy to pull the baby out. What some experts do is wait for the baby to turn on his own to posterior position or they may suggest to gently turn your baby to the right position. This is of course with your consent. 


This is a little challenging and dangerous if you aim for a normal vaginal birth because the baby lies across your belly. Unless the baby turns, normal birth is close to impossible. Your doctor might suggest a C-section. 

Feel those Contractions

Some pregnant women have contractions spread out all through their pregnancies but you’re close to giving birth when your contractions become stronger and occur more close together. The closer your contractions get like 1-2 minutes apart that is a pretty glaring sign that you are about to give birth. Then comes your labor. There is no word to describe the pain a woman feels when she is in labor. It only makes us appreciate womanhood a little better. 

“The show”

There are cases when pregnant women have what you call “the show” wherein streaks of blood and some sort of gelatinous substance smear your underwear. That jelly-like substance is what doctors call a plug that is found in your cervix and it starts to come away when you are due to give birth. 

 Your water breaks

In most movies and series that feature pregnant women, they indicate that the baby is about due when the woman’s water breaks. That water is your amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby and it breaks to give way to your baby. But sometimes your water may not break yet even if you are already in labor. 

In the end, there is no singular way of knowing when your baby is exactly due. You can only expect unpredictability. All you can do is take good care of yourself and wait until your baby wants to come out. There is no other joy than holding your baby with your own hands.

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